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Websites for Sports Clubs PowerPoint Presentation
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Websites for Sports Clubs

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Websites for Sports Clubs
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Websites for Sports Clubs

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  1. Websites for Sports Clubs Fully functional Websites allowing easy management of content, players and teams a MUST for clubs with more than 200 active members CalfordGreen Consulting

  2. Sections of Your Website • Public Pages Available to all • Online Registration for Members • Online Sales of Club Merchandise • Team Managers & Coaches Area • Club Admin Area • Player, Team and Age Management • User and Security Administration • Club Email Facilities • Product Administration • General Webpage Administration • Downloads Section • Numerous Reports • “20 second” Imports and Exports CalfordGreen Consulting

  3. Sections of Your Website • Public Pages Available to all • Online Registration for Members • Online Sales of Club Merchandise • Team Managers & Coaches Area • Club Admin Area • Player, Team and Age Management • User and Security Administration • Club Email Facilities • Product Administration • General Webpage Administration • Downloads Section • Numerous Reports • “20 second” Imports and Exports According to FFA, our system is the ONLY FFA approved “Self registration” system used by more than 1 club All of these sections are purely optional CalfordGreen Consulting

  4. Increase local sponsorship by providing improved sponsor awareness Latest News is automatically available on the website as soon as you enter it Pop Out Menus from all pages makes navigation easy for almost everyone Wet weather or other important announcements are automatically updated with a clickable link for more information CalfordGreen Consulting

  5. Different Website designs are available at an extremely cheap price CalfordGreen Consulting

  6. CalfordGreen Consulting

  7. To maintain your website point your browser to the admin section Then enter your User ID and Password (which is encrypted and secure) Only club officials have access to the admin functions Of course you can change your password whenever you want to CalfordGreen Consulting

  8. You can Add new pages and easily edit existing ones User Admin function allows authorised Administrators the ability to add, modify or delete users from the System as well as change their privileges Maintain your “club contacts” and have your website updated automatically Club Emails section allows you to send emails to all your members in one go, or just a subset of members, such as U14s, a select number of teams, all team managers etc. News and Events are easily managed with Menus being updated automatically Maintain the information you display to players as they register online And of course keep a track of how many people visit your site each day or month Full and EASY Administration of Players, Teams and Age Groups CalfordGreen Consulting

  9. OK, lets go for User Admin to start CalfordGreen Consulting

  10. When you Create a UserID, if you don’t specify a User Name then it is auto generated as FirstName.Surname This is the User Admin function, slightly squashed to fit the image on a single page…. You can either give a person full access to the whole system or you can restrict their access to only certain functions and information. An Age Manager can be given access to all Age Groups, 1 Age Group or a few Age Groups CalfordGreen Consulting

  11. Editing Pages Next to look at are the General Web Page Editing Facilities CalfordGreen Consulting

  12. List of Pages to Edit This screen lists all the Pages available for update. Depending on your security settings you may only have access to some pages Click the Page Name to Edit the page Click the Bin to Delete a Page Click the “H” icon to list details of the Page History CalfordGreen Consulting

  13. Page Editor As you can see, the online editor is full of features Images/Photos can be easily added with just a few mouse clicks CalfordGreen Consulting

  14. News & Events are updated similar to General Page Admin except they are slightly more structured Next, Player Admin is a section to it self so let’s look there next CalfordGreen Consulting

  15. There are a LOT of functions within the Player Admin section making it extremely comprehensive and streamlining volunteers workloads If an Age Manager only has access to a certain Age Group then they will see (and have access to) only those Age Groups Manage Players Manage Teams You can reduce the players displayed by using these options, very useful for player registration days Export data to other systems or MS Excel or MS Access etc If we run the Associations system as well then exports are completely automatic and the association has a number of additional functions Manage Other Functions such as Age Groups, Schools, Club Emails and more And of course produce dozens of reports to help you manage CalfordGreen Consulting

  16. Next Slides will discuss Age Group Admin CalfordGreen Consulting

  17. List Age Groups Creating a new Age Group is very simple Here you can easily see all the Age Groups you have set up Click the dustbin to delete an Age Group Click an Age Group to Edit it’s details CalfordGreen Consulting

  18. You can open and close Online Registrations as a whole, or close Online Registrations for just a few Age Groups as they fill up Your club might want to call the Age Group something different than the association does…. This is the Edit An Age Group Screen You can specify different prices for Students and Non Students Min and Max ages is useful if for clubs that allow players to play up an age group And you can specify if the Age Group is Mixed, Female only or Male only Adding Age Group Managers makes emailing them a very easy through the built in email system CalfordGreen Consulting

  19. Next you can maintain School information CalfordGreen Consulting

  20. List of Schools Edit and Delete Schools easily This screen gives you a count of the number of players attending each school School information is very useful as it can allow younger players to be grouped together CalfordGreen Consulting

  21. A couple of functions that aren’t shown in this presentation but are VERY useful are “Teams Needing Players” and “Players not in a Team” If a club wants it, we can set it up so that a player is only considered current IF AND WHEN they have paid…..!!! The next few slides show the various Team Admin functions CalfordGreen Consulting

  22. Notice on this screen The U10 Age Group is selected and so only U10 Teams are listed Managers, Coaches and Refs are displayed OPTIONALLY you can allow each team to have their own WebPage, managed in the TeamManagers section Click on this icon to see (and upload) photos of players in this team The 2nd screen will show you Managing Players within the Team The Next screen shows editing the Teams Details CalfordGreen Consulting

  23. This is the Team Details Edit Page You no longer have to stick the associations formal team name. Now you also have more friendly team names should you wish to Keep track of Kit Bags Manager and Coaches are important as these are used by them to log in to the “Team Managers” section It is important to specify correctly the Min & Max numbers of players in the team as these are used to guide Player/Team Allocations CalfordGreen Consulting

  24. These tell you how many players are in the team and the Min & Max players allowed This Screen Allows you to Manage Players in a Team all in one go List of Current Players. Tick the box to remove the player from the team List of Players “Available” in the Age Group that could be assigned to this team You can easily Manage All players in the team and Update it in one go CalfordGreen Consulting

  25. Team Match Reports You can also see (and Edit or Insert) a list of Match Reports submitted by Team Managers each week Click on a Report to see the details CalfordGreen Consulting

  26. This is the Match Report program taken from the TeamManagers section CalfordGreen Consulting

  27. The next few slides deal with Player Administration And register New Players quickly and easily especially if from the same family You can obviously Update Current players You can also re register a player that played a couple of years ago or that has left the club You can very easily Re register any player that played last year. CalfordGreen Consulting

  28. In this example I am re registering only last years U10 players As each player is re registered so this list shortens as it only includes players that haven’t already re registered!!! When you click on a Player you go to the Player Admin screen which gives you access to all the player details CalfordGreen Consulting

  29. Player History This is the Player History Screen This screen shows all the Updates made to the player since the player joined the club Only fields that have been updated are shown together with who made the update and when CalfordGreen Consulting

  30. The final part of the Player Admin Section is the Player Reports These reports are designed to make general administration much easier for the clubs It seems for most clubs, 2/3rd of the clubs players register online and of those, 2/3rd pay online Some very interesting reports we can produce when we look after the association data…. One report lists all the comments made by players at Registration making the management of this slightly easier to deal with We will gladly provide additional reports if a club needs them, or you can download the data in a CSV format and produce your own reports As you can see there are a large number of reports, some that can be reported on for specific Age Groups, or all Age Groups CalfordGreen Consulting

  31. Number of Players in Teams Convenient Link to the program that reports Unassigned Players…. This report lists all the teams showing the Min, Max and Actual numbers of players in each team Note that each team is “clickable” which will list all the team members If a team is “outside” of the Min or Max limits, the field is shown in red so you can spot straight away any issues CalfordGreen Consulting

  32. Visitors Per Day This is the HIGHEST number of CONCURRENT visitors in the day This report gives details of how many people visit your site each day This is the TOTAL number of visitors per day (not page views, each visitor would have viewed at least 1 page) CalfordGreen Consulting

  33. The Final area to look at in the Admin section is the Club Emailing Facility CalfordGreen Consulting

  34. List All Emails This screen lists all the emails written by the club Click an Email to Edit it (which is similar to the General Page Editor) Click the Bin to delete the Email And Click the Envelope to Send the Email, details of which are on the next screen CalfordGreen Consulting

  35. Send Email This is the program used to send emails to club members – The options are extensive You can select one of many Age Groups and/or Teams to send to This is the best part of the Email System – you can automatically send INDIVIDUAL emails to all sorts of subsets of your members (including players registered but not yet paid!!) You can send a “Test” email first which will send you an email with a list of all the players that will receive the email when sent for real…. CalfordGreen Consulting

  36. You can also use our Control Panel to set up Email Aliases so that club officials (including Team and Age managers) don’t have to give our their personal Email addresses and members don’t have to worry about remembering them!!! Email Forwarders CalfordGreen Consulting

  37. Club Config allows the club to control a large number of features, which includes allowing Teams to have their own WebPages, turning Online Registrations on and off, level of email address protection (to stop spammers) to name a few Product Admin section enables selling merchandise via your online shop CalfordGreen Consulting

  38. Product Admin Menu There is a simple sub menu which doesn’t need much explaining CalfordGreen Consulting

  39. Product Admin When you add or modify a Product you can supply as much info as you see fit Obviously many products have slightly different attributes but are fundamentally the same (such as colour, size and price) And there is a section lower down to add a full description plus photos CalfordGreen Consulting

  40. Details of Orders And once the Order has been sent or collected, you update the status here It will show you the full name, address, phone number and Email of the customer Payment Status is noted here Details of the Product(s) bought CalfordGreen Consulting

  41. This is the logon screen for Team Managers and Coaches. Either via or a link from your website) Enter the Team Password Enter your email address here (this is stored in the Team Admin section And select your team from the drop down box CalfordGreen Consulting

  42. This is the main menu for Team Managers & Coaches. Functions within this area are expected to grow as clubs streamline their processes CalfordGreen Consulting

  43. Send Emails Managers and Coaches can send emails to their team or other Managers & Coaches in the same Age Group without having to find out (and personally maintain) their email addresses CalfordGreen Consulting

  44. Online Registration New and Existing Players can register or re register Online saving your Volunteers a huge amount of work Once a player is registered, if their details change they can go back and maintain their own details very easily again saving the club volunteers large amounts of work CalfordGreen Consulting

  45. Register Online Once a player has registered, this link becomes “active” so the player can either register another member of the same family or Arrange Payment Or register here if they are new to the club Returning Players can re register here Most of the first page is completely updateable by the club admin so you can display any information you want This link just displays details of your registrations fees CalfordGreen Consulting

  46. Re Register Verification If a returning player knows their Association RegID or their FFA ID they can enter it here Or they can simply enter their name and Date of Birth CalfordGreen Consulting

  47. Re Register Verification And if they can’t remember their password at all they can request to have it automatically reset and sent to the email address on file If they enter valid details they are then asked for their password to continue If they choose to give themselves a “Hint” this is displayed also CalfordGreen Consulting

  48. At this point, registering a new player and re registering an existing player are very similar, except for a player re registering their details are already entered so they just need to modify what has changed Register Online The player just enters their DOB and sex and the system will work out what Age Groups they can play in, based on the information in the Age Group Admin (if they are eligible for multiple Age Groups then they will be given a choice as to which Age Group they want ie O35 or AA men). Players can note any medical issues they have so the club knows about them The rest of this page is on the next slide, unfortunately it is too squashed to fit it all on one slide!! Fields in Red are Required, Blue are Optional CalfordGreen Consulting

  49. This is the bottom half of the Online Registration Page Email Address is important, but members CAN opt no to receive club newsletters and the like via email as per Privacy policies Players can enter additional information to help the club. Some clubs use the Parent Occupation information for offering new business should the club need a service And there is online help along the way, which is fully customizable in the Clubs Admin section And of course the player HAS to accept the clubs Rules and Codes of conduct in order to register!! CalfordGreen Consulting

  50. Red Fields are Required to be completed and if not an error is generated listing all the errors, plus the fields in error are highlighted CalfordGreen Consulting