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Student academic plan by team netinfotech

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Student academic plan by team netinfotech - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Student academic plan by team netinfotech. April 30, 2013. Introduction to the Team. Organizational charts. Roles and Responsibilities. Responsibilities. Project manager Mohammad Nuruzzaman To distribute tasks amongst group members and record tasks allocated at the regular meetings.

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  • Project manager
  • Mohammad Nuruzzaman
  • To distribute tasks amongst group members and record tasks allocated at the regular meetings.
  • To provide regular feedback to supervisors and team members.
  • To be available for team members to see when there is a problem within the group.
  • To ensure that the project keeps to the schedule.
  • Risk/QA Manager
  • Karan Jalan
  • To alert team members when a risk is identified
  • To suggest possible solutions for problems arising within the team
  • Suggest a way to prevent the same type of risk from occurring.
  • To identify, assess, manage and document the risks that may occur during the course of the project.
  • Technical Head
  • Paola Morales
  • Database and programming Decisions
  • Code inspections on a regular basis
  • To lead the design and impletion phase
  • Design Architect
  • Manish
  • Produce a design of the software based on SRS
  • Supervise documentation of SADD and SDD
  • To ensure the design is through and easily implemented by the programmers.
  • Dinesh
  • Web developer
  • To deign the interface of the system
  • Web page is up to date
introduction to the project
Introduction to the Project
  • Web based database system to manage academic plans for new and continuing students
  • Budget: $10,000
  • Time: 3 months
client requirements
Client requirements
  • Currently IIBIT uses Microsoft Excel to manage academic plans
  • Web based student study plan system
  • Should retrieve number of students enrolled per course
  • Should retrieve courses taken by a student in current, past and future semester
  • Might retrieve grades of students
project scope
Project Scope
  • Project name- Student Academic Plan System
  • Project Justification
  • Product Characteristics and Requirements
  • Project/Product Deliverables
  • Risk Management
  • Success Criteria
  • Assumptions
project scope1
Project Scope
  • Project Title: Student Academic Plan System.
  • Project Justification:

To establish a administration database system for IIBIT to choose courses for students. The project includes web-based application, login system, database, gantt chart, network diagram, schedule, risk management plan, work breakdown structure, milestone reports, project scope statement and it also includes weekly team meeting minutes, weekly review meetings, change requests and lesson learned, kick-off meetings minutes..

project scope2
Project Scope

Product Characteristics and Requirements:

  • Login functionality is required.
  • The System should be user friendly.
  • Online system should be attractive and time efficient for the users.
  • Course coordinators can choose courses for students for current and future semesters.
  • System should be secured enough to store personal information about students.
project scope3
Project Scope


  • Absence of team members.
  • Lack of communication.
  • Conflict with client.
  • System failure.
project scope4
Project Scope

Project Success Criteria:

  • Come up with a weekly report.
  • Proper communication with team members and work as group.
  • Kick off meetings.
  • To understand your part and work on that as a responsibility and we ready to help each other.
  • Always have a contingency plan for every step.
  • Try to avoid absentism which leads to the failure.
project scope5
Project Scope


  • We assume that the client (Nadil) will be the only user of the system being developed.
  • We assume that we have student and course database for IIBIT.
  • We assume that the client have a user ID and password to login into the system
  • We assume that while choosing courses prerequisites or student background will not be verified.
  • We assumed that system can work all webbrowsers i.e. iexplorer, opera, chrome, firefox, safari so on.
project deliverables
Project Deliverables
  • SDD
  • Test Plan
  • Quality Assurance Plan
  • Risk Management Plan
  • Source and Object code
  • SPMP
  • WBS
  • Status Reports
  • Milestone Reports
  • SRS
  • SADD
development methodology
Development Methodology

Clear Specification….

Waterfall methodology

  • Requirements phase
  • Design phase
  • Implementation
  • Testing
  • Maintenance
requirements and architecture10
Requirements and Architecture


Student Academic Plan system

Course Coordinator


tools and technologies
Tools and Technologies
  • PHP
  • Workbench
  • HTML
  • Dreamweaver
  • Enterprise Architect
quality control
Quality Control
  • QA Manager
  • Product has complete functionality
  • Product meets client requirements
quality control1
Quality Control
  • Procedures
  • Internal Reviews
  • External Reviews
quality control internal review
Quality Control-Internal Review

1. The team or the PM requests an Internal Review.

2. A team member conducts the review.

3. The team will review the document within a time frame set by the PM.

4. The PM will print a hard copy and make suggestions on the hard copy.

5. The PM will contact the client and discuss any quality issues. If the client is not satisfied, the team will be consulted at the next meeting.

quality control coding
Quality Control-Coding

All codes will be clearly commented

quality control approval
Quality Control-Approval
  • All core functional requirements are implemented.
  • All non-functional requirements are satisfied.
  • User documentation has been provided.
  • Test Plan
quality control test plan
Quality Control-Test Plan
  • Functional Testing : Black Box
  • Code Testing: White Box
  • Non Functional Requirements: Performance or reliability
  • Simulation / Load Test
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