the golden apples the story o f atal anta a n d hippo menes n.
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The Golden Apples : The Story o f Atal anta a n d Hippo menes PowerPoint Presentation
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The Golden Apples : The Story o f Atal anta a n d Hippo menes

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The Golden Apples : The Story o f Atal anta a n d Hippo menes - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Golden Apples : The Story o f Atal anta a n d Hippo menes . John Brown Caitlin Bostic Santana Bush. Characters.

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Presentation Transcript
  • Atalanta-Was the daughter of Iasion and Arcadia, also a beautiful muscular young woman that was a princess, was brought up by bears, abandoned at birth by her dad due to being a female.
  • Hippomenes- Went to Aphrodite for help to win the race against Atalanta, and received golden apples to his advantage.
  • Aprohdite- Goddess of love and beauty, daughter of Zeus and Dione, born in the foam in the sea
  • Zeus- The King of all gods
  • Venus- Goddess of love and beauty
  • Iasion- The father of Atalanta
plot setting
Plot / Setting
  • Atalanta was abandoned by her father because of her gender. Also raised by bears, she refused to get married, but her father wanted her to get married. So she challenged men in a foot race that wanted to marry her.
  • Hippomenes accepted Atalanta’s

challenge for marriage, received help from Aphrodite or Venus and she lended him golden apples to distract Atalanta during the race.

  • Hippomenes won the race and they soon later were married. They were caught laying in Zeus’s sacred temple, and soon were turned into lions.
  • Setting took place in the woods/ outdoors, also some parts of the story took place in the holy temple
  • Golden apples- Are known as a beautiful fruit, had to use them wisely
  • Loin- Meaning strength
  • Running sandals- Basically the tennis shoes of our modern world
theme moral lesson
Theme / Moral lesson
  • Atalanta was alone because ahe did not want to be married for her dad’s sake, or marry for money. She wanted to marry for love.
  • Throughout the story she learned to love someone for who he was and not for what they can do.
quotes lines
Quotes/ lines

Quote by Hippomenes: “ No person could be worth such a risk! Only an

Idiot would try to win her for his wife!”

Quote by Apollo: “ You must never marry, if you do you will surely lose your own identity.”

Quote by Atalanta: “ I will race anyone who wants to marry me! Whoever is so swift that he can out run me will receive the prize of my hand in marriage, but whoever I beat will die.”

Quote by Hippomenes: “ Forgive me, for I did not no so what of a prize she is.”

Quote by Atalanta: “ Go stranger, I’m not worth the loss of your life.”