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SharePoint Wiki Plus and Amdocs Pedia case study PowerPoint Presentation
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SharePoint Wiki Plus and Amdocs Pedia case study

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SharePoint Wiki Plus and Amdocs Pedia case study - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SharePoint Wiki Plus and Amdocs Pedia case study. Nimrod Geva KWizCom. Introduction. KWizCom Business Card Founded in 2005 Headquartered in Toronto Global provider of add-ons and services 3000+ customers worldwide

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SharePoint Wiki Plus and Amdocs Pedia case study

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Presentation Transcript

SharePoint Wiki Plus

and Amdocs Pediacase study

Nimrod Geva



KWizCom Business Card

  • Founded in 2005
  • Headquartered in Toronto
  • Global provider of add-ons and services
  • 3000+ customers worldwide

Business Target:Deliver innovative and cost-effective add-ons, enabling customers to deploy excellent Microsoft SharePoint and Dynamics CRM solutions faster than ever and at no risk.

  • Fields of expertise:
  • Microsoft Office SharePoint
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Competencies:
  • Gold Certified Partner
  • ISV
  • Information Worker
we re talking about
Creatinga cross-corporate place for knowledge and experience sharing

Moving from local, separate ways of managing professional information to one shared, consistent pool

Making the writing and use of content easy

Allowing teams to work

locally and affect globally

We’re talking about…
who s using amdocs pedia
Global enterprise, distributed worldwide – 8 major development centers, 40 office sites, 18000 employees

Phase I – implemented for product and technology experts in one major group

18000 visits monthly by 1500 professionals

Over 400 new content pages per month

Who’s using Amdocs Pedia?
what is amdocspedia
An enhanced wiki knowledge base

KWizCom’s WikiPlus- an add-on for MOSS 2007

Developed as a collaborative Amdocs – KWizCom project

What is AmdocsPedia?





Business Processes


The best Wiki-based Enterprise KM solution!

what is a wiki
A collection of web pages with unique structure and functionality

No need to download/upload large files/documents

No rigid hierarchy – a network of intuitive links between pages

Links are based on topics. Topics become page names. No need to know file locations. No URLs

Easy to create new pages and categories

Automatic version management allows everyone to write, yet keeps content safe

Interactive environment – favorites, subscriptions, discussions, rating

What is a Wiki?

A large shared “notebook” that everyone can easily write in, at any time

why use it
Professional knowledge sharing across unit boundaries

A single, shared, cross-corporate knowledgebase instead of many separate knowledge “islands”

Professional knowledge sharing between related projects

Global company, wide spectrum of products and services, yet focused on providing a unified customer experience

Matrix organization. Many expert groups. Distributed worldwide

Why use it?
what you can use a wiki for
Company procedures archive

Learning materials archive

A knowledge base for customer support

An interlinked “encyclopedia” / dictionary

Professional knowledge sharing between experts and projects

What you can use a Wiki for?
how did it start
Demand from top down and bottom up

Corporate KM methodology, directive from business units’ managers

Requirements from experts in the work groups

Some teams employed local solutions, each different and unique. There was need for a comprehensive, congruent solution

An integration and implementation process was initiated, working with groups to meet their needs, yet bring all “onto the same page”

How did it start?
starting the journey
Study of needs, mapping groups, managerial leadership, knowledge champions, round table meetings – Feb. 2007

Beginning with “out of the box” SharePoint Portal 2007 wiki – Amdocspedia 1.0, April 2007

Step by step implementation, working with groups,

Defining requirements with knowledge champions and users

Designing WikiPlus – June 2007


Starting the journey
the journey continued
Wiki Plus user pilot with leading knowledge champions and power users(In parallel with on going use of Amdocspedia 1.0)

Fine tuning of usability and configuration

Migration of content(Amdocspedia 1.0 still available but read only)

Full switch to Amdocspedia 2.0 -April 2008

The journey (Continued)
current deployment in amdocs
Very positive feedbacks from various groups:

Cross-department, cross-project collaboration made much easier

Knowledge made much more accessible

Customers want more features!

Started deploying the 2nd Wiki Plus version (1.2.50)

Current deployment in amdocs
what made it a success
Quick implementation, early gains

Planned together with the users, with their needs in mind

Integrating the wiki and placing it in context of:

How people work

Business needs

A comprehensive suite of solutions

Focused planning, define what to use the wiki for and what not to use it for

A successful partnership model

Worked with leading managers and knowledge champions within the groups - network, round tables, Both top-down and bottom-up

Standard solution, Maximize the SharePoint investment

?What made it a success
the wiki plus features
Support for standard Wiki markup

Full Taxonomy management solution

Intuitive and flexible categorization, using multiple tags

Multiple tags for pages

Master tag cloud and tag index

Easy email and RSS subscriptions for pages and/or tags

A discussion area for each page

Improved content editor

Easily add images, create links and attach related files

Create and manage tables

Content Rating

The Wiki Plus features
wiki features continued
One step duplication of pages to create similar pages

Content lifecycle management

New reporting capabilities, such as report of the top contributors

Wiki content templates

Content Snippets

Automatic table of contents (TOC)

Improved printing

Export to PDF/WORD

True SharePoint integration- No separate maintenance costs!

Wiki features (continued)…

The Tag Pages List page displays all pages that were tagged to the selected tag.

Subscribe to this category and get email alerts for new/updated content

Clicking the “Check forms authentication” page link opens this wiki page in View mode.


This is the wiki page in View mode

Content(with forward links)

Page’s properties

Per-page discussions


What can I do while reading this page?

Subscribe to alerts on this page

Edit the page

Edit any of the forward links (this will create a new wiki page)

Find other pages connected to related categories/tags

Rate this page


The Wiki Plus Editor

You can clone an existing page

(and save a lot of time )

Content snippets allow you to share reusable pieces of content

You can easily save a page as a new content template

Wiki Markup snippets(for wiki beginners that are not skilled wiki authors)

Full rich text Web & Wiki editor

Enhanced management of images, attachments and links


The Wiki Plus Editor –

Easy management of Wiki page links

Easily create a link to new wiki pages or to existing wiki pages)

You can insert links to wiki pages located in other sites!

Easily implement a distributed structure!

Easily locate other wiki pages by using customizable SharePoint views


The Wiki Plus Editor –

Easy management of images

Need to include an image?

Simply click the “Image Manager” button

You can select existing images from your SharePoint libraries.

Can’t find it?

No problem – you can upload a new one and include it in your page in one click!

Upload your requested file and it will be shared with all other wiki authors.


The Wiki Plus Editor –

Easy management of file attachments

Need to attach documents/files to your Wiki page?

Simply click the “Document Manager” button

Same as in pictures – You can select an existing file or upload a new one and attach it to your wiki page.


The Wiki Plus Editor –

Include content snippets

Clicking the “Order Confirmation” option will add this shared piece of content to the page

We have a standard order confirmation message we use in many pages.

In order to use it I will click the “Content Snippets” button.

Share useful, reusable, rich-content snippets!


The Wiki Plus Editor –

Web 2.0-style tagging

When you enter a tag, the auto-complete feature shows you all existing tags(which can be filtered by views/permissions)


The Wiki Plus Editor –

Hierarchical categories

Click the “Browse” button and select categories:

In this mode authors are only allowed to select from centrally managed categories.

(You can select you preferred tagging methodology)

Categorize your page by checking the required categories in the category tree


Content lifecycle management(Take control of your content!)

  • Every page has an Owner (or several) that has special permissions:
  • Can delete the page
  • Can restore previous versions
  • Gets an email notification when someone else changes the page
  • Can define expiration period

Avoid obsolete content - make your content always relevant and accurate!

  • After defining a Lifecycle alert:
  • When the page is about to expire – page owners get a notification email (“Please renew the page”)
  • If the page has expired – an “Out of date” label will appear on top of the page, letting users know that the page may be obsolete.

Readers will see the “Out of date” label(If the page owner did not renew the page on time)


More Wiki features

Automatic Table of contents

You can edit parts of a page


Advanced Reports

Pages Report

Concrete information on how your KM solution is being used.

Example: which pages were viewed most in the last month?

wiki plus architecture
Wiki Plus Architecture

It is all standard SharePoint building blocks..

MOSS 2007

Wiki Plus Library Definition

Wiki Plus Content Type

Custom Field Types:




Wiki Plus Master Page


Resource files

Web Part pages and web parts

Wiki Plus Site Template

Wiki Plus Feature

wiki plus unique features
Wiki Plus Unique Features
  • Support Central & Distributed architecture
  • Customizable data layer
  • Customizable layout
  • Content lifecycle management
  • Enterprise Taxonomy
  • Rich web + Wiki editor
  • Supports all MOSS features & framework

Enables the implementation of a

tailored business solution


Thank You!Questions ?

Nimrod Geva