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Post-registration Events Agenda PowerPoint Presentation
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Post-registration Events Agenda

Post-registration Events Agenda

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Post-registration Events Agenda

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  1. Session Number 19What’s New in Banner StudentPart B – Post-registration EventsAntonio Trepesowsky: BSFC CalB SGHE Brent Johnson: Senior Consultant Banner UDC

  2. Post-registration EventsAgenda • 8.0 Mass Entry—Admissions, General Student, Registration, Graduation • 8.0 Incomplete Grade Processing • 8.0 SSB Graduation Application • 8.1 Athletic Compliance • 8.1 3rd Party Processing • 8.0 FLAC—Faculty Load And Compensation • 8.0 Catalog Extract and Load • 8.0/8.2 Student Internationalization • 8.0 Manual Roll of Curricula • (IPEDS update and CAPP XML output)

  3. Mass Entry Forms 8.0 • Improves and reduces data entry of Admissions and General Student information • Adds a standard set of mass entry forms for Search, Update Criteria and Search Results • Provides ability to use population selection • Adds ability to send student letter • Audits mass entry usage • Finds and displays all updates, successful and not successful • Holds mass update later for batch

  4. Mass Entry Forms 8.0 • New Mass Update Forms Have Been Added • Admissions Mass Entry Form (SAAMAPP) • General Student Mass Entry Form (SGAMSTU) • Registration Mass Entry Form (SFAMREG) • Mass Entry Audit Form (SOAMAUD) • 8.1 Mass Entry Athletic Compliance Form (SGAMSPT) • Existing Academic History Mass forms updated • SHAMDEG, SHAMDIP, SHAMUDI, SHAMCAT, SHAMUCA • New Reports/Processes • Process Mass Entry Report (SORMEBP) • Purge Mass Entry Audit Process (SOPMAUD)

  5. Admissions Example...

  6. Here is an admissions mass update page. Enter query data or PopSel information…

  7. Enter what you want to update on the records for the population selected…

  8. Select All or subset of the records. Submit for immediate update or hold for batch update later.

  9. Updates are made and Messages are noted for any errors encountered on each record.

  10. Registration Example...

  11. Similar functionality for Registration. How about Mass Add/Drop or swap sections of registered students from 8am to the 2pm class?

  12. Enter the Block, Adds, or Drops you want to make. In this case, we are DROPing a CRN for all students.

  13. Error checking for the changes you are making???

  14. In this example, I will drop on 1 of the 5 students to show how it works…

  15. Notice the Messages show only the record I selected was updated.

  16. Audit Trails anyone?

  17. What was targeted for updates?

  18. Who was updated?

  19. Incomplete Grade Processing 8.0 • Automates the process for incomplete grade changes based on institution-based policies and practices • Allows Registrar to define default permanent grades and time limits • Converts incomplete grade automatically in permanent history records after time expiration • Displays default grade and expiration date on administrative grading forms • Optionally, allows instructor to specify default grade and date for specific courses • Provides Student with Self Service view of expiration date and default grade for all incomplete course work

  20. Incomplete Grade Processing 8.0 • New Forms • Incomplete Grade Rule Form (SHAINCG) • Changed Forms • Term Control Form (SOATERM) • Class Roster Form (SFASLST) • Class Attendance Roster Form (SFAALST) • Grade Code Maintenance Form (SHAGRDE) • Course Maintenance Form (SHATCKN) • New Reports & Processes • Incomplete Grade Process (SHRCINC) • Changed Reports & Processes • Grade Roll to Academic History (SHRROLL)

  21. Which grades are used in Incomplete Grade Processing along with their default grade when the incomplete is not fulfilled. .

  22. Date for default grade extension – may be changed by instructor. .

  23. Create Incomplete Grade Rules

  24. Instructor assigns an Incomplete or “I” grade to a student

  25. Page appears to change the default grade or change extension date if permitted.

  26. There is a summary page for the instructor to view all Incomplete grades assigned.

  27. Grades are rolled.

  28. Incomplete Process Runs and updates records…

  29. Records are updated.

  30. SSB Graduation Application 8.0 • Enables Student to submit intent to graduate information so graduation evaluation and plans can be initiated • Provides ability to apply and view graduation application on line • Configures rules to control applications to graduate via Student Self-Service • Provides the ability to submit and pay fees for an application to graduate via Banner Student Self-Service • Saves graduation application information for re-use • Adds new option to roll learner curriculum to outcome

  31. SSB Graduation Application 8.0 • New Forms • Graduation Application Status Validation Form (STVGAST) • Graduation Application Display Rule Code Validation Form (STVGADR) • Self Service Graduation Application Display Rules Form (SHAGADR) • Graduation Application Display Rule Selection Form (SHAGADS) • Graduation Application Eligibility Rules Form (SHAGELR) • Graduation Application Form (SHAGAPP) • Changed Forms • General Student Form (SGASTDN) • Student Course Registration Form (SFAREGS) • Degree and Other Formal Awards Form (SHADEGR) • Archived Learner Curriculum Query Form (SOIHCUR) • New Report/Process • Roll Learner to Outcome Process (SHRROUT)

  32. Determine what types of graduation applications are available.

  33. Determine dates of graduation and when applications are available.

  34. Determine Eligibility Rules for receiving graduation applications.

  35. Determine who gets targeted which application.

  36. Can manually create a graduation application; create in batch; or student can apply from self-service.

  37. Student can see their graduation application online after it is entered.