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Lethal Romance

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Lethal Romance - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Lethal Romance. Synopsis.

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A girl wakes up in the middle of a forest with her boyfriend’s dead body lying next to her, she is visibly shocked and upset but has no clue how she got there and what happened. She realises that she has blood on her hands and what has occurred could be her fault. She begins to panic and flees form the crime scene. When she is running away, she goes past a person who is walking whilst listening to the radio. At the time they cross paths, the character hears on the radio that two people are wanted for murder, herself and her boyfriend. The police are then called, With the girl’s fate unknown..

  • The main character is the girl who wakes up next to a dead body and all the signs say that she is responsible, racked with fear of what she is seeing, she runs away unable to cope with the thought of what she might have done to her boyfriend.
  • The male character is already dead.
  • Another male character happens to be walking on the same street as the girl is running away on, and he is listening to the radio whilst the girl runs past him.
plot of whole film
Plot of Whole Film

If we were able to create a whole film from our idea, this would be the plot:

Liz is on the run. A year ago, her boyfriend had an affair and the woman he was with fell pregnant. Jealousy and anger rose in Liz and between them, they decided she was better gone forever so she couldn’t ruin their relationship any further. Six months later he tries to leave Liz and after an argument she wakes up in the middle of a deserted woodland with him lying next to her but he is dead. She flees the scene and has been missing ever since. But, she cannot understand how she could have killed the man she loved. So she sets out to find what happened, whilst still trying to evade the police. And why can’t she remember?


‘Lethal Romance’ is a thriller film because it fulfils the criteria of the thriller genre. It involves a twisted love story plot, murder, violence, escaping justice and an antagonist and protagonist. Conventions of other thriller films that are contained in ‘Lethal Romance’ are investigations (whodunit), and the main focus being on the criminal rather than the police or the people chasing them.

target audience
Target Audience
  • 12-23 years old
  • Majority female but also some male
  • Interested in thriller and romance films, a twisted love story, betrayal
  • Other interests include ‘Twilight’, ‘Obsessed’, ‘The Lovely Bones’
  • Teenagers who are active socially, like the characters in the film
film rating
Film Rating

We have chosen the rating of 12a for our film. This is because we feel our story would appeal to teenagers which is a huge market in the film industry, therefore if this was a real film; a lot of money could be made.

After research on the BBFC website, our film links to the 12a category, for example:

Dangerous Behaviour should not be dwelled on.

Easily accessible weapons should not be glamorised.

No emphasis on injuries or blood, but occasional gory moments are permitted.


Inspirations for our Mystery/Crime thriller are films such as:


Shutter Island


Some of our forest scenes were inspired by the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre films and Evil Dead 2.


Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Evil Dead 2