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Ohio Department of Education FY 10 EMIS Changes Presented by: David Ehle, EMIS Data/QA Manager - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ohio Department of Education FY 10 EMIS Changes Presented by: David Ehle, EMIS Data/QA Manager Ohio Department of Education, Office of Information Policy & Management September 2009. Overview. Some In, Some Out… Redesign & Data Manual Format/Structure Basic Student Changes

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Presentation Transcript

Ohio Department of Education

FY 10 EMIS Changes

Presented by:

David Ehle, EMIS Data/QA Manager

Ohio Department of Education,

Office of Information Policy & Management

September 2009


  • Some In, Some Out…

  • Redesign & Data

  • Manual Format/Structure

  • Basic Student Changes

  • Special Education

  • Student Home Language


  • Assessment

  • Career Tech

  • Courses and Credits

  • Staff

  • District/Building

  • Financials (H and P)

Usual cautions
Usual Cautions…

  • This presentation is not meant to be a comprehensive list of all FY10 changes

  • FY10 EMIS Manual, report specs, and Redesign users guide will be official references

Some in some out
Some in, Some out…

  • All references to February gone…

  • All reference to ELI gone…

  • As needed, added STEM requirements

    • Two types of STEM schools

      • Building of a specific district- Open Enroll

      • Stand-alone entity

        • Only one stand-alone this year- Dayton area

        • Unless noted otherwise, STEM instructions in manual for this type

Redesign data
Redesign & Data

  • Should not impact work in most districts, but for the record…

    • Some header elements may become filler

    • Header and Trailer record gone

    • Filler to 300 characters no longer required, but no impact if left on each row

  • No longer support use of “@” to combine data from 2 files into same record type

    • Data required must be complete when flat file for a record type uploaded to Data Collector

Manual format structure
Manual Format/Structure

  • Options no longer listed in Ch. 5

    • In Chapters 2-4 and file on ODE web site TBD

  • Reporting instructions moved from some Appendices to relevant element

  • Appendix B deleted- now list Assignment Areas in Ch. 3

Manual format structure1
Manual Format/Structure

  • All footnotes incorporated into main text

  • Reporting instructions at start of each record type in Ch. 5 moved to record section in Chs. 2-4

  • Updated language as needed (e.g., replace “SSDT load programs” with “Data Collector file upload process”

Basic student changes
Basic Student Changes

  • Updated options for Race/Ethnicity

    • Split A (Asian or Pacific Islander) into A and P

    • Update country list and/or option name on some options

  • Updated options for Homeless Status element

  • Clarified use of Building IRN and Attending Building IRN- when is district IRN allowed

Basic student changes1
Basic Student Changes

  • No blanks in Accountability IRN (now report ******)

  • Updated K reporting references regarding summer graduates

  • Deleted Corporal Punishment

  • Autism Scholarship Program coding/funding clarified

  • If a Sent To % reported, should report attendance

Basic student changes2
Basic Student Changes

  • Clarified some reporting instructions for new FY09 record types

  • Collect single Grade Level field

    • ODE will not collect UG

    • Replicating processing that took place in aggs prior to FY10

    • For each student

      • If Grade Level not = UG, report current Grade Level

      • If Grade Level = UG, report current State Equiv. Grade Level

    • Kept State Equivalent Grade Level name/position

December child count
December Child Count

  • First year to be based on Special Ed events

    • GE record now reported in all major student periods except G

  • Based on latest IEP event outcome effective on 12/1

December child count1
December Child Count

  • If outcome on latest IEP on record at ODE (FY09N or FY10M) not current LRE on 12/1, can update with new element

    • FN270 Updated December 1 IEP Outcome Element

    • Only reported in December

    • If no change, report **** (R&R TBD)

Related services
Related Services

  • Many 215xxx program codes to be updated

    • Changes in Federal def’n and OAC

    • New descriptions for some codes

    • Some deleted

    • Some new

Final iep meeting event
Final IEP Meeting Event

  • New Date Type- FIEP

  • IEP team meeting that is…

    • Last meeting prior to graduation

    • A new IEP is not completed

    • Student will continue to receive exactly same services for remainder of school year

  • Only Date and Non-compliance (if needed) are reported with this Date Type

Iep consent withdrawn event
IEP Consent Withdrawn Event

  • New Date Type- CIEP

  • IEP is already in effect (IIEP, RIEP, TIEP)

  • Parent revokes consent for student to receive services on this IEP

  • Student no longer special ed

  • Would have to start process at beginning to become special ed again

  • Only report Outcome ID and Date

Preschool se specific
Preschool SE Specific

  • Only DOR reports GE Record

  • If no IEP effective with services as of 12/1, student will not count for unit funding

  • No Split of Itinerant and Center-based

    • Report preschool spec ed teachers on one job

    • Delete 999413 assignment- now all 999412

  • Clarified reporting of PS ineligible students who do not 3 until after school year ends

Other special education
Other Special Education

  • IEEX option gone for RIEP- only need to report exit on RETR

  • 2111xx Transition program codes gone- now only report as part of IEP event

  • 210xxx and 217xxx LRE program codes gone- now only report as part of IEP event

    • If LRE changes (planned or unplanned) after IEP goes into effect, report value as of Dec 1

    • If LRE is changed from what reported in prior year without a new IEP, use new December element

Student home language
Student Home Language

  • New element

    • Required for all LEP and Immigrant students for Federal reports

    • May be same, may be different from a student’s Native Language

    • Much longer list of options- see manual

  • One option correction from draft to final version of manual- Swahili


  • End of the Proficiency Test era… no more 9th grade record

  • Clarify test reporting rules in context of new FS and FD elements

  • Clarified who must report test records- changes for SE coop and Contract Career Tech

  • No OAT Writing and Social Studies administered, so none reported, but options to remain for now…

Career tech
Career Tech

  • Changes in options, as usual, for

    • Subject Codes

    • Industry Assessments (vary by period)

  • Elements on follow-up record will change

    • ODE will still provide file as have since FY08

    • Data provided by ODE will change due to FY09 changes

    • ODE Keys from new database included for reference- no edits by districts

Courses and credits
Courses and Credits

  • Mapping rules clarified- at ODE now

  • Program Builder Code deleted

  • Provider IRN must be a different EMIS reporting entity or ****** (applies to program codes as well)

  • Location IRN can be 999999

  • A few Math & Science subject code changes

Courses and credits1
Courses and Credits

  • Delete Course Type

    • Replaced by elements added in FY09 (Curriculum, Delivery Method, Educational Option, & Student Population)

    • Many business rules updated to show equivalent. Examples:

      • No HQT required if

        • Curriculum is PS, or

        • Delivery Method is CC, ET, or ID, or

        • Student Population is D8, DP, or PR

      • Career Tech courses now Curriculum in format Vx

    • ** no longer valid on new elements- choose best

    • See Appendix Y for suggested crosswalk

Courses and credits2
Courses and Credits

  • Graduation – Core Summary (GC) in K

    • Reported for grade 9-12 students in CW

    • Students who, by status, could earn diploma from district in future

    • Graduation units earned as of start of school year- none of current year included

    • Also report CORE-related elements on FN record

  • Graduation Credit Units (FN130) deleted

  • Subject Area for Credit on Course Master updated to match values for CORE Area Code


  • Removed K language about State Staff ID as optional

  • Staff local ID cannot be 999999999

  • Same Race/Ethnicity updates as for students

  • Master Teacher gone

  • New LEP teacher assignment area (999365)

  • ESP no longer a deduction


  • New: Staff Summer Employment Separation Record (CL)

    • Optional record- can still report via regular Demo and Job

    • Will allow reporting of minimal data needed to show separation

    • Only for total separation from district over summer

    • Will facilitate reporting separated staff when data requirements change from one year to the next

District building records
District/Building Records

  • Master Teacher elements deleted

  • Add Scheduled 1st Day Next Year to Yearend Building for grades 10-12

  • Fewer org types now required to report District records- see manual

Financials h and p
Financials (H and P)

  • Many changes dependent on

    • New FY10 & FY11 budget

    • Implementation of Federal Stimulus Funds

  • Look for updates from ODE School Finance and Auditor of State

  • New Special Education function codes (by grade level)

  • Forecast- two new lines and 532 disclosure all related to Stimulus funds

Changes yet to come
Changes Yet to Come??

  • FY11 Race/Ethnicity changes

    • New Appendix Z- future FY requirements

  • New LREs for Preschool- post-December FY10 optional, FY11 required

  • Possible that ESCs and Community Schools will report the period P (5YF) May submission

  • LEP Status update due to Federal accountability plan?

  • New positions from budget?

  • Other budget-related changes?