Brief explanation about american antiquity citation style
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This is a small presentation about how American Antiquity Citation Style should be used. This is style is extensively used by authors, publishers and students in the archeology and history fields.

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American antiquity citation style l.jpg
American Antiquity Citation Style

  • American Antiquity is a quarterly journal that publishes original papers on archeology of the New World and on archeological method, theory and practice worldwide.

  • The journal is one of the two journals that are published by the Society for American Archeology SAA.

  • The other is Latin American Antiquity.


American antiquity citation style3 l.jpg
American Antiquity Citation Style

  • Latin American Antiquity is also a quarterly journal that only publishes original papers on archeology, prehistory and ethnohistory of Latin America –Mesoamerica, Central America and South America.


American antiquity citation style4 l.jpg
American Antiquity Citation Style

  • The Citation style guide was developed to maintain uniformity in the papers, articles, reports, comments, etc that were being submitted.

  • Both American Antiquity and Latin American Antiquity follow the American Antiquity Citation Style.


A few examples l.jpg
A few examples

The following are some examples which provide an insight into the exact structure of the citation rules and styles.

  • Book: single author:

    Elster, Jon, 1989 Nuts and Bolts for the Social Sciences. Cambridge University Press, New York. Morales Padrón.


A few examples6 l.jpg
A few examples

  • Book: multiple authors

    Hampton, David R., Charles E. Summer, and Ross A. Weber, 1978 Organizational Behavior and the Practice of Management. 3rd ed. Foresman, Glenview, Illinois.


A few examples7 l.jpg
A few examples

  • Book: edited book

    Dibble, Charles E. (editor), 1980 [sixteenth century] CodiceXolotl. Universidad Autónoma de México, México, D.F. McHugh (editor)

  • Book: translation

    Bonavia, Duccio, 1985 Mural Painting in Ancient Peru. Translated by P. J. Lyon. Indiana University Press, Bloomington.


A few examples8 l.jpg
A few examples

  • Book: book or other item, no author

    SCS Engineers, 1986 A Survey of Household Hazardous Waste and Related Collection Programs. SCS Engineers, Reston, Virginia. Secretaría de Programación y Presupuesto (SPP)

  • Article: in a journal

    Ashmore, Wendy, 1991 Site-Planning Principles and Concepts of Directionality. Latin American Antiquity 2:199–226.


A few examples9 l.jpg
A few examples

  • Article: in a journal, group

    The Royal Society Conference of Editors, 1968 Metrification in Scientific Journals. American Scientist 56:159–164.

  • Article: in a magazine, no author

    The Indian Homeland, 1991 U.S. News and World Report. 8 July:27–28.


A few examples10 l.jpg
A few examples

  • Article: in a newspaper, no author

    Weekly Missouri Courier (WMC) [Palmyra, Missouri], 1838 [short description of what is being cited, e.g., "Advertisement placed by J. H. and A. A. Stirman."] 7 July:[page numbers, if paginated]. Palmyra, Missouri.


A few examples11 l.jpg
A few examples

  • Article: in a newspaper, with an author

    Noble, John W., 2002 When Humans Became Human. New York Times 26 February:D1, D5. New York.

  • Article: in an edited book

    Manzanilla, Linda, 1999 Complex Urban Societies in Central Mexico: The Case of Teotihuacan. In Archaeology in Latin America, edited by Gustavo G. Politis and Benjamin Alberti, pp. 93–129. Routledge, London.


A few examples12 l.jpg
A few examples

  • Dissertation or Thesis

    Fritz, Gayle J., 1986 Prehistoric Ozark Agriculture: The University of Arkansas Rockshelter Collections. Unpublished Ph.D. dissertation, Department of Anthropology, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.


A few examples13 l.jpg
A few examples

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