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  1. Animation is a 2D or 3D art work of moving images. From the past till now animation has gotten better because of the graphics. animation! An example of animation is the sharhr-I sokhta which around 5200 years of age. The first flip book was created by John Barns Linnet in 1868. BY:HoangAlexJessicaand Christie!

  2. Looney Tunes! Looney Tunes was created by Leon Schlesinger . Bugs Bunny is the most famous Looney tune character.

  3. Bugs bunny was created by Tex Avery. The voice of Bugs bunny is Mel Blanc. Bugs Bunny was created in 1940. Bugs Bunny! Looney Tunes - 1963 Bugs Bunny, Road Runner & Wile E. Coyote „ Hare-Breadth Hurry - 7 F03.

  4. The Simpsons was created by Matt Groening. the simpsons Dan Castellaneta plays the voice of Homer, Grandpa, Krusty the clown, groundkeeper Willie.Julie Kavner plays the voice of Marge ,Patty and Selma.Nancy Cartwright plays the voice of Bart ,Nelson, Ralph, Flanders and more.Yeardley Smith plays the voice of Lisa.Hank Azaria plays the voice of Moe, Apu, Comic book guy, Dr Nick and more.Harry Shearer plays the voice of Mr Burns, Smithers, Ned, Lenny, Principal Skinner and more!

  5. Family Guy was created in 1999 Family Guy! The main characters and their main parts are as follows: Seth MacFarlane: peter Griffins,Stewie Griffins, Brian Griffin, Glenn Quagmire and additional voices Alex Borstein: Lois Griffin and additional voices Seth Green: Chris Griffin and additional voices Mila Kunis: Meg Griffin Mike Henry: Cleveland Brown, Herbert and additional voices Seth MacFarlane Family Guy was cancel in 2000 and 2002 but DVD sales and cartoon net

  6. Sponge Bob was suppose to be called Sponge boy but the name was already used. Sponge Bob! Sponge Bob square pants was created by Marine biologist and Stephen Hillenburg. Tom Kenny plays the voice of Sponge Bob. Sponge Bob is a sea sponge and he is a drawn character.

  7. futurama! Futurama has a total of 88 episodes Futurama was created by Matt Groening. Futurama has a total of 5 season and 88 episodes Philip j fry (Billy West) Leela (Katey Sagall)Bender (John DiMaggio) Professor Hubert (Billy West) Dr Zoidburg (Billy West) Amy (Lauren Tom) Nibbler (Frank Walker)