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Academic Team

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Academic Team
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Academic Team

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  1. Mrs. K. Fiermonte, Club Activities, Advisor Bee Sharps Academic Team Click any icon for more information Ebony Culture Club Computer Science Club The BEACON Science League Latin Flavor Dance Group Future Problem Solving Program Jr. State of America Polish Cultural Society Skating Club Latin Club Mock Trial Science Club Knitting Club Italian Club Spanish Club BAYONNE H.S. Activities & Clubs Sweet Harmony Rod & Reel Club Karate League National Honor Society Yearbook STEPPERS Table Tennis Club Art Club Forensics Club S.P.H.E.R.E. French Club Environment Club Poetry Club Student Self Advocacy Team DECA VIDEO YEARBOOK Physics Club Peer Leadership Photography Club Math Team Drama Club Middle Eastern Cultural Society Ambassadors Student Council Astronomy Club Christian Alliance Web Site designed by the Computer Science Club Special thanks to Mrs. P. Kaczka for her assistance Chess Club Future Business Leaders of America Updated as of 11/01/08

  2. Academic Team Mr. Len Granowitz, advisor The Academic Team provides an opportunity for BHS students to compete in interscholastic tournaments during the school year. Students will compete in academic matches against other secondary schools throughout the state. BHS students are afforded the chance to meet and interact with their peers in different communities. The team is open to all BHS students. RETURN

  3. Ambassadors The Ambassadors are a service club at BHS. The club is totally student driven. The Ambassadors volunteer their time for functions such as 8th Grade Orientation, Back To School Night, and Open House, just to name a few. The club is open to students who know their way around the school and can give direction to visitors as well a parents. They also participate in visits to elementary schools. The club meets in room 212 Maryanne Giovinazzo, advisor RETURN

  4. Art Club This is an Art Advocacy Club that promotes art experiences and selected art activities to club members and to the student body in general. Members are expected to participate in all activities of the organization and make every effort to attend all meetings. Membership shall be open to any full-time students enrolled in BHS who is interested in the purpose of the organization. The club meets in the Visual Arts & Design Studio in House 1, room A-13 (below House 1 Office) at 2:45 every Wednesday unless otherwise noted. Mrs. C. Poruczynski, advisor RETURN

  5. Astronomy Club The Astronomy Club will introduce you to the universe and all its wonders. Join the club and see the stars! Listen to the morning announcements for time and place of meetings. RETURN Mrs. A. Fencik, advisor

  6. Bee Sharps Male students in Grades 9-12 audition and the strongest are accepted The group performs for school functions including pep rallies, concerts, etc.. The group meets on Mondays at 8:00 AM in room 319 and Tuesdays from 2:45-3:30 in room 401. Mrs. L. Megale, advisor RETURN

  7. Chess Club Chess is a game that enhances a person’s thinking ability in a logical, precise, and imaginative way. It also develops patience, tolerance, and self control. Above all, it improves critical thinking skills and academic performance. The participation in the Chess Club requires students to have or be in the process of finishing their service learning hours. The Chess Club meets in Room 225 at 3:00 PM. Mr. C. Ennis, advisor RETURN

  8. Christian Alliance Students who can play an instrument can be part of the band. The club opens up with singing and different activities are planned. Students participate in skits, reading passages, topic discussions, and games. The club meets every Tuesday in room 319 from 2:50-3:30 PM. Mrs. L. Megale, advisor RETURN

  9. DECA DECA, the Distributive Education Clubs of America, is an organization established for marketing students. It is an organization made up of students taking Business courses to later pursue a career in the Business profession. Membership is only open to juniors and seniors who are enrolled in a Business class. Ms. I. Pyke, advisor RETURN

  10. Drama Club The BHS Drama Club presents 2 major productions each year, a comedy/drama and a musical. Auditions are held previous to each production and club members participate in performances, set design and execution, lighting and sound, as well as developing public relations and ticket sales. No previous experience is necessary. This is an extra-curricular activity and meets after school, evenings, and at times weekends. Mr. T. Craig, advisor RETURN

  11. Ebony Culture Club The Ebony Culture Club provides an opportunity for students to learn of the historical contributions made by African Americans, to lend assistance toward higher academic achievements, and to experience African-American cultural events together. Membership is open to any student attending Bayonne High School. Meetings are held every Tuesday in room 234 immediately following school. Mrs. K. Goines, advisor RETURN

  12. Future Business Leaders of America The Future Business Leaders of America is an education association of students preparing for careers in business and business related fields. Students attend leadership conferences and compete with other schools in their favorite business subjects. Students taking business subjects, grades 9-12, are encouraged to join. Meetings take place in room 205 every Wednesday at 8:00 AM. Mrs. M. Hooper, advisor RETURN

  13. Forensics Club Students participate in a number of debating competitions including the Lincoln-Douglas debates. Students refine their debating skills during different practice sessions. Students are expected to attend practices after school and do research on various issues. The club meets weekly after school in room 350. Mr. M. Freizer, advisor RETURN

  14. French Club The French Club works with the SPHERE club to improve the high school experience of its members. Its purpose is to learn about the French culture and how its related to the rest of the world. Its members also help to plan the Diversity Fair, where France and the French speaking countries may be represented. Club activities include an Adopt-a-Homeroom Program, Diversity Fair, Forums (group discussions), and Partnership with Seneca High School. The French Club meets in room 108 every Friday at 2:45 PM. Mrs. V. Wendroff, advisor RETURN

  15. Future Problem Solving Program The goals of this competitive program are to refine students’ critical and creative thinking skills, teamwork, and communicative skills. Teams are presented with a challenge (30-50 years in the future) that requires research, analysis, development of solutions, and an action plan. The program is open to bright, energetic, ambitious students. The program meets weekly from September thru February. Meeting extends into May if team qualifies for the State and International Bowl. Mr. J. Rodrigues, advisor RETURN

  16. Italian Club The Italian Club offers many opportunities for its members. Membership is open to any student interested in learning the Italian culture. Activities include participating in the Columbus Day Parade, Natale Party, Carnivale Party, and more! Members must attend at least 6 meeting and participate in one activity. Meetings are held in room 113 every Monday at 2:50. Mr. P. DiIorio, advisor RETURN

  17. Karate League The Karate League operates much the same as any club; however we also enter competitions, hence the name, Karate League. Membership is open to any student at BHS interested in martial arts. All styles are welcome, although our head instructor is a master in the Isshin Ryu style of learning. Members or Karate Kas learn basic exercises, blocks, strikes, etc., and various self defense techniques. When ready, they learn Kata or forms and are exposed to sparring. Also, of prime importance is the education they receive in the traditions and history of the Orient and this beautiful art. Workouts are every Wednesday at 3:00 PM in the auxiliary gym of the BHS Community Education/Physical Education Center (ice rink). Even though we practice throughout the school year, you may choose to enroll for a specific season (fall, winter, spring Mr. J. Whitaker, advisor RETURN

  18. Knitting Club Students will learn how to knit. Knitting materials and yarn, attendance, and an interest in knitting are the requirements for this club. The Knotting Club meets every Monday in room 4247 from 2:45 – 3:30 PM. Ms. D. Hurley, advisor RETURN

  19. Latin Club The Latin Club promotes the Latin language, culture, and civilization. We strive to improve our English language skills, and to understand Rome’s influence on government, religion, art, and literature in our country and globally. The students make posters, watch videos on Rome, visit restaurants, and go on trips. Membership is open to all BHS students. Club meets xxxxxxxxxxxxxx TBD, advisor RETURN

  20. Latin Flavor Dance Group Students will learn routines and cultural dances to be performed at different activities in school such as the Diversity Fair, the Talent Show, Hispanic Heritage assembly, and the Bayonne Hispanic Day Parade. Professional training is not required. Students must show some dancing ability and aptitude. The group meets after school on Thursday and Friday Mrs. A. Haytas, advisor RETURN

  21. Math Team The Math team meets and competes in contests sponsored by the New Jersey Mathematics League. The Math Team is open to any student with the desire to be challenged with mathematical problems. The team meets in room 255 during period 0. Ms. B. Hotra, advisor RETURN

  22. Middle EasternCultural Society Any student interested in learning about Middle eastern culture is welcome to attend meetings. Club members have the opportunity to actively participate in and acquire knowledge concerning various aspects of Middle Eastern life. Students can expect food, entertainment, games, music, and/or discussion to be incorporated in each gathering. Every meeting is a celebration of Middle Eastern culture! Meetings are bimonthly and take place in room 109. Specific date to be announced. Mr, J. Collins, advisor RETURN

  23. Mock Trial Students role play lawyers, witnesses, and jurors in an actual court case. The students participate in the Hudson County Mock Trial Competition in February with a chance to advance to the state competition. Students are expected to attend Mock trial practice and know their role on the team. The students meet every Saturday morning from 9:00 AM until 12 noon in the multipurpose room in the ice rink. Mr. M. Freizer, advisor RETURN

  24. National Honor Society The National Honor Society of Bayonne High School is made up of honor roll students who have a minimum overall average of 85 or better. Students may apply for membership in the beginning of their junior or senior years. The acceptance process which seeks approval of candidates by their teachers and vice principals culminates in the Induction Ceremony where official recognition is given to their status. Meetings are called as necessity dictates. Many members serve as tutors for their fellow students. Members also serve in various capacities during the school year. The National Honor society meets in room 329. Ms. J. Mckenna, advisor RETURN

  25. PEER Leadership Peer Leadership is a program that strives to develop the leadership potential in students by teaching them communication skills, decision making skills, team building skills, and conflict resolution skills. The group is open to all BHS students by application. It is a full time commitment that all members must meet every week for training for 1.5 hours. Attendance is required; only 2 missed meetings are allowed. Sports team members are excused during the season. Meetings are every Thursday in the South Cafeteria from 2:40 until 4:30. Mr. S. Yurchak, advisor RETURN

  26. Photography Club The photography club will allow interested students to extend their knowledge of photography outside the classroom setting. Group activities, photo shoots, and fund raisers will be arranged for all members. Students will need access to a camera, either traditional or digital. Photo expedition field trips will be planned during the year. The photography club meets once a month to be announced by flyers and announcements. Mrs. C. Meluso, advisor Mr. T. Hart, advisor RETURN

  27. Physics Club The Physics Club provides a place for students to explore, learn, and discuss topics in Physics which are not covered in the typical high school class. These include Quantum Mechanics, Relativity, Nanotechnology, Astrophysics, and modern advances in science and technology. The club will meet as per morning announcements in room 109 after school to perform experiments, watch related movies, or have group discussions. Field trips to museums and other places of interest can be scheduled by participating members. The club is open to all Bayonne High School students. Mr. J. Collins, advisor Mr. J. Wyatt, advisor RETURN

  28. Poetry Club The poetry club will introduce the world’s greatest poets and their masterpieces to students. The club plans field trips to the homes of famous poets and landmarks and restaurants frequented by writers. We also enter various poetry contests held by universities in the tri-state area. Meetings are held on a monthly basis in room 221. Mrs. D. Zervoulis, advisor RETURN

  29. Polish Cultural Society The Polish Cultural society of Bayonne promotes Polish-American heritage in the high school. It encourages knowledge and appreciation of Polish culture and history. Major activities include participation in the Pulaski Day Parade, an evening of Polish Poetry, Polish 3rd of May, Constitution Day Commemoration, Christmas “Oplatek”, and activities as suggested and planned by student members. The Polish Cultural Society meets on Wednesdays after school in room 254. Mrs. J. Davidowski, advisor Mr. A. Szposzynski, advisor RETURN

  30. Rod & Reel Club The purpose of the Rod and Reel Club is to make its members aware of different aspects of fishing and how itv relates to the environment. The context of our meetings consists primarily of fishing techniques and tactics for the beginner as well as the advanced angler. Each year the club usually takes a trip in the spring for fresh water fishing. Due to great demand in the past to join the club, membership will be given on a first come first serve basis starting with seniors. The club meets in room A-18 on a monthly basis. Mr. J. Pondillo, advisor RETURN

  31. Computer Science Club The purpose of the computer science club is to provide the students with assistance topics as covered in the Introduction To Technology and any other topic they desire. The club will be exposed to real life project experience. The club will work on projects for BHS administration and staff as needed. An example is this activities web page. The club worked on and completed it for the activities office. The club meets once every month in room 320 on alternating mornings and after school. Mr. P. Cappello, advisor. RETURN

  32. Science Club The science club is a club for anyone who enjoys science and likes too look at the world in a scientific way. Activities include science demos, experiments, and games not typically done in class or supplementary to what is done in class. Informal tutoring and peer help is available. You must attend at least 2 meetings. Activities include science demos, games, and one or two field trips. Meetings take place in room 238 or 340 twice a month. Ms. M. Aloia, advisor Mr. J. Wyatt, advisor RETURN

  33. Science League The Science League participates in science test-taking competitions between New Jersey schools. Schools are ranked by performance on written exams. Awards are earned for excellence. In order to participate, a student must be enrolled in either CP Biology, Honors Biology, or AP Biology. The Science league runs from January through May. Meeting dates are set by each advisor and vary according to schedule. Mrs. H. leviv, asdisor Mr. J. Collins, advisor Mr. J. Wyatt, advisor RETURN

  34. Skating Club The BHS Skating Club meets once a week (except during hockey season) at the Physical Education/Community Education Richard Korpi Ice Rink from 5-6PM. Participating in the Skating Club is a great way to become physically fit and learn skating techniques at the same time. The club is open to all high school students. Rental skates are available if you don’t own your own. Mrs. D. Liana, advisor RETURN

  35. Spanish Club The purpose of the Spanish Club is to promote the Spanish language, culture, and history. We are a club that encompasses a diverse group of enthusiasts of the Spanish language and of Hispanic cultures. We strive to improve our language and skills and cultural understanding of Spanish speaking countries. A student must be enrolled in one of the various levels of Spanish classes at BHS to be a member of the Spanish Club. Some of the activities the Spanish Club participates in are the Pinata celebration, BHS Homecoming Parade, Spanish Honor Society, Mardi Gras celebration, World Language Week, Diversity Fair, and field trips. The Spanish Club meets twice a month on Wednesday after school on room 248. Mrs. M. Appel, advisor Ms. L. Martinez, advisor RETURN

  36. S.P.H.E.R.E. The Society for the Preservation of Humanity and Equal Rights Education is an activity that is dedicated to improve the high school experience of its members. The students plan discussion groups and talk about issues such as: diversity, respect, understanding differences, etc. The club also plans and executes the yearly Diversity Fair where the World Language and ESL students showcase their different countries. The group participates in Adopt-A-Homeroom Program, Diversity Fair, forums, and Partnership with Seneca High School. SPHERE meets every Friday at 2:45 pm in room 108. Mrs. V. Wendroff, advisor RETURN

  37. BHS Steppers The BHS Steppers is a step team at Bayonne High School that performs throughout the year at various activities. They participate in local parades and homecoming pep rallies. They also perform for half-time entertainment at boys and girls basketball games. The BHS Steppers have competed in many step competitions throughout the State of New Jersey and have gained recognition for their precision. The BHS Steppers won the title of NJSAA State Champions for the 2006/2007 season. The Steppers practice on Mondays from 3 to 5 PM; Wednesday and Thursday from 5 to 7 PM in the South Cafeteria. Ms, T. Parker, advisor RETURN

  38. Student council To lead and to serve – these are the prime objectives of the Student Council. Bayonne High School Student Council follows these objectives as closely as possible. The organization consists of an elected Executive Board and homeroom representatives. The Executive Board meets every Monday after school and tries to meet with the representatives once a month. They are involved with fund raising for various charities on the local and state levels. They are affiliated with the New jersey Association of Student Councils and several past officers have held positions on the state level. One of our major school sponsored events is Homecoming. This is held each fall and involves many activities. The Council also participates in monthly leadership meetings concerning student issues. Support your school and be part of it.! Ms. J. Jensen, advisor Mrs. H. Natoli, advisor RETURN

  39. Sweet Harmony Sweet Harmony is a female group of students who sing at school and community events. They also perform at concerts and competitions. Students need to audition to see if they qualify to sing with the group. Students sing in 3 to 6 part harmony. They sing from Madrigal to contemporary music. The group meets on every Tuesday in Room 319 and every Thursday in room 401 from 2:50 – 3:30 PM. Mr. V. Hrechynsky, advisor RETURN

  40. Student Self Advocacy Team Learn self advocacy from the ground up. Laws affecting student rights to a free and appropriate education are highlighted. Advocacy and public communication are incorporated into presentations at state colleges and Rutgers University. Activities include presentations to parents, student groups, and college advocacy groups. To be a member you must be motivated to communicate and interact with diverse student populations. Meetings are held in the Child Study Team Resource Center and every 2nd Wednesday of the month. Mr. L. Steinman, advisor RETURN

  41. Table Tennis Club The Table Tennis Club is open to all Bayonne High School students. Students compete against each other in both singles and doubles games. Tournaments are held during the winter months. To become a member, a student must have signed up for the Random Drug testing Program. The Club meets every Wednesday after school in the auxiliary gym in the ice rink. Ms. C. DeMaria, advisor RETURN

  42. Yearbook Each September the staff of the yearbook sit down and search for a theme that suits the current graduating class. This will be the preparation for the yearbook. The staff is selected on a first come first serve basis. The staff is involved in producing the book from cover to cover. This includes layout of all pictures, copywriting, and editing all material. The work is hard, the hours are many, but the reward is great! If you are interested, listen to the morning announcements for information on sign up and meeting time and place. BHS 1981 Mrs. L. Kawalek, advisor Mrs. A. Fencik, advisor RETURN

  43. Video Yearbook Members learn the fine points of video production, writing scripts, camera operation, audio, lighting, remote and EMG production, post production (to include editing), and how to work when in front of the camera. Club requirements: willingness to learn, ability to give as well as follow directions and/or instructions. The club meets Mondays and Wednesdays at 2:45 PM in the Video Yearbook section of the Activities Room. Mr. J. Burton, advisor RETURN

  44. Environment Club A non-partisan student organization dedicated to the understanding of challenges facing planet Earth, the potential solutions, and how each student can make a difference The club meets the first Tuesday of every month, after school in room 111. Mr. A. Kuziola, advisor RETURN

  45. The BEACON The Beacon is the school’s on-line newspaper publication. Students interested in researching and composing original article in the departments of in and around BHS, the community, teen interest, entertainment, health, and world view work independently under the guidance of the advisor to produce publishable work. Club requirements are strong writing skills and an interest in journalism. Students seeking membership should have an average of above 85 in their English courses. The club meets in room 300. Meetings announced according to club needs. Mrs. J. Waller, advisor RETURN

  46. Junior State of America Chapter at Bayonne High School JSA is a club to spread political awareness around BHS. We have thought talks, listen to guest speakers, watch political movies, and go to events which will help us become better leaders in today’s society. Club requires a $3.00 due, attend 75 % of meetings, interest in politics, 70 average, and any grade level. Club meets in room 305 after school every other Thursday. Mr. C. Mellows, advisor RETURN