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Digits-2-Digits Industry Day October 10, 2012 PowerPoint Presentation
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Digits-2-Digits Industry Day October 10, 2012

Digits-2-Digits Industry Day October 10, 2012

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Digits-2-Digits Industry Day October 10, 2012

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  1. D2D Overview / Roadmap / Business Process Digits-2-Digits Industry Day October 10, 2012

  2. D2D Overview / Roadmap / Business Process

  3. Welcome and Introduction • VBA Transformation – Setting the Context • Describe the D2D Initiative • Business Process • Technical Specifications and workflows • Explain the onboard process to use D2D services • Orient usage of the following DRAFT D2D informational materials posted on the VAi2 website: • D2D Executive Summary • Data Transfer Agreement (DTA) • Interface Control Document (ICD) • Web Service Definition Language (WSDL) Specifications • Document Schemas • Sequence Diagrams

  4. Thanks to Our Sponsor! The VA Innovation Initiative (VAi2) is a flagship program designed to tap the talent and expertise of individuals both inside and outside government to contribute new ideas that ultimately produce new, innovative solutions that advance VA's ability to meet the challenges of becoming a 21st-century organization.

  5. The VBA Transformation Plan is focused on improving the speed, quality and efficiency of the Claims Processing system through an intensive and focused effort of over 40+ initiatives. People – how we’re organized and trained Process – leveraging “big bang for the buck” improvement opportunities • Intake Processing Centers • Segmented lanes • Cross-functional teams • Challenge training • Skills Certification • Simplified Notification Letter to Veteran • New rater decision support tools for consistency • Evaluation Builder • Rules-Based Calculators • Electronic Disability Benefits Questionnaires (DBQs) • Fully Developed Claims • STAR-trained Quality Review Teams • Paperless CAPRI Records • Private Medical Records (PMRs) (+15-20% Productivity/+4% Quality) (+15-20% Productivity/+4% Quality) Technology – systems that enable us to do our jobs better • Veteran Relationship Management • Veteran Online Application (VONAPP) Direct Connect • Unified Desktop, Virtual Hold, Scheduled Callback • eBenefits online self-service portal • Stakeholder Enterprise Portal for VSOs • Veterans Benefits Management System • Post-9/11 GI Bill paperless claims processing System (Long-Term Solution) • Virtual Lifetime Electronic Record (+15-20% Productivity/+4% Quality) Impact of Transformation: Improve production by 45-60% = Complete claim in 125 days in 2015 + Improve quality by 14 points = Achieve 98% claim quality in 2015 + Improve Veteran Access by shifting resources to new access points + Eliminate homelessness by reducing claims time and services = Earn trust and confidence of Veterans … Priceless!

  6. Transforming call centers into service centers Expanding self-service on multiple channels Modernizing VA telephone services Managing knowledge across VA organizations. Maintaining shared record of contacts thorough CRM Identity and Access Management Services VRM Benefits Veterans and VA Service to Veterans Benefits for Veterans - Better client services - Decreased wait times - Fewer blocked calls - Increased self-service access to VA - Accurate, consistent answers to inquiries - Single sign-on capability Veteran Centric Operations Benefits for VA - Access to Veteran contact history - User- friendly technology - Ability to transfer calls across multiple service lines - Increased consistency of accurate information to provide to clients - Improved call quality through call recording capability

  7. VRM is Changing the Way VBA Does Business • VRM is supporting the VBA Transformation by creating access for Veterans, their families and beneficiaries, and providing tools for partners and improving Customer Service for all. • Applying new business processes and tools to support greater transparency and efficiencies • Electronic Claims submissions via VRM channels will increase dramatically as our products are deployed and work in conjunction with other strategies • VDC • SEP • D2D • Enabling “National” standards for consistency for our demographic data • Working across Major Initiatives, Administrations and other Departments to support the true end-to-end integration of information and services

  8. VBA VRM Partner Intake Strategy VSO Veteran submits claim online Claims processing in VBA Electronic claims and related documents State VSOs VRM/ VLER VSO w/POA submits individual claim Attorney/ POA eBenefits SEP D2D Fiduciary Direct data feed from VSO systems to VA w/MOU • Increased accessibility • Web-based access • Secure Authentication • Multi channel approach • Computable data • Shared using XML standards • Available via VRM/VLER Web Services • “Interface” with many systems Others

  9. Stakeholder Enterprise Portal (SEP) for our VSO Partners:We Heard You SEP is a primary web-based access point to VA for our partners. This portal will: • Allow VSOs to represent Veterans quickly, efficiently, and electronically • Submit a compensation claim (526E) • Upload supporting documents • Manage dependents – add a child r spouse (21-686c) • Certify child’s school attendance (21-674) • See status of claim • See payment History and details • Accept/Reject a Power of Attorney (21-22 POA)

  10. The D2D Vision D2D will be a generalized data delivery service (like FedEx®) that will enable ANY VA accredited partner to submit digital data captured in ANY VA Form together with associated attachments directly from an authorized partner system to a VA system.

  11. The D2D Transformation Eliminate Paper and Reduce Cost and Time Current Paper Model Accredited Partner VA Future Digital Model Accredited Partner VA

  12. VBA VRM Electronic Intake StrategyMultiple entry channels tailored for each audience type • Processes medium to large claim volumes • Has a CMS system • Process VA and NON VA Veteran claims • Manage and report on their customers Accredited Partner D2D SEP SEP • Small claim volumes • Submit one at a time • No CMS system Accredited Partner SEP SEP SEP eBenefits eBenefits eBenefits Veteran • Individual claims

  13. D2D Architecture Accredited Partner VA Gateway VA Middleware VBMS

  14. D2D Technical Highlights • D2D schema inherits the National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) core schema to satisfy VA reuse policies for standard compliance and reusability • Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) web services is the communications mechanism to operate between the Accredited Partner system and the VLER Gateway • VLER Gateway is currently operational for other VA products (i.e., Disability Benefit Questionnaires (DBQs)) • Web Services to integrate to VBMS to ingest D2D data and attachments • Work to do: • Build the D2D Orchestration service to manage the receipt, ingestion, and confirmation of form data and attachments received from Accredited Partners • Modify the Accredited Partner claim management systems to send form data and attachments to the D2D Orchestration service via the VLER Gateway

  15. Part 1 D2D – Conceptual Model

  16. Department of Veterans Affairs D2D Overview Oct 10, 2012

  17. D2D Overview

  18. D2D Submissions • A Submission is a single “mailing” of a Form and supporting documentation to the VA • One Veteran • One Origination • Each Submission has • A Submission ID • Any number of Documents • At least one VA Form XML • Each Document has • A unique Transaction ID • A Submission ID that associates it with the Submission

  19. D2D Overview

  20. VLER Technical Specifications

  21. Department of Veterans Affairs Data Access Services Federal Information Sharing Technologies Virtual Lifetime Electronic Record Technical Deep Dive Oct 10, 2012

  22. VLER • VA’s Virtual Lifetime Electronic Record (VLER) Initiative is … a multi-faceted business and technology initiative that includes a portfolio of health, benefits, personnel, and administrative information sharing capabilities.  It provides Veterans, Service members, their families, care-givers, and service providers with a single source of information for health and benefits needs in a way that is secure and authorized by the Veteran or Service member.

  23. Overview • VLER DAS (Data Access Services) is a system of middleware services used to transport information between Producer and Consumer applications • DAS comprises: • VLER Read Service (VRS) • VLER Gateway • Business Transaction Service (BTS) • Lifetime Event Notification Service (LENS) – future development • Various wrappers interfacing non-VLER systems to above apps

  24. VLER Data • VLER Program Mgmt Office identified 400+ types of data for the lifetime record • NIEM (National Information Exchange Model) was selected to guide structuring of XML records for exchange. • NIEM: • Promotes re-use of XML structures e.g. <Person> …</Person> • Structures represent things • Adds shared/common semantics to data i.e. computable data • Much VLER data is unstructured text, images, PDF, etc.

  25. VRS • VLER Read Service (VRS) is a flexible middleware data transport that is part of a Platform as a Service which can be used by any consumer or producer to obtain VLER data. • In service for ISI returning Care Coordinator info • Accesses VLER data in 2 phases • First Pass returns a list of available-record summaries • Includes all record data (if record small) • Includes Preview XML (if record data is bigger) • Includes URL of Subject Document (if record is too large to include). • Second Pass returns one selected Subject Document (a record) • Multiple Second Passes can be performed. • Approach improves performance over returning all records at once

  26. BHIE Adaptor DoD AWCTS VTA FCMT VistaWeb VRS ArchitectureApplication Deployment View VA Systems WebLogic Server Cluster VLER-DAS DoD Adapter Wrapper MVI VAP VRS ExternalSystems

  27. Gateway & BTS • VLER Gateway is a flexible entry point to VA systems for service requests. • VLER Business Transaction Service (BTS) is a flexible middleware process engine which can be used by any consumer or producer to perform orchestration needed to satisfy a request. • About to go into production for the Disability Benefits Questionnaires (DBQs) project • Can access wrappers to update data • Will be able to access VRS for reading VLER data • Will be able to access LENS (see below) to issue notifications of change

  28. Disability Benefits Questionnaire (DBQ) Forms Service VLER Gateway VLER Business Transaction Service(BTS) VLER CDS Write Wrapper (CDS WW) Clinical data Service(CDS) (The interface to HDR) Master Veteran Index (MVI) Health Data Repository (HDR) DBQs – The First use of Gateway & BTS Inside VA Outside VA Non-VLER Applications VLER Applications Web Service over 2way SSL JMS JMS JMS Request to save Examination data Request to save Examination data Request to save Examination data Request to save Examination data Web Service over 2way SSL JMS JMS JMS ACKorNACK response to DBQ Forms Service ACKorNACK response to Gateway ACKorNACK response to BTS ACKorNACK response to CDS WW Lookup Veteran IDs

  29. D2D “Requirements”

  30. D2D Forms Service VLER Gateway VLER Business Transaction Service(BTS) VLER Wrapper for VIERS D2D Service Master veteran Index (MVI) D2D “Design” OutsideVA Inside VA VLER Applications Non-VLER Applications Web Service over 2way SSL JMS JMS • Request: • Submit form • Submit attachment • Confirm submission • Check status Request Request Request Web Service over 2way SSL JMS JMS ACKorNACK response to Forms Service ACKorNACK response to Gateway ACKorNACK response to BTS ACKorNACK response to WRAPPER GatewayICD VIERSICD Lookup Veteran IDs

  31. On Boarding • Two-way SSL is used between external hosts and the VLER Gateway to allow for mutual authentication of hosts. • Each external host team must: • Be approved by the VA ESCCB (10 days min). The VLER Gateway SDE Operations Group can assist with this process. • Be added to the F5 “firewall” at the VA network boundary. • Provide the VLER Gateway SDE Operations Group with a CA signed certificate identifying the host. • Maintain the certificate in good standing over the years. • Receive and install the VLER Gateway certificate and maintain it over the years.

  32. Gateway computer Forms Service D2DService VLER Gateway VLER Business Transaction Service (BTS) VLER Wrapper for VIERS MVI SSL Details Inside VA WAN DMZ Inside VA Inside VAAITC OutsideVA VLER Applications WebLogic App Server F5 North (2) Request Request Request Request H A H A F5 South (2) Internet ACKorNACK response to Forms Service ACKorNACK response to Gateway ACKorNACK response to BTS ACKorNACK response to Wrapper • The F5 only works with the inbound data flow to do SSL authentication in conjunction with WebLogic on the Gateway computer. Request path FW Responsepath Lookup Veteran IDs FW- North (2) FW- South (2) BHIE FW (2) App Server VA WAN

  33. Request Processing • To Gateway & BTS • From BTS and onward

  34. LENS • The Lifetime Event Notification Service (LENS) is a flexible middleware event notification service which can be used by producers to inform consumers of the occurrence of significant events. • Consumers must register to receive particular event notifications • Producers must register to issue notifications • Producers call LENS with an event notification • LENS distributes the event notification to appropriate consumers (i.e. registered and executing concurrently with LENS)

  35. BTS Consumer Consumer Gateway Consumer Consumer Consumer Producer LENS ArchitectureApplication Deployment View VA Systems WebLogic Server Cluster VLER-DAS MVI VAP LENS ExternalSystems

  36. Questions ?

  37. Acronyms List

  38. Part II Claims Processing Technical Specifications

  39. D2D Submission Process • Enable asynchronous transfer of many large files • Structured Data (XML) • Binary (PDF) Files • Partner maintains control of submission while documents are being stored to VA assets to ensure complete and proper transfer • System-to-system dialogue

  40. D2D Document SchemaMain View • D2D Document • Transaction ID • Submission ID • Document Type • Veteran Information • Name, Date of Birth, SSN • Origination Information • Name, Site, Code, ID, etc. • One sub document: • Form, Attachment, Manifest or Confirmation

  41. D2D Document SchemaForm View • D2D Form • Form Type • Identifies schema of Form Document • Version • Document • Base 64 Encoded XML Document

  42. D2D Document SchemaAttachment View • D2D Attachment • Binary Document • Tagging

  43. D2D Document SchemaManifest View • D2D Manifest • Submission Contents • Timestamps, Errors, Responses, Status

  44. D2D Document SchemaConfirmation View • D2D Confirmation • Control mechanism for Submission • Process instructions • Results to Partner Application

  45. Questions ?

  46. Onboard process

  47. Onboard Accredited Partners Accredited partners will onboard and connect to the VA VLER Gateway to submit claims and attachments The Onboarding process includes the following activities: • Security setup such as firewall configuration and access • Testing server to server connectivity • End-to-end testing • Education and training in the D2D service • Agreements and certifications - ensure MOU and DTA are executed prior to onboarding

  48. On Boarding Process Exchange Digital Certificates Add VSO IP address to VA Firewall Test connectivity End to End Testing VA Accredited VSO 4 3 VSO IP Address 1 2 SSL Certificates VA Gateway VBMS and CORP VA Firewall Orchestration

  49. On Board Process Tasks and activities to enable claims partner to • Connect to the VA VLER Gateway • Submit a test claim using their Claims Management System . Includes the following: • Security setup such as SSL certificates , Firewall configuration etc • Support during the setup and initial operation • Training and education on the D2D services and Specifications • Signing of any necessary agreements or certifications prior to initiation of operations such as establishment of the MOU ( Memorandum of Understanding and DTA ( Data Transfer Agreement)

  50. On Board Steps • Establish Agreements ( MPU and DTA) • Identify Accredited Partner Deployment Lead (APDL) • Educate Accredited Partner personnel and authorized claims management system personnel • Configure technical environment (i.e., Install SSL certificates; Configure firewalls) • Configure VA VLER Gateway Firewall • Perform End-to-End testing • Develop tests and acceptance criteria • Conduct initial kick-off meeting • Conduct supervised testing • Resolve outstanding issues • Re-test • Obtain Acceptance sign-off • Conduct a live pilot in production

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