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Sunflower Project Change Agent Network Meeting #2 PowerPoint Presentation
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Sunflower Project Change Agent Network Meeting #2

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Sunflower Project Change Agent Network Meeting #2 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Sunflower Project Change Agent Network Meeting #2

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  1. Sunflower ProjectChange Agent Network Meeting #2 March 26, 2009

  2. Welcome

  3. Meeting Agenda • Welcome • Project Status and Activities • Reporting Strategy Update • Training Update • Agency Benefits of SMART • Agency Task List • Meeting Wrap-Up

  4. Welcome and Introductions Presenters • Connie Guerrero, Enterprise Readiness Team Manager • Gary Schneider, Implementation Manager • Gina Vinyard, Training Lead • Jennifer Dennon, Agency Readiness Lead

  5. Housekeeping Bathrooms Please set cell phones and pagers to silent

  6. Feedback from Previous Change Agent Meeting Thank you for providing your survey responses to the previous Change Agent Launch! We appreciate your feedback! • We are piloting webcasting the meeting to non-Topeka area agencies today • We hope the facilities at the Library are more comfortable and parking was easier to find • We continue to add SMART content to Change Agent Network meeting agendas as more design decisions are finalized

  7. Project Status and Activities

  8. Project Timeline 2008 2009 2010 Analyze We are Here! Design Build/Development Test Training Deploy On-going System Support & Stabilization

  9. Budget Structure Workshops Multiple sessions held in March – Primary Contacts and Budget Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) from all agencies were invited Introduced SMART budget terminology and process Reviewed required and optional budgets available to State Agencies Workshops provided details helping agencies decide which budget option works best for them in SMART

  10. Budget Structure Activity • Allows Sunflower Project to configure SMART to track the lower-level budgets your agency requires • Reminder: • Submit only one homework response per agency • Due 2 weeks after attending Budget Structure Workshop

  11. Interface and Conversion Workshops Provide assistance for agencies modifying systems and interfaces Interface workshops held over past two weeks Conversion Workshops to be held in April

  12. Configuration Workshops Help agencies understand configuration options in SMART Help the Sunflower Project understand agency-specific considerations when configuring SMART Geared toward Agency Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) Additional Configuration Activities allow agencies to participate in the configuration of items not requiring a workshop Several new tasks added to the Agency Task List for Configuration Workshops and Configuration Activities

  13. Project DecisionsGeneral Ledger Business Unit • Each agency will have their own General Ledger (G/L) Business Unit • Benefits to agencies of this decision are increased usability and flexibility while maintaining control: • Agencies will be able to define their own chartfield edits • Agencies will be able to maintain their own allocations in the future if it is decided to de-centralize this function • Agencies will only see their agencies’ values in dropdowns for chartfields, e.g. Departments, Funds, Program(s), Projects, Locations and Agency Use • A&R/DOB will be able maintain control of central business processes such as changing statewide chartfield values, appropriations, approvals of interfunds, transfers, opening and closing of accounting periods

  14. Project DecisionsSecurity • Key Terms • Security Configuration involves defining roles and assigning individuals to roles • Security Administration involves adding/removing individuals to and from established roles due to personnel changes and reorgs • SMART will use a centralized security model • Reduces the impact on agencies • Maintains central control at go-live • Will consider delegating limited aspects of security to select agencies in the future • Workflow administration is closely linked to security and will also be centralized

  15. Project DecisionsSingle Sign-On (SSO) • Key Terms • PeopleSoft Portal is a personalized gateway that provides a single sign-on to all PeopleSoft applications • PeopleSoft Portal is being implemented • Will maintain the current SHARP sign-on protocol to access SMART, SHARP, and the data warehouse via the PeopleSoft Portal

  16. Project DecisionsPending Interfund Processing Chart of Accounts Encumbrances Types Transaction Autonumbering

  17. Reporting Strategy Update

  18. Reporting Strategy • Reports in SMART are for information you need TODAY • Most reporting will be in the Data Warehouse • SMART and SHARP data together • Information in the Data Warehouse is NOT real time • One day behind SMART and SHARP • Data Warehouse on July 1, 2010 • Only new SMART data • Some SHARP historical data • Data Warehouse after July 1, 2010 • Minimum of 10 years data will collect over time • Division of Accounts and Reports developing procedures for accessing historical data from STARS and SOKI

  19. Data Access and ReportingProduction • Online Reports • and • PeopleSoft Query • Need information today • Already developed • View only • Download to a file SMART

  20. Data Access and ReportingData Warehouse Data Warehouse Data Warehouse Reporting SMART Human Resource Data Marts Financials Data Marts SHARP Transformed Data Data Marts are a functional grouping of data used for reporting.

  21. Data Access and ReportingData Warehouse • Oracle BI Answers • Simple – Drag/Drop Fields onto Report • Complex – Filters, Formulas, Format, Prompts, Sort Order • Results – Pivot Tables, Dashboards, Plain Text • Drill-down to details • Oracle BI Publisher • Highly formatted • Report layout using familiar tools (e.g. Word, Adobe) • Data from BI Answers • Oracle BI Dashboards • Intuitive • Personalized • Drill-down to details • My Dashboard – Data Warehouse Home Page

  22. Data WarehouseMy Dashboard Example

  23. Data WarehouseDashboards • The first screen in data warehouse is “My Dashboard” • Some dashboards will be built before “Go-Live” • RP204: Introduction to Business Intelligence Reporting: • Set “My Dashboard” preferences • View a Dashboard • Download a Dashboard • Print a Dashboard • Email a Dashboard • RP301: Ad Hoc Business Intelligence Reporting: • Create and Modify Dashboards

  24. Data WarehouseReport Writer Start Page Example Example Only! Subject Areas and Folders will be unique to the State of Kansas Business Processes.

  25. Data WarehouseBI Answers • Content is organized by Subject Area • What you see depends upon your security access • Queries or Reports are referred to as a Request • Some BI Answers Requests will be built before “Go-Live” • RP204: Introduction to Business Intelligence Reporting: • View, Download, Print, Email a Request • RP301: Ad Hoc Business Intelligence Reporting: • Create and Modify a Request • Sort, subtotal, filter, format, create prompts, and add formulas to a Request • Create views of results including, Dashboards, pivot tables, plain and formatted text

  26. Training Update

  27. Training Roadmap Train – the- Trainer Training Schedule Training Live


  29. SMART Training Curriculum Training Curriculum Posted on website

  30. Training Deployment Plan • Writing Deployment Plan Summer, 2009 • Analysis based on: • Estimated Attendance • Facilities • Trainers • Locations • Agency size • Deployment update at August Change Agent Network (CAN) meeting

  31. Trainer Profile Available Feb-Jun, 2010 Experienced Instructor, Speaker, or Facilitator Learns Quickly Comfortable explaining concepts Participates in SMART decisions for Agency Understands “as-is” business process Experienced in day-to-day tasks Understands SMART at high-level

  32. Trainer Next Steps • Review Trainer Profile • Discuss with your Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) • Identify Trainers • Fill out Trainer Contact Information • Coming soon as a web form • Submit Trainer information by May 31, 2009 • Task ID 54

  33. Thank You Need More Facilities 12-15 PCs and 1 instructor PC Internet browser and internet connection LCD Projector and screen Adequate parking and facilities for participants Onsite contact for troubleshooting equipment issues Ability to reserve blocks of time April – June, 2010 Task ID 53 – Due March 31, 2009

  34. Training Contact Gina Vinyard Training Lead 785-291-3257

  35. Agency Benefits of SMART

  36. SMART Integration Purchasing Accounts Payable Accounts Receivable / Billing Time and Labor Asset Management Projects / Grants General Ledger Data Warehouse

  37. Agency Benefits of SMART Purchasing • Provides a more user friendly environment allowing for complete transaction overview • Whole process online; PO approval, dispatching, receiving and related payable information • Facilitates data transfer to other modules • Reducing data entry • Reducing keying errors • Statewide standardization of encumbrance process

  38. Agency Benefits of SMART Accounts Payable Automates matching of Purchase Order, Invoice and Receipt Provides online processing for travel requests and processing expense reports Simplifies searching for voucher and related payment information

  39. Agency Benefits of SMART Asset Management Provides a central place for storing asset information Reduces duplication of effort in entry and maintaining assets Provides robust searching and reporting capabilities at the state level

  40. Agency Benefits of SMART Projects / Grants Allows agencies to efficiently track and analyze project costs and allocate project resources Provides flexible reporting of grant transactional history Allows agencies to easily track proposal development and award

  41. Agency Benefits of SMART Accounts Receivable / Billing Deposits will be entered into Accounts Receivable Automates billing Creates customer statements Creates customer correspondence and reporting Real-time receivable and billing visibility, tracking and control for reporting and financial data

  42. Agency Benefits of SMART Time and Labor Provides a robust time capture system Integrates with SMART and existing SHARP systems Improves data accuracy and integrity and enables more timely reporting by eliminating paper-based processes for some agencies

  43. Agency Benefits of SMART General Ledger • Eliminates redundant data entry • Funding flows with the transaction • Eliminates the need to obtain and consolidate data from multiple systems • Eliminates the need to reconcile and track data in multiple systems • Automates budget checking

  44. Agency Task List

  45. Agency Task List Updates Agency Task List Updates Posted to Sunflower Project website

  46. Updated Task List Available • An updated task list is available to download from the Sunflower Project website • Tasks added • Tasks removed (indicated by strikethrough text) • Details updated (dates, descriptions, etc.) • New column added for completion date • Future updates will be posted on the website and a notification will be sent to all Change Agents • Consistent version control process will help you keep your task list updated

  47. Task List Version ControlAbout the Updates • New tasks are given the next available task ID • Once a task ID is assigned, it never changes • When a task is removed, it is indicated by strikethrough formatting (the text is crossed out) • The removed task remains in the document • For consistency, the list is always sorted first by Start Date, then by End Date.  This causes task IDs to be out of order as dates shift and tasks are added

  48. Task List Version ControlLatest Version The updated Agency Task List contains multiple worksheets The worksheet (or tab) named All - MM-DD-YY contains the latest information on all tasks Use this tab if you want to start with a new clean copy of the Task List

  49. Task List Version ControlUpdates Highlighted The worksheet (or tab) named All With Updates - MM-DD-YY also contains the latest information on all tasks Updates are highlighted in yellow Use this tab if you want to see what changed in the latest version

  50. Task List Version ControlNewly Added Tasks The worksheet (or tab) named New Only - MM-DD-YY only contains new tasks added since the last version of the Task List Use this tab if you want to copy newly added tasks into your agency’s copy of the Task List