a fight worth fighting n.
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A FIGHT WORTH FIGHTING. Helping your Student Achieve Success!!!!. WELCOME STUDENTS AND PARENTS. Are you signed up to receive important email blasts from Franklin High School??? Go To: livoniapublicschools.org Quick Links Sign up for E-News. High Stakes For Ninth Graders!!!!! .

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a fight worth fighting


Helping your Student Achieve Success!!!!

welcome students and parents

Are you signed up to receive important email blasts from Franklin High School???

Go To:


Quick Links

Sign up for E-News

high stakes for ninth graders
High Stakes For Ninth Graders!!!!!

GRADUATION Requirements:

  • 4 years of English
  • 4 years of Math: Geometry, Alg I & Alg II
  • 3 years of Science
  • 3 years of Social Studies
  • Personal Fitness and Health
  • 1 year of Art: Visual, Perf., or Applied
why do students fail
Does not complete homework

Excessive absences

Does not advocate/ask for help

Poor Study Skills


School is not a Priority

Alcohol and other substance use

Why Do Students Fail?
what can we all do to help
What Can We All Do To Help???
  • Address Homework Completion
  • Address Attendance Issues
  • Our Top Parent Strategies
  • Our Top Student Strategies
homework completion
  • Check student’s planner daily
  • Have a designated place & time at home
  • Return to school with student if they do not bring materials home
  • Offer help if student is frustrated
  • Check finished homework daily
  • Check grades online once per week with student
zangle parent instructions
  • Go to https://livoniapublicschools.org
  • Select “Franklin High School”
  • Go to Parent Connection
  • Enter PIN # and Password
  • Click “Login”
  • Click “Request a Report”
  • Select the report you want
  • You can set up alerts for drops in grades and attendance
attendance is key poor attendance and missed work from absences is a big reason students fail
ATTENDANCE IS KEY!!!!!Poor attendance and missed work from absences is a big reason students fail
  • We do not excuse absences.
  • If a student is going to be out for 3 days or more put in for a homework request with the Counseling Office.
  • Doctors notes are required if they need to be excused from a class like gym.
  •  Monitor a student’s attendance online.  
  • Automated phone calls are made daily for any student missing a class.  

Only allow students to miss school if they are legitimately ill

top parent strategies
  • Have a firm curfew for school nights and weekends
  • Provide responsibility for the student to contribute to the family
  • Attempt to maintain a schedule on the weekends
  • Encourage quiet time – calming activities- before bed
  • Have a consistent “lights out” bedtime
more strategies
  • Insist on breakfast in the morning
  • Encourage school and family activities
  • Tie privileges to school performance
  • Be consistent, consistent, consistent
  • Keep the lines of communication open- LISTEN more talk less.
  • Enjoy the young adult your student is becoming
top student strategies
  • Be sure you understand each assignment before you leave class
  • Take good notes during class
  • Obtain the names and phone numbers of three students in each class
  • Know your learning style – visual, auditory, kinesthetic – and adjust how you study ?????
  • For daily homework – work on your least favorite subject first
more student strategies
  • For test preparation – look over your notes, rewrite your notes, or write out the answers to a study guide
  • For long term assignments – divide the work into smaller parts to be completed daily
  • Take short breaks while studying
  • Build in “self-rewards” for homework completion
  • Being prepared yields confidence and good outcomes!!!
signs which may indicate substance abuse
Verbally or physically abusive

Dropping grades and lack of interest in learning

Lying about activities

Sleeping in class

Mood swings

Stealing – at home or other places

Always needing $$ or having excessive amounts of $$

Friends they don’t want you to know

Defiant of authority or violent outbursts

Wanting to spend more and more time away from home/staying over night

Signs Which May Indicate Substance Abuse
  • Teacher email addresses
  • Parent Connection Instructions
  • Career Cruising
  • Counseling resources
  • After school help
after school help
After school help
  • Mondays: Freshmen Study tables (LMC)
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays:

Math Lab Rm. 304

English Lab Rm. 204

  • Wednesdays:

NHS Tutoring Rm. 510

mental health
  • Livonia Counseling Center

15370 Levan Rd. 744-0170

  • Westland Counseling Center

8623 N. Wayne Rd. 425-0636

  • Lifespan Clinical Services

18316 Middlebelt 888-355-5433

Livonia 248-615-9730

  • Eastwood Clinic

17250 Farmington Rd. 734-425-4070

substance abuse
  • Eastwood Clinic

17250 Farmington Rd. 734-425-4070

  • Growth Works

271 South Main, Plymouth 734-455-4095

  • Livonia Counseling Center

15370 Levan 734-744-0170

  • Lifespan Clinical Services 734-427-9310

18316 Middlebelt