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Understanding Structure to support themes PowerPoint Presentation
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Understanding Structure to support themes

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Understanding Structure to support themes
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Understanding Structure to support themes

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  1. Understanding Structure to support themes

  2. Do Now Analyze the media clip; determine how the author/creator’s structure of clip develops the theme. (Be sure to name the theme & provide text evidence).

  3. Mini-lesson • Strong readers analyze the structure of a text to understand how the author develops the theme.

  4. Remember.. • Theme and structure revolve around • Character • Problem • Idea • Event

  5. We Pay Attention To.. • Paragraphs • Stanzas • Lines • Word Choice (Specific Words) • Scenes • Author’s Craft (Style, Techniques, Tools)

  6. Model The yellow one from the bakery smelled like a cream puff- she followed us home. We buried our faces in her sweet fur. One cat hid her head while I practiced violin. But she came out for piano. At night she played sonatas on my quilt. One cat built a secret nest in my socks. One sat in the window staring up the street all day while we were at school. One cat loved the radio dial One cat almost smiled.

  7. ACTIVE ENAGEMENT • Name & explain the theme of the poem. • Name the crafts the author use & cite evidence to support.

  8. Model Writing • What do we need? • Topic sentences • Point (structure- line, paragraph, craft etc.) • Evidence/Example • Second Point – (structure) • Evidence/ Example • Closing

  9. Live Writing

  10. Everyone is different and this is what makes us unique. Naomi Shihab develops this underlying theme of individuality in her poem ”Every Cat Has Its Own Story”. The structure of the poem supports the theme because each stanza introduces us to a new cat with a different personality. For example, in stanza 1, it states “the yellow one smelled like cream puff and followed us home” and in stanza 3 it states that the cat “built a secret nest” these lines show how one cat is affectionate while the other cat seems to be protective.Another way the author’s structure helps develop the theme is through the last few lines of the poem. She writes “one cat loved the radio dial” and “one cat almost smiled” Once again these lines contrast the different qualities of each cat. Through each stanza and through her descriptions Shihab develops the idea that everyone is different and unique in their own way.

  11. Independent Practice • In an extended response, explain how the structure of the poem helps develop the theme of hope. Be sure to look at the model to help guide you through your writing. • Remember that structure is HOW the author designs the ideas (lines, stanzas, scenes, word choices, etc.)

  12. Summary • Evaluate your response 1-4. Explain why.


  14. Mini_lesson • Strong readers analyze a text by understanding the author’s structure and style.

  15. What is Structure? • Structure- the parts of a writing- • Sentences • Stanzas • Paragraphs • Scenes • Chapters • Poem • Non-Narrative

  16. What is Style? • Style- the kind of writing that is represented. • Tone • Imagery • Flashback • Foreshadowing • Point of View • 1st person • Symbolism • Theme • Irony

  17. You always read about it: the plumber with the twelve children who wins the Irish Sweepstakes. From toilets to riches. That story. Or the nursemaid, some sweet lady from Denmark who captures the oldest son’s heart. From diapers to Dior That story. Or a milkman who serves the wealthy, Eggs, cream, butter, yogurt, milk The white truck like an ambulance Who goes into real estate And makes a pile. From homogenized to martinis at lunch. Once the wife of a rich man was on her deathbed and she said to her daughter Cinderella: Be devout. Be good. Then I will smile down from heaven in the seam of a cloud. The man took another wife who had two daughters, pretty enough, but with hearts like blackjacks. Cinderella was their made

  18. THINK ABOUT STYLE Author’s choice of setting and point of view: How does setting impact the text? In what point of view is the text written? Why did the author choose this particular setting? Mood? Tone?

  19. Independent Practice • Read the poem. Determine the structure and style of the poem. • Determine any craft work you notice the author has used. • Determine the theme of the poem and how it is developed.