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Chasing Lincolns Killer Map. By: Erin Heim. Fords Theatre. President Lincoln, his wife, Henry Rathbone and Clara Harris are at Fords Theatre on a date watching Our American Cousin (37). At 10:13 P.M, Lincoln was shot in the back of the head by Booth with a Derringer pistol (39).

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Fords theatre
Fords Theatre

  • President Lincoln, his wife, Henry Rathbone and Clara Harris are at Fords Theatre on a date watching Our American Cousin (37). At 10:13 P.M, Lincoln was shot in the back of the head by Booth with a Derringer pistol (39).

Navy yard bridge
Navy Yard Bridge

  • Booth needed to cross this bridge in order to get into Maryland (63). No one was supposed to cross the bridge after dark but Silas T. Cobb let Booth pass. This was where his fellow conspirators should have been waiting (63-65).


  • The small town where there first safe house was located; The Suratts boardinghouse (83). There they received a small package from John Lloyd and went on their way (84).

Mudd farm
Mudd farm

  • The isolated farm house of Dr. Samuel A. Mudd, this was their second destination in their escape (92). Mudd examined Booths leg and diagnosed it as a broken fibula, and allowed them to stay the night (98). The next morning Mudd ordered them to leave but continued to help them (113).

Swann cabin
Swann Cabin

  • The assassins went to a local man named Oswell Swann who would eventually lead them to Captain Cox (114). They it to Captain Cox’s door step on April 16th(114).

Pine thicket
Pine thicket

  • The hidden spot Booth and Herold stay in by Captain Cox’s farm. They would stay in the thicket for four days (144).

Jones farm
Jones Farm

  • The assassins came here first where they stocked up on food to eat before crossing the river. Then after a short meal they began crossing the Potomac River (144).

Hughes farm
Hughes Farm

  • The assassins and Jones landed the both at the mouth of a creek on the Potomac, they had gone the wrong way into Maryland. At the Hughes Farm they were fed and given more information (149).

Booth enters virginia
Booth enters Virginia

  • The entered Virginia on April 23 at the mouth of a creek. The creek was in the Virginia side of the Potomac river (151).

Quesenberry home
Quesenberry home

  • At the home of ex-confederate spy Elizabeth Quesenberry, Herold asked for help while and injured Booth waited (151). Then they were given horses and fed and would then go to their next stop (152).

Stuart home
Stuart Home

  • At Dr. Stuarts home they were shown little hospitality and were simply given a meal to eat with the family (152). They two did not sleep in the house but left shortly after eating, also leaving a harsh note and twenty dollars (153).

Lucas cabin
Lucas Cabin

  • At the Lucas Cabin lived a colored man named Lucas who offered them his help. He gave them a team or horses and offered the assistance of his son Charlie to drive them (153). After a short argument they paid twenty dollars to stay the night and for the horses and Charlie's driving help (153).

Port conway
Port Conway

  • The destination in the wagon was Port Conway (153). There they met confederate soldiers Wille Jett, Ruggles, and Brainbridge (154 and 155).

Locust hill
Locust hill

  • When the men were ferried across the river, the soldiers accompanied them to their destination (155). Their destination was a farm owned by Richard H. Garret called Locust Hill (155).

Bowling green
Bowling Green

  • The nearby town to the Garret Farm was Bowling Green. Herold and the confederate soldiers went here to purchase new shoes, Herold would spend the night here and then rejoin Booth the next morning (158).

Garret farm
Garret farm

  • Booth spent the night at the Garrets house and enjoyed their company very much, he even played with their children, Herold and Booth stayed two days here (158). Herold was arrested here by the cavalry and tied to a tree to watch Booth’s death, whom was shot by Boston Corbett. On April 25 he died (176).