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UMConnect Meeting: March 11, 2009 PowerPoint Presentation
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UMConnect Meeting: March 11, 2009

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UMConnect Meeting: March 11, 2009 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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UMConnect Meeting: March 11, 2009

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  1. Volunteer Leadership Systems Task Force UMConnect Meeting: March 11, 2009

  2. Opening Activity – Everyone is invited to share a brief description (1 – 2”) of the first volunteer job you ever had. Feedback from Program leadership team discussion on volunteerism - Pam Why is this group called a task force? What is our purpose? Generate ideas for our working agreement - All Assessment of Staff Attitudes re: Volunteerism – Barb and Becky Overview of MN Data from North Central Regional Volunteer Impact Study and group discussion about implications– Pam MAVA Volunteer Management Training Seminars/MAVA as a resource - Heidi Volunteer Orientation – update on timeline and recommendations for task force consideration – Pam Volunteerism and SET – Tyler and Pam National Volunteerism Conference in April – MN presence and goals Agenda

  3. Walked through National Framework for Volunteerism Summarized MN Results from North Central Regional Study Referenced current reports/research on volunteerism Sought input on the philosophy from the framework Sought support for dedicating resources to implementing the National Framework Proposed scope for current task force: March 09: Continue developing orientation for potential/new volunteers & assessment planning April 09: Conference attendance to adopt/adapt framework; small group planning and reporting back to PLT May - Aug 09: Center-wide webinars led by task force members re: study results, assessment efforts, and introducing framework Forge collaboration with SET Team re: innovation and new audiences Fall 09: Statewide meeting to roll out intention to adopt framework and plan with large scale effort to get input on and to develop plan Report from PLT Discussion

  4. Task force: Set up by an individual or organization external to the group for a specific purpose; time limited. Members often chosen because of their experience or expertise. Adapted from: Bryson, JH. And Carroll, A. (2007). Public participation fieldbook. (p.59). Minneapolis, MN: University of Minnesota. Key Definition

  5. Working agreement/ground rules • Take a few minutes to think about our task force and how it operates. What guidelines do you feel are most important for this group so we can fulfill our purpose and meet the goals that we set?

  6. Planning assessment of attitudes toward volunteers • Barb and Becky

  7. Minnesota Results: NCRVS Study of Volunteer Impact • “Counting” volunteers • “Same-ness” of volunteers in sample • Goal setting warrants accurate baseline • Seasonal volunteer resource management • Communicating benefits to volunteers • Involving volunteers in designing orientation, assessment, framework implementation - we are the people who can ensure this happens!

  8. Minnesota Association for Volunteer Administrators . Heidi What is Volunteer Resources Leadership? Volunteer Resources Leadership:  Capacity Building in Minnesota (VRL) is a three-year capacity building initiative to expand and strengthen volunteer leadership across the state through strategies that create widespread systemic change. MAVA and a number of community partners began implementing VRL in November 2005 to address barriers to successful volunteer capacity building.  Key strategies include: •Strengthening volunteer resources infrastructure and competence through affordable, accessible volunteer resources leader training.

  9. Volunteer Orientation Project • Baby Step Goals: To convey that MN 4-H wants to work with new volunteers, that volunteers benefit in important ways when working with 4-H, to align message with current trends in volunteer demographics and to provide enough information about MN 4-H so that visitors can gauge their “fit” with our organization and the possible roles available to them. • Important Constraint: MN 4-H is currently geared for long term volunteers and it takes up to six weeks to apply/process/accept a volunteer application. • Adjacent Efforts: Center for YD website is under development, seeking funding, and has major placeholder for volunteer-related content. • Potential Deliverables from this Task Force: Provide content expertise to Wendy for website Telling stories through video and interviews to convey a range of volunteer role options and the benefits to the volunteer, the difference made with youth Tangible opportunities through the SET Initiative “pilots” to involve new audiences and in greater range/ flexible roles - implies that we will work with SET and vice versa to design volunteer strategies • Resources Needed: Videographer - have two possible referrals Graduate Assistant to help with project Consultation/coordination from Wendy Huckaby on video and to keep involved in the website content development

  10. Update on SET and Volunteers – Pam and Tyler MN 4-H Volunteerism and SET

  11. Attendees to date: Abby Lochner Barb Piehl Susan Beaulieu Brenda Shafer Heidi Haugen Maki Kawase Pam Larson Nippolt Questions? Logistics during early April meeting? National Conference on Volunteers

  12. Youth Work Matters Login Information: Login at: Culp, Ken (2009) Building a Multi-Generational Volunteer Based: Understanding How Human Development Impacts Volunteer Service. retrieved March 2009 The wolves are ready for Spring, too! Sharing Resources