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  1. Menstruation

  2. What are periods? Brainstorm what we think we know about periods:

  3. Mum DAUGHTER SISTER wife Girlfriend

  4. Why do girls get periods? • Getting your period means that your body has prepared itself to be able to hold a fertilised egg, enabling you to make a baby.

  5. The Menstrual Cycle Because all females are different, a cycle can range from 21 to 35 days.

  6. The period is the beginning of the menstrual cycle. • A period occurs because the uterus will shed its lining if an egg (ovum) is not fertilised. • A period can be as short as two days or as long as seven. • There will approximately be around 2-6 tablespoons of blood lost during each period.

  7. Your body begins releasing a hormone called oestrogen • One of the ovaries releases an egg (one only) and the uterus begins to rebuild its lining. • The egg will slowly travel from the ovaries, down the fallopian towards the uterus. • If the egg is fertilised by sperm before it arrives in the uterus, a girl will fall pregnant.

  8. If the egg isn’t fertilised, the uterus wall will continue to thicken. • This will cause a drop in hormone levels. • The lining will then break down, and another period will begin.

  9. The Menstrual Cycle Period begins 2-6 tbsp blood loss Uterus sheds its lining Drop in hormone levels Egg travels down the fallopian tube Uterus wall continues to thicken An ovary releases an egg Lining begins to break down Day 1-7 Day 8-14 Day 15-28

  10. The Menstrual Cycle ANSWER SHEET: Period begins: Day 1-7 Uterus sheds its lining: Day 1-7 2-6 tbsp blood loss: Day 1-7 An ovary releases an egg: Day 8-14 Egg travels down the fallopian tube: Day 8-14 Uterus wall continues to thicken: Day 15-28 Lining begins to break down: Day 15-28 Drop in hormone levels: Day 15-28

  11. Myths (not true) • Don’t participate in sport (strenuous activity) • You can not go swimming while you menstruating • It’s impossible to get pregnant while you are menstruating • You can’t have sex while you are menstruating • People will know when you have your period

  12. Pads & Tampons • Pads and Tampons are designed to absorb menstrual blood during your period. • They are made from absorbent materials, that effectively absorb blood during your period

  13. Getting your first period Getting your first period can be quite a surprise. Q: How will I know when I get my first period? A: Usually, when you go to the toilet. Q: What will I see ? A: Dark colouring in your undies, menstrual blood. Q: What colour is normal for menstrual blood ? A: Anything from bright red to dark brown. Q: How much menstrual blood is there ? A: The amount differs for each woman. Hint: The beginning of the period usually has heavier bleeding and it gradually lightens up until it is finished.