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Background. We manage over 350 units in a wide range of areas from the most affluent communities to the most difficult Founder, Scott Gray, is native to Colorado Been in property management since 1977 Consistently maintains 95 % occupancy Affordable 8 % management fee

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  • We manage over 350 units in a wide range of areas from the most affluent communities to the most difficult

  • Founder, Scott Gray, is native to Colorado

  • Been in property management since 1977

  • Consistently maintains 95% occupancy

  • Affordable 8% management fee

  • Accredited BBB Company with A+ Rating

  • Seven full time maintenance staff

  • Seven full time licensed brokers


What can we do for you!

Bruin manor apartments 49 units
Bruin Manor Apartments49 units

  • 2011 Mid-Year Statistics

  • (through 5/31/2011)

  • Over 20% vacancy

  • $2,014.98 in delinquent tenants for March 2011

  • Gross Income: $99,774.02

  • Net Income: $13,532.09

  •  Owner was receiving on average $2,706.42 per month for 49 unit complex

Bruin manor apartments 49 units1
Bruin Manor apartments49 units

  • 2012 Year to Date Statistics

  • (through 5/31/12)

  • 4% vacancy

  • $36.99 in delinquent tenants for March 2012

  • Gross Income: $101,332.33

  • Net Income: $34,621.07

  • Owner is now receiving on average $6,924.21 per month for 49 unit complex

  • Cornerstone increased net income by over 250% in less than one year

What does this mean
What Does this Mean?

What Does This Tell You About Cornerstone?

Low vacancy

  • Cornerstone prides itself in maintaining a company wide economic vacancy rate of at most 5%.

  • Minimal economic vacancies ensure the highest returns for our owners

    • What's Our Secret?

  • Availability

    • - Consistent focus on returning all leasing calls within 24-hours, including weekends

    • State of the art property management software

    • - Buildium Management Software provides professional, fast, and easy to use marketing at no additional cost to our owners

Disciplined rent collection
Disciplined rent collection

  • “There is no excuse for not paying your rent on time!”

  • Our tenants understand that Cornerstone is firm, but fair. Paying rent late will only increase what they owe and cause the tenant more problems

    • What's Our Secret?

  • Must start the legal process early!

  • - If a tenant is behind, you must begin the process

  • We can’t stop until the tenant is paid in-full!

    • - If they can’t get caught up, the tenant will need to move so that a responsible renter can be found as soon as possible.

Bruin Manor: less than $40 in delinquent rent

March 2012

Minimize expense

  • Our maintenance technicians are paid based on the work they do NOT how many hours it takes them to do it!

  • Cornerstone provides a detailed spreadsheet that incentivizes our maintenance technicians to work quickly, efficiently, and never “milk” a unit turn or work order.

  • What's Our Secret?

  • Allow us to turn a unit and find out!

  • (If we shared all our secrets today, what do you need us for???)

Cutting edge technology

  • Cornerstone’s use of advanced property management software keeps us a step ahead of our competition

  • Detailed Reports - All available online 24/7 in real time

    • -Including: Rental Owner Statement, Rent Roll, Rent Paid, Income Statement (Profit/Loss), Delinquent Tenants, etc.

Property management software marketing
PropertyManagementSoftware– Marketing

  • Cornerstone offers a variety of marketing tools that makes searching for our properties fast and user friend

  • Marketing on Craigslist and our website, in addition to more traditional methods, makes Cornerstone properties easily accessible to any and all interested parties


  • While we can advocate our position, often times our current clients still say it best:

  • “I wanted to put in a mention for Cornerstone and specifically Saul Levy. Honestly, I cannot say enough good. We have a total of six rentals into service with Cornerstone’s help. Saul Levy is top notch. Even before we have signed a contract, he has went immediately to work to find someone who wants to rent. Usually a company says they will respond within 24 hours. Saul responds within an hour most of the time. His service and help is nothing short of outstanding. His service has been professional, immediate and backed with results. Working with him helps an investor move forward with much less stress and time spent putting an investment into service. He makes it his mission to give immediate personalized attention. Cornerstone will continue to be the company we go to and Saul will always be the person asked for.”

  • --Scott Lauckner

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  • Cornerstone strives to manage YOUR units like they are OUR own

  • - Low vacancy

  • - Disciplined rent collection

  • - Minimized expenses

  • - Cutting edge technology

  • With constant dedication, immense attention to detail, and strict enforcement of policies and lease terms, Cornerstone strives to achieve the absolute best results for all our clients.