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Inventing the future of play -together with the builders of tomorrow PowerPoint Presentation
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Inventing the future of play -together with the builders of tomorrow

Inventing the future of play -together with the builders of tomorrow

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Inventing the future of play -together with the builders of tomorrow

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  1. Inventing the future of play-together with the builders of tomorrow Building Open Innovation Capabilities and Toolbox at The LEGO Group A story told backwards…

  2. Presentation overview • Building a reputation of openness The Mindstorms NXT case LEGO Cuusoo LEGO Architecture • Building knowledge about Open Innovation Influential quotes Four value pools Implementation plan • Building Open Innovation toolbox • through pilot projects In the production area On the core LEGO Experience On HR processes On an Open Innovation platform

  3. Spike Tribot RoboArm T-56 LEGO MINDSTORMS 2nd Gen, co-created with lead users Alpha Rex

  4. LEGO Cuusoo, a crowdsourcing platform for new product ideas

  5. An engagedcommunity! Road to 10.000 votes Minecraft 2 days

  6. Crowdsourcing innovative packaging solutions

  7. A reputation of being open was built…

  8. From isolated to orchestrated efforts • Taskforce established with the aim of: • -assessing the opportunities, needs, and benefits for introducing new practices of OI across The LEGO Group • -defining what next practice would look like building on internal practice as well as insight from the best OI practitioners in the world • -making a firm and evidence based recommendation on what and where the value could be, how this could be delivered and what would be needed to achieve this. • -setting out a viable roadmap – basedon how we should move forward, balancing risk and rewards etc.

  9. Our Approach Learning from Others - 12 interviews with leading OI companies. • Learning from The LEGO Group - input from over • 30 practitioners including 10 interviews Learning by Doing - 4 micro pilots to test capabilities, culture and appetite

  10. External as well as internal contributors have willingly shared their experiences and ideas… • “99.99% of the smartest people in the world don’t work for us.” • P&G • “People don’t have to work for us to work with us.” • Internal Quote • “All our radical innovations come from people who are not domain experts.” • Orange Telecom • “Until you open up, you do not know what is possible.” • McLaren • “I am scared to look at external ideas because we don’t want to get sued.” • Internal Quote • “The problem with an innovation culture is that for most of the time and • for most of the people you don’t really want one!” • David Robertson, IMD • “Consumers of today are intelligent, they are creative and they have an opinion… And they expect you to listen!” • Internal Quote However they probably grew up playing with LEGO bricks 

  11. We have identified 4 Value Pools to be leveraged…

  12. To fully exploit the potential we need to apply a T-shaped model for OI… • Systematically ensuring greater diversity in our innovation efforts by seeking and applying input from the four value pools. • This will provide richer and more innovative solutions with optimal contributions from the entire value chain • There is overwhelming evidence that adopting T-shaped OI can trigger breakthrough solutions, as well as powerfully enrich the culture • This is the single biggest change to TLG culture and practices we propose Kids & Fans Companies & Institutions Diverse internal input Internal Experts and their teams

  13. The four steps towards OI across “Tasks”, “People”, “Culture” and “Organization”… • 2015+ • 2011 • 2012 • 2013/14 • Lead & Enable • Develop the LEGO Way of OI • Build & Deploy • Scale & Leverage Strategic Recommendation Business Case Approval Review Review R R R R R R Flagship OI Program, leveraging all four Value Pools within one project e.g. next Big Bang Play Theme Scope & Define Run 4 Pilot projects tapping into one or more Value Pools Build Initial Toolkit IP, IT, Process, Incentives Build Full System Capability Review & Refine Toolkit IP, IT, Process, Incentives Competency Framework Set KPI’s & Metrics Leading OI (Capability Training) Celebrate & Share Reinforce Collaboration Build Capabilities OI Becomes Signature Practitioner OI Network based on selected pilots Expansion of OI Network OISr. Director + 1FTE Open LEGO Ecosystem

  14. Current pilot projects: • "People are much more likely to act their way into a new way of thinking, than think their way into a new way of acting." • Richard Pascale • Therefore we run pilot projects • - in our production area (solving hard, “unsolvable” problems) • - on improving the core LEGO experience through crowdsourcing • - on how to improve core HR processes • - on an Open Innovation platform

  15. What we want to achieve: • Going from: Towards: • Creativity from the few Systematic creativity from the many • Select strengths put to play Full potential realized • Succeeding together Succeeding more together with more people • A relatively closed culture A culture of openness

  16. Thank you for your time!?!