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Denver Peak Academy. Black Belt Training Day 5 – Celebration!. Agenda – Day 5: Celebration. Peak Academy. Black Belt Training What’s Expected after Training. Why Peak Academy?. City Leaders have been asking…

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Denver peak academy

Denver Peak Academy

Black Belt Training

Day 5 – Celebration!

Denver peak academy

Peak Academy

Black Belt Training

What’s Expected after Training

Why peak academy
Why Peak Academy?

  • City Leaders have been asking…

    • What tools and training are available to support our colleagues as they go through Peak Performance?

  • “Investing in Ourselves”

    • The Mayor’s Office & City leaders have created the Peak Academy to train colleagues in the principles of Lean

    • Tools and training to enable us to achieve performance improvements through Peak Performance

    • Training will be offered through the Business Process Improvement team

    • Engaging other agencies and outside consultants who donate their time to provide training and support

    • Certifications that carry into your career at the City

  • Certifications more detail
    Certifications – More Detail

    Peak Academy Certifications

    • Do I need to be a Green Belt before I can be a Black Belt?

      • NO. But the preference is that a person attend a green belt class and complete one innovation prior to applying to black belt.

  • Do I need to be a to be a Black Belt before I can be a Peak Performer?

    • NO. Peak Performers are Black Belts but go on to learn facilitation skills, put them into practice in another agency, and put those skills to use back in their home agency.

  • Black Belt

    Green Belt

    Peak Performer

    Special Type of Black Belt

    Peak academy 2014 timeline for black belts
    Peak Academy 2014 Timeline for Black Belts

    Peak academy next steps after graduation
    Peak Academy: Next Steps after Graduation

    PEP Updates for 2014

    • We will work with you and your supervisor to update your 2014 PEP with the following outcome titled “Black Belt Innovation”

      Submit Ideas for Innovation to the Peak Academy (first 3 Boxes of the A3)

      Review ideas with Peak Academy and your management team (Supervisor, Manager(s), and Agency Exec)

    • Required for buy-in and the plan for implementation

    • Present in A3 format

    • Tie to your Agency/Dept’s strategic plan!

      Deliver/Implement the ideas & submit completed A3 to Peak Academy with a CC-to your supervisor

    Peak academy updating your 2014 pep
    Peak Academy: Updating your 2014 PEP

    • Initial Steps (within 1 month after Black Belt training)

      • We will email your supervisor with language for 2014 PEP

      • We will ask your supervisor to confirm by email that:

        They have updated your 2014 PEP to include the requirements for submitting and implementing innovation ideas

  • % weight of Innovation Outcome determined by you and your supervisor (or manager). Peak Academy will not dictate a %-weight requirement

  • Jan – July 2014 Cohorts

    • 2 ideas implemented (completed A3) = “Meets Expectations”

    • 3 ideas implemented (completed A3) = “Exceeds Expectations”

    • 4 ideas implemented (completed A3) = “Outstanding”

  • Aug – Oct 2014 Cohorts

    • 1 idea implemented (completed A3) = “Meets Expectations”

    • 2 ideas implemented (completed A3) = “Exceeds Expectations”

    • 3 ideas implemented (completed A3) = “Outstanding”

  • Nov – Dec 2014 Cohorts

    • No 2014 expectation. Will work to update 2015 PEP

  • Peak academy connecting with your cohort
    Peak Academy: Connecting with your cohort

    • Black Belt Buddies

      Please pick a “buddy” from your cohort. Your buddy should be someone who is NOT in your department that you DID NOT know before the cohort began. This is someone you can go to for:

      • support,

      • to bounce ideas off of and

      • someone you should encourage to innovate

        Please be sure you have your buddy’s contact information and set a time to meet with them for coffee or lunch to discuss your innovations.

    Peak academy connection with bb alumni
    Peak Academy: Connection with BB Alumni

    • Black Belt Connections (Continued Education)

      Periodic meetings with Black Belts

      Highlight Innovation Ideas through presentations (possibly in Ignite format?)

      Peak Performance Website will provide info


    • Emails sent out to all Black Belts announcing Continued Peak Education events, occurring every quarter

    • Monthly book clubs

    Peak academy next steps after graduation1
    Peak Academy: Next Steps after Graduation

    • Jump-Start on Innovation Ideas

    • You should have three to four A3’s started

    • After review with your management team, these can be submitted to to meet your 2014 PEP requirements

    Denver peak academy

    Peak Academy

    Graduation & Wrap-Up

    Day 5 wrap up
    Day 5 Wrap-Up

    • Brian Elms

      Email –

      Phone – 720-913-1645

    • Faustino Payán

      Email –

      Phone – 720-913-5541

    • Melissa Field

      Email –

      Phone – 720-913-5167

    • Tom Chase

    • Email –

    • Phone – 720-913-5527

    • Greg Reger

    • Email –

    • Phone – 720-913-5093

    • Patrice Hawkins

    • Email –

    • Phone – 720-913-1510

    • Kent Lighthall

    • Email –

    • Phone – 720-913-5165

    Day 5 wrap up1
    Day 5 Wrap-Up

    • Submitting Innovation Ideas or Q’s to Peak Academy:


  • Survey

    • We will send you a link to take a survey about this class

    • Please complete the survey and provide input to help us improve the curriculum for future Black Belts!

  • Resources after Graduation


    • Or Email/Call us!

  • Denver peak academy

    Peak Academy

    Message from the Mayor’s Office

    “The Road Ahead after Training”

    Denver peak academy

    Peak Academy

    Ignite Us!

    Black belt presentations
    Black Belt Presentations

    • You’ll have 5 minutes to present your “Ignite” slides

    • IGNITE us! (good luck and have fun!)