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Student Success Team

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The English High School Student Success Team. w. w. Honor…Achievement….Service to Mankind Ms. Ligia Noriega, Headmaster. Student Success Team. Mission Statement. The mission of the Student Success Team is to support students and their families in order to

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The English High School

Student Success Team



Honor…Achievement….Service to MankindMs. Ligia Noriega, Headmaster

Student Success Team

mission statement
Mission Statement

The mission of the

Student Success Team is

to support students and their families in order to

remove emotional and social obstacles

to ensure student success and a happier life.

welcome to the student success team
Welcome to the Student Success Team;

As teachers, you are in the trenches everyday, working with students to inspire them to fulfill their potential. You know your students best: what challenges them, what excites them, and what trips them up. Research tells us that a positive relationship withone caring adult can be one of the most influential protective factors for at-risk students and often that positive relationship is with a teacher. You are likely a person students feel comfortable sharing problems with, and there have probably been many times when you have had to work with a student and his/her family to resolve an issue. However, sometimes working out a problem may need further support, and at this point a referral can be made for Student Success Services through the SST E-Referral Form on the EHS website. The social worker assigned to the student will contact you in a timely manner to continue the referral process.


Student Success Coordinator

Maria Gonzalez-Baugh

Guidance Counselors

Social Workers

Health Services


Anne Minichino

Mary Lenihan

The English High School

Student Success TeamSY 2013-2014

9th,10th &11th Grade

Sophia Viglas

9th & 11th Grade

Noemy Vides

The English High School




10t & 12tth Grade

Christina Kim

ALL Special Needs Students, Overage and 12th Grade

Mark Sullivan


Brookside Teen Health Center

Intensive Support Program

Diplomas Now

Communities in Schools

City Year

Family Coordinator

Sandra Mcintosh

Deans of Discipline

Mario Monroe

Hector Negron



  • Increases the opportunity for student success by affecting all areas of student development
  • Improves the school’s relationship with the community at large
  • Provides students and their families with greater access to a broad range of services
  • Decreases the stigma associated with mental health/social services
  • Creates a cost-effective system to deliver support services
  • Provides schools with access to services from agencies at no additional cost to the system (e.g., consultation, grants supported programs)

SST Referral Step by Step

  • You and /or your student have identified a problem and the student’s family has been contacted to gain their support in resolving the issue.
  • You have spoken with the student and parent and told them that you are seeking additional support for them.
  • Fill out an SST E-Referral Form on the EHS website.
  • Note: One suggestion for intervention is “Teacher Consultation.” Perhaps the identified concern is one that you would like to work on directly with the student , but wish to brainstorm with a Student Success Team Member before meeting with the student. Maybe you are concerned about a whole class and would like to discuss ideas about how to approach an issue. If you need to do so please request a meeting with any SST member.
  • The SST member brings the referral to the Student Success Team and discusses with the team the best supports for the student. Additional referrals for services may be made at this time.
  • The SST member assigned will follow up your referral.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE:The student support and nurse’s office also provide crisis intervention and follow up of chronic issues. If you are worried that a student is suffering a medical, emotional, or psychiatric crisis, please immediately escort the student to the Social Worker on your floor. Examples might include suspecting that a student is suicidal or suspecting a student is under the influence of substances.


E-Referral made to Student Success Team

Assigned social worker will contact referral source

Social Worker consults SST

Student support services are identified

No parental consent required

Parental consent required by school

Consult with other agencies involved with the family

Child is connected with services

Follow-up with referral source

Services are monitored by team

crisis response protocol
Crisis Response Protocol
  • Refer students and staff in need or affected by an incident to Social Workers, Ms. Viglas, 9th , 10tth and 11th grades, room 553; Mr. Sullivan, ALL Special Needs Students and 12th grade, room 404. Mrs. Gonzalez-Baugh, room 222, or Nurse Minichino and Nurse Lenihan, room 237.
  • Please escort student in crisis at all times.

3) Outside providers will be also available thru the Student Success Office.

Guidelines for students and staff:

  • In talking to students after a crisis, staff should give only concrete accounts of the events and avoid detailed recounting of the event, so as not to further traumatize students.
  • A number of students will need space to process what they’ve been through, but we need to be careful that they do this in a safe environment and in a way that does not expose other students to additional trauma.

The Student Success Team will be available to teachers and students:

  • To offer the support you need such as help talking with your students, someone to talk to, or time to discuss concerns about students.
  • To identify students who may be at higher risk-- these may be students who witnessed the event, students who knew the victim or anyone involved in the incident, students who have been exposed to multiple traumas, students exhibiting signs of increased stress, students with a history of mental health concerns, etc.

We will continue to meet with, individual students who have been identified as being at higher-

risk. We can look at who may need longer-term care. i.e. individual counseling and/or coping


academic interventions
  • Guidance Conference
  • Progress Reports
  • Report Card Conferencing
  • Parent Conferences / Home visits
  • Referral to community academic support programs
  • SST members meetings with Teachers
  • Classroom Presentations
  • Credit Recovery / Twilight Program
  • Warning Notices
  • Senior Notices and Individual Meetings
  • Senior Audit
  • After school tutoring
  • MCAS Prep Tutoring
  • Supplemental Education Systems
  • S.A.T. Prep
  • City Year Course Coaching
  • Achievement Academy
  • Write Boston Writing Center
social emotional interventions
  • Regular Check-ins
  • Parental Contacts / Home visits
  • Collateral Meetings (DCF, Probation Officers, Therapists, Social Service Agencies)
  • Meetings with Teachers
  • Student Mediations
  • Attendance Referrals to Court
  • Mental Health Safety Assessments
  • Individual and Group Counseling
  • Intensive Support Program (ISP)
  • Communities in Schools Case Management
  • Attendance Initiative
partners at ehs
Partners at EHS
  • Brookside Teen Health Center
  • City Passages Mentoring
  • Compass (Intensive Support Program)
  • ABaC
  • Uspires
  • Private Industry Council
  • Generation Excel After School Program
  • Boston Scholar Athletes (TheZone)
  • Diplomas Now
    • City Year
    • Communities in Schools