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EQ: What are the effects of different neurotransmitters?

EQ: What are the effects of different neurotransmitters?. Bell ringer. Write an analogy for a neuron/action potential EX: Fist (neuron), fingers (dendrites), and arm (axon). Mirror Neuron Video http:// www.pbs.org / wgbh /nova/body/mirror- neurons.html. What is a mirror neuron?

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EQ: What are the effects of different neurotransmitters?

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  1. EQ: What are the effects of different neurotransmitters?

  2. Bell ringer Write an analogy for a neuron/action potential EX: Fist (neuron), fingers (dendrites), and arm (axon)

  3. Mirror Neuron Videohttp://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/body/mirror-neurons.html What is a mirror neuron? How do mirror neurons work/what do they do? Explain a time you think a mirror neuron was working for you

  4. Gallery walk of neurotransmitters Create a chart like the one below

  5. Do you sometimes feel like the left picture one day and the right picture another day?? Why?

  6. Serotonin Serotonin - Serotonin is an important neurotransmitter for regulating mood, emotion and anxiety. It also helps regulate food cravings. Imbalances may lead to mood swings, depression and insomnia.

  7. Some “Club Drugs” such as ecstasy affect mood….why?

  8. Example Club Drugs flood brain with serotonin so people feel a high but when they wear off the brain is deprived of serotonin which can cause depression

  9. Dopamine: What do you think it influences??

  10. Dopamine Plays important role in how we experience rewards from a variety of natural sources- food, sex, and drugs. Can impact addiction. Also influences movement, learning, attention, and emotion. Use picture on other side as example

  11. Do you like to play sports? Dance? Why do you think people like being active?

  12. Acetylcholine Enables muscle action, learning, and memory Undersupply or deteriorating neurons can lead to Alzheimer’s disease

  13. Who wants Botox? Botox affects Ach? How do you think it works?

  14. Example Botulin is a poison which causes paralysis by blocking Ach release from the sending neuron Botox smooths wrinkles by paralyzing the underlying facial muscles

  15. How does the venom of a black widow affect Ach? (effects: vomiting, seizures)

  16. Example Venom causes a flood of Ach which causes muscle contractions, convulsions, and possible death

  17. GABA Helps prevent the body from being too excited and induce a more relaxed or calm state. If you have low levels of Gaba you may feel anxiety, experience panic attacks, experience mood swings, insomnia, seizures. (no example)

  18. Endorphins Have you ever been severely hurt but not felt the pain right away? Have you ever started laughing from pain instead of crying??

  19. Endorphins Natural opiate like neurotransmitters linked to pain control and experience of pleasure. Released in response to pain and vigorous exercise. Use questions on other side as examples

  20. Do you think it is possible for a person to lift a car like Bubba Smith as Lt. Moses Hightower in the comedy "Police Academy"?

  21. Epinephrine This is simply adrenaline. Vital to the proper function of our body's metabolism. Mental focus, attention and awareness are all impacted by epinephrine. Use other side as example

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