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Enduring Understanding Themes

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Enduring Understanding Themes. Maps August 13-14, 2012. First Five . Agenda Message : Vocabulary Quiz is set for Tuesday, August 21 st . Standard: Location affects a society’s economy, culture, and development. E. Q. for Monday, August 13

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enduring understanding themes

Enduring Understanding Themes


August 13-14, 2012

first five
First Five

Agenda Message: Vocabulary Quiz is set for Tuesday, August 21st.


Location affects a society’s economy, culture, and development.

E. Q. for Monday, August 13

Identify the main benefit of maps and list four elements, which are necessary to read and understand them.


400North Latitude is in which hemisphere?

800 West Longitude is in which hemisphere?


A globe is a three-dimensional representation of the earth. It provides a way to view the earth as it travels through space.

But since the earth is round, we can see only one-half of it at any time.

As a result, for some tasks, globes are not very practical because they are not portable.


People prefer to use maps, which are

two-dimensional graphic representations of selected parts of the earth’s surface.

The advantage of maps is that they are portable.

The disadvantage of maps is that distortions occur in flattening the earth’s surface to create the map.


Reading a Map

Most maps have the following elements, which are necessary to read and understand them.

  • Map Title: The title explains the subject of the map and gives you an idea of what information the map conveys.
  • Compass Rose: The compass rose shows you the north (N), south (S), east (E), and west (W) directions on the map. (It may also show intermediate directions such as NW, NE, SW, and SE.)
  • Map Labels: Labels are words or phrases that explain features on the map. Examples include names of countries, oceans, seas, rivers, etc.
  • Legend: A legend or key lists and explains symbols and use of color on the map.
  • Latitude Lines: These are imaginary lines that measure distance north or south of the equator.
  • Longitude Lines: These are imaginary lines that measure distance east or west of the prime meridian.
  • Scale: A scale shows the ratio between a unit of length on the map and a unit of distance on the earth.
  • Symbols: Symbols represent such items as capital cities, economic activities, or natural resources.
  • Colors: Colors represent a variety of information on a map. The map legend indicates what the different colors mean.

10.Grid: Grids are sometime provided to help you find a place on the earth’s surface.


11. Map Index: Is usually provided with grids. It helps you locate places on a map. Places are shown in alphabetical order along with their grid reference.

first five1
First Five

Agenda Message:

Homework assignment! Have your parents email me at louis.smith@douglas.k12.ga.us, make sure they include your full name, and that they identify which period that you are in my class.

Standard:Location affects a society’s economy, culture, and development.

E. Q. for Tuesday, August 14th

What are the three basic types of maps and what do they show?


Using the map of the U.S.A. on page 32 of the “Upfront” magazine what is the absolute location for the City of New Orleans, Louisiana?


Types of Maps

Topographic maps:

Show natural and man-made features on the earth. (Also known as general reference maps.)

Political maps:

Show boundaries of countries or states.

Thematic maps:

Emphasizes specific information, such as climate, types of vegetation (plant life) or population density.



  • Maps represent all or part of the earth’s surface.
  • Maps show information through lines, colors, shapes and other symbols.
  • Maps help us locate places, measure distances, and plan trips.

Summary cont.

4. Maps main advantage is that they are portable.

5. Maps main disadvantage is that by placing the round earth’s surface on a flat map causes distortions.

6. Three types of maps that we will use this year are Topographic, Political & Thematic maps.


New Vocabulary Words (14)

Globe Grid

Maps Map Index

Map Title Map Colors

Compass Rose Map Symbols

Map Labels Map Scale

Map Legend Political Map

Topographic Map Thematic Map


Find the following countries:

  • 20o N/50o E
  • 30o N/60o E
  • 40o N/40o E
  • 20o N/80o E
  • 40o N/100o E
  • 30o N/70o E
  • 30o S/10oE
  • 0o/30o E

Find the following countries:

  • 300 N/300 E
  • 400 N/1400 E
  • 100N/200 E
  • 00/ 100 E
  • 200 N/ 1000E
  • 300 N/ 800 E (Name of Mountain Range)
  • 100 N/ 900 E (Name of Ocean)
find the map coordinates
Find the Map Coordinates

Find the Countries Find the Ocean/Sea

  • 300 S/ 100 E 1. 200 N/ 600 E
  • 400 N/ 400 E 2. 400 N/ 00
  • 300 N/ 700 E 3. 100 S/ 400 E
  • 200 N/ 500 E 4. 100 N/ 900 E
  • 400 N/ 1000 E 5. 200 N/ 1200 E