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Exchange Student Course Registration Guide! PowerPoint Presentation
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Exchange Student Course Registration Guide!

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Exchange Student Course Registration Guide!
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Exchange Student Course Registration Guide!

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  1. Exchange Student Course Registration Guide! An animated explanation by Eric Carl Van Gorder

  2. “Hi! I’m Amy Mabery, your international student advisor at UNCW! I’ll help you register for your classes this semester!”

  3. Bill, an exchange student from Germany, has decided he wants to take Biology III. He tries to register online using SeaNet. “Why won’t this darn computer let me sign up for Biology III? I know I already took Biology I and II!”

  4. “Wait! I have an idea.”

  5. “I’ll take all of your course requests…I know exactly how to fix this!”

  6. After collecting all of the course requests… “Hello Dr. Shafer! Mary, Joe, and Bill would all love to take your Biology III class.”

  7. “I always love it when students are interested in my class! However, SeaNet says that these students don’t have the credentials required to take Biology III….”

  8. “Professor, these students are Exchange Students! Their transcripts aren’t in the UNCW system, so I brought you paper copies. I assure you that all three of them are well prepared for your class.”

  9. “Very good, very good! I’ll give them permission to add my class.”

  10. Meanwhile… • November 4th – 4th year students register • November 8th – 3rd year students register • November 11th – 2nd year students register • November 14th – 1st year students and exchange students register

  11. Nov 14th – Exchange Student Registration! “It’s 10:30 on November 14th! Time to get those students into their classes.”

  12. “I’ve finished the students’ time tables!”

  13. Sally ended up being enrolled in Biology at 9:00 AM.

  14. Sally decides to contact her professor to try to make the change (See pages 11-12 of Pre-Arrival guide). “Thank you for contacting me, Sally! I can tell from your paper transcript that you are prepared for the class. I’ll enter permission for you to register for the 2pm section.

  15. In December, when class registration reopens, Sally is able to switch into Dr. Shafer’s 2:00 section of Biology III.

  16. “By working together with me, you have the best chances of getting into the classes you want to take at UNCW!”