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Change 4 Life School Sports Clubs PowerPoint Presentation
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Change 4 Life School Sports Clubs

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Change 4 Life School Sports Clubs - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Change 4 Life School Sports Clubs. C4LSCs. Representational Sport Pathway. Club to School. NGB Clubs. Sport England. Satellite Clubs . School Clubs. Youth Sport Trust. Varied Menu of Afterschool Activities. Curriculum Physical Education. School to Club. C4LSCs Concept and Principles.

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Presentation Transcript

Representational Sport Pathway

Club to School

NGB Clubs

Sport England

Satellite Clubs

School Clubs

Youth Sport Trust

Varied Menu of Afterschool Activities

Curriculum Physical Education

School to Club


C4LSCs Concept and Principles

  • - Is ‘owned’ by young people and the school
  • Happens once a week
  • Takes place regularly at the same time and place beyond the current OSHL provision (not replacing)
  • Planned and delivered across the whole year
  • Expectation that there is some sort of subscription and affiliation/ membership
  • It includes coaching and an element of competition
  • There are opportunities for young
  • people to lead and volunteer (50%
  • workforce are young people)
  • Has a brand/name


  • £850 start up grant
  • £250 coaching scholarship voucher from the NGB
  • Branding Pack - to promote the clubs and stimulate demand
  • Sport Specific Equipment package from the YST for each club
  • Young Leaders Pack
  • C4LSC Web based Toolkit to help SSPs establish, develop and deliver activity within the clubs.

Roles & Responsibilities

YST– develop, implement and manage club network. Monitor, evaluate and report in delivery

PDM – identify which schools will host which sports (linked to EPD), maximise the impact of other SSP work

SSCo/FESCO– lead the development and implementation of individual clubs, secure facilities and build into the school sport programme

SE – support NGBs with Lottery application and the opportunities to connect the clubs to the outcomes of 09/13 plans

NGB– provide sport specific knowledge and input to the YST on the development of the club concept, manage the coaching scholarship element, strategically consider the implications for wider club and workforce development

CSP – support NGBs and clubs at a local level to respond to the expected increased demand for places in the future, helping SSPs with coach recruitment



Sport School Clubs

Badminton 15

Boccia 3

Fencing 4

Handball 11

Table Tennis 12

Volleyball 6

Wheelchair Basketball 1

Total 52







Where next?

Action Planning