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Using Library Resources PowerPoint Presentation
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Using Library Resources

Using Library Resources

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Using Library Resources

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  1. Using Library Resources Physical Electronic

  2. How to find library homepage

  3. Library Home Page

  4. OTC Library Homepage

  5. Healthcare

  6. Welcome to Video GeorgiaLibrary Learning Online for Educational Institutions

  7. GALILEO A password is needed each term if you access GALILEO off campus. Contact the library or your instructor for the current password.


  9. Click on the title to see the article.

  10. If you are Cosmetology, Culinary Arts, Fire Science, Funeral Services, Construction, HVAC, Hotel/RestaurantIn GALILEO, it is better to use this database.Click on the Databases A-Z tab,Click C for Career & Tech Education

  11. Other Items in GALILEOBrowse by Type

  12. Britannica- scroll down

  13. You will need to copy and paste into your document.

  14. Instructional Guide

  15. Registering with IP authentication 1. Click the register link 2. Register and create an account with EasyBib 3. Or register with an existing third party service like Facebook Registering from IP authenticated school computers instantly gives you premium feature access. Register at any point to create a premium account, save your work, and access it from anywhere!

  16. Register with EasyBib Register with EasyBib You must do it on campus.

  17. Getting started This is the project management page. From here you can create, manage, and view projects. Start by clicking “Create a new project”

  18. Creating a new project To start your project, give it a title: Bibliography Next, select the desired citation style (don’t worry if you pick the wrong one, you can always change it later automatically) CHOOSE APA! Then click “Create” Create a new project Give it a title.

  19. Starting a bibliography Your new project has been created and appears at the bottom of your list To start creating citations for this project, just click “Bibliography”

  20. Selecting a source type to cite Here is the bibliography start page; from here there are tabs for the most popular sources, as well as a tab for all 58 sources EasyBib supports

  21. Viewing all source types Clicking on the “All 58 options” tab will expand a pane that provides you with links to forms that will help you cite just about any type of source you may come across

  22. EasyBib allows users to automatically format book citations by simply entering a title, keyword or ISBN. EasyBib offers auto-citing for 22 of the 58 sources Type in: Citing a book 978-0316769488 Enter your search term, find the appropriate edition from the list, click “select”, and...

  23. Citing a book The fields are automatically filled in for you! Be sure to make sure the information is correct Select the correct medium & add additional info The “LearnCite” feature shows you where different elements are placed within the citation, and highlights specific rules such as those around capitalization Click the “Create citation” button, and...

  24. Building your list Your citation is automatically formatted and added to your list. Continue the process to build your works cited

  25. Yellowstone oil spill

  26. Citing a website You can automatically format a website by simply entering a URL. EasyBib will grab the data from the site and automatically fill in the form *Be sure to make sure all of the information is correct and fill in any empty fields

  27. You have to fill in the other information. Usually you need the article title, author, date written/published to the site

  28. Importing citations from databases Select “Upload citations” from the “All 58 options” menu Upload your citations to your list. Click the tutorial links if you need help

  29. Importing from GALILEO

  30. I chose the first article by clicking on the title.Notice the toolbox on the right side. Choose export.

  31. Choose citations to Bib TeX format