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The story of Governmentville. PowerPoint Presentation
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The story of Governmentville.

The story of Governmentville.

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The story of Governmentville.

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  1. The story of Governmentville. Be prepared to write notes and pay attention. Believe it or not, the story has a point!

  2. The characters for the story include-- Farmer Bill Milkshake And some pigs

  3. Let’s begin the story.

  4. Imagine a farm in a far away country… We’ll call that country Governmentville.

  5. On that farm lived a farmer. We’ll call him Bill. Hi Bill. Hi 6th graders!

  6. Now the country of Governmentville had gone through many changes. Right, Bill? Right!

  7. When the country first started we were under the control of a dictator. It was awful. Why’s that Bill?

  8. Well, for one, the dictator ruled as an absolute power. What’s that mean?

  9. That means that he claims his power was given to him by god. Did he also run an unlimited government?

  10. Yes, he did. An unlimited government is where all power belongs to the ruler but the ruler doesn’t have to follow the laws. How so?

  11. Well, for example, a few years ago I used to have this cow.

  12. I called her Milkshake because she liked to dance.

  13. Anyway, the ruler of our country made a law that said no one could drink milk on Wednesday’s

  14. But every Wednesday he would come and drink a glass of milk in front of us farmers.

  15. So that is what I mean by unlimited government. The rules didn’t apply to the ruler.

  16. Now usually an unlimited government does much worse then just drinking milk. Like what?

  17. Well they may raise taxes, take land or create other unfair laws that they don’t have to follow. Oh.

  18. This type of government is also known as a totalitarian government. I see.

  19. Students I suggest you write down a brief summary of what an unlimited government, totalitarian, and dictatorship is on your note sheet. OK times up let’s continue.

  20. Well, we decided to overthrow the ruler and gain our freedom. So what did you do?

  21. Not exactly. Did it work? Why not?

  22. Well after we over-threw the ruler a small group of the richest farmers took power. They did?

  23. Yep. We didn’t think anything of it. They said that they knew how to run the country fairly.

  24. They did at first but then the whole unlimited government problem arose. Did they? How?

  25. Well you see I also raise pigs on my farm. So?

  26. Well, this group of rich people didn’t like pigs and made laws against owning them.

  27. It gets worse. They then found out that pigs were worth more money then cows. That doesn’t sound fair!

  28. Well I’ll tell you. What happened then?

  29. They made laws against us owning pigs, but they had pigs. That government doesn’t sound much better then a dictatorship. What was it called?

  30. It was known as an oligarchy. That’s where a few rich powerful people make all the decisions.

  31. An oligarchy, I’ll have to remember that one. You do that.

  32. And I suggest y’all take some time to write down a brief idea of what an oligarchy is on your note sheet.

  33. What happened to the oligarchy? Let me tell you. Do you have a minute? Sure.

  34. What happened was one of the farmers got greedy and wanted more and more power.

  35. He imprisoned all the other powerful farmers and declared himself king of Governmentville So what did he do?

  36. I know what you’re thinking. And you guys let him?

  37. That we must be a couple of fools if we let another person gain control like that. What’s that?

  38. Well for your information we didn’t let that happen. You said it, not me.

  39. Yep. He became king of Governmentville. That’s good.

  40. You’re interrupting. So you did let it happen? Sorry.

  41. A government where one person is in charge is known as a monarchy. But was it still an unlimited government?

  42. I’m getting to that. Oh, sorry.

  43. That’s O.K.

  44. Yes and no. So Governmentville has a monarchy?

  45. Well we had a monarchy for a few years. What?

  46. But the king died and his son took control. But?

  47. Yes, but his son was really dumb and wanted to make all types of rules. That’s what usually happens in a monarchy.

  48. Yep and we realized that being an unlimited government wasn’t good. Uh oh…

  49. We all got together and sat the king down and made him sign a charter. So what did you do?

  50. It said that any laws that the king made would have to be followed by everyone—including the king himself. What did the charter say?