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Contacting Watch Systems PowerPoint Presentation
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Contacting Watch Systems

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Contacting Watch Systems
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Contacting Watch Systems

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  1. Contacting Watch Systems • • JonathanRobertsVPOperations/ • • • • RobinSmithImplementations985-871-3943 • • DavidBacheminProceduresandTraining985-871-5112 • • BrettPooleCustomerSupport985-871-8110 •

  2. Logging In & User Management 1.Software download Go to download the OffenderWatch client. • User Names/passwords 1-30 characters. These may be shared or user-specific. Shared logins are recommended for Read Only users. • User Rights Admin, Read/Write, Read, Verify only& Non- Publish.

  3. Adding Offenders • Follow the Add an Offender Wizard. • An easy step by step guide designed for working directly with the offender. • Most fields are optional. (Note: Other than the “Registration #”,“Status fields” and “Offender Name,” you do not have to populate every field, however every field is searchable) • Typical fields – general info, aliases, physical, photo, scars/marks/tattoos, addresses, vehicles, employment, offenses, comments, verification cycles, email/IM addresses, etc. • Fields that may be published on the website include: Name, Age, Race Weight, Eyes, City, Zip, Work, School, Vehicle, Scars/Marks/Tattoos, Offenses, Reg #, Aliases, Sex, Height, Hair, Address, State, Temporary Address, Professional Licenses, Volunteer Address, Photo, Comments, Victim Info, Victim Age, Victim Relation, Victim Notes, Incarcerated Status, Victim Juv/Adult, Victim Gender, Victim Race, Open Warrants.

  4. Editing Offenders • Click on “Offender Search” tab • Color-coded, scrolling list of offenders appear on the main OffenderWatch page. Can be customized using Status Codes. Right Click offender to edit • Double/Right Clicking on the offender brings up the Edit Offender screen. • Edit is designed to make quick and easy address changes. • Add Multiple addresses to (work, school, volunteer, home, temporary and other) • More fields can be tracked that are not available in “Add Offender”. (Associates, Warrants/Probation, Internet, FBI #, State ID #, More Work/School/Volunteer Info separated, Weapon Info, Multiple Photos, Fees, Intelligence Images, etc.) • Keeps history on existing addresses.

  5. Investigative Searching Cascade the search criteria 6ft tall, black Ford pickup, cross tattoo • Every field is searchable. • Search ranges- like Height and Weight where exact values are unknown. • The search allows you to Map, Print Thumbnail lists, Print reports, or Export the Results. (note: Print list exports to an excel spreadsheet.) • Include your agency offenders plus offenders from adjoining jurisdictions. Radial Searches Enter any address and see offenders who live or work within X radius of the address that meets any criteria selected. Obtain a map that you can navigate by clicking and dragging your mouse.

  6. Postal & Email Notifications Save time and money! Get paper, postage, and a full address list for the cost of a 1st class stamp Right click offender and select “mailing estimate request” Generate a mailing estimate Generate a mailing estimate based on home or work address, see number of addresses and amount of mailing. Address lists are updated quarterly Email request to Watch Systems We will provide sample card to approve, print and address flyers and you will receive an email verification for your mailing • View mailing history (Amount, date, Offender info & # of pieces) in OffenderWatch. • Weekly Invoices and Audit Database with 2 years of mailing history. • Receive a CD of the year’s mailing list for a small fee.

  7. Re-Registration & Verification • Create and Monitor up to 5 cycles, such as annual, semi-annual, quarterly, and monthly (the standard for Adam Walsh Act compliance). • Customize your cycles based on your state or county laws. • Select offenders to be verified by zone, district, responsibility, date range. • Display the list of offenders and click ‘Verification Calendar’ to display offenders on the Calendar. (Past due offenders appear in red) • Right click an offender’s name select edit verification • Print Calendar- Use print screen and copy and paste calendar into word. (note: print calendar in offenderwatch coming soon) • Print Offender profiles for all offenders due for compliance checking in the field. (Verification requests are designed to be printed and signed by the offender) • Search Verifications by date range, responsibility, zone, type, and status. • Verification Status is set to show individual status on offender based on their ver. Cycle whether he is “Updated – not verified”, “Requested to be verified”, “Verified – ok”, or “Verified – AWOL”.

  8. Protected Areas • Agency must send protected address lists to Watch Systems to set up and test; they can be either • address points (mailbox to mailbox) • parcels (property line to property line) • Usually includes schools, day cares, parks, churches, libraries, etc (based on local laws). • Customize the radial for prohibited sites • As offender address is saved, if the address violates a buffer, the registration officer is warned – you may view the map of the offender address with the protected addresses.(Feature is located under “Utilities” as “Address Checker”) • If an offender doesn’t have restrictions, ignore the warning message (Ex. Offenders who are “grandfathered in”) • Maintain your database by sending Watchsystems updated lists for prohibited sites. Most common updates are bi annual or annual updates.

  9. Utility Functions 1. Backup Data Backup Data any time, from export button, in desired format. (OffenderWatch can successfully be used to update other databases, i.e. RMS Databases) 2. Reach Tool Verify distance between any two points by entering the offender’s address and the school or citizen’s address. The distance is displayed in feet and miles. 3. Safety Buffers/Prohibited Sites Verify distance between offender address and nearest protected address. (The agency can send their list to Watch Systems for updates on an annually, bi-annually, quarterly, or monthly basis) 4. Map Updates Quarterly, add-in your county GIS files if desired, geo-code support. 5. Special Recipients Used to notify by email (or optionally via mail) if the offender moves within the specified radius, the city, or the county. The admin user has the ability to add, edit, and delete these; or Watch Systems can maintain them. 6. Zones Typically used to categorize and organize offenders into beats, districts, and regions. The admin user can add, edit, and remove these.

  10. Public Access • Offenders set to active/published in your database are accessible to the public via your customized web portal. • Display fields are customizable by Watchsystems and is organized by offender tier level. Also, agencies must call/email Watch Systems to have this information changed. • Citizens only see minimal offender information, such as demographics, offense, photo and address. (this is the default) • You may take current offender mug shots and upload to OffenderWatch as often as you wish. • Also, OffenderWatch supports multiple photos of anything from drivers licenses and passports to tattoos and mug shots( note: on the primary photo is displayed to the public via portal web access.)

  11. From Sheriff Web Site to Portal OffenderWatch provides a public access portal for citizens to search and view offender data with mapping, email alerts and much more. Watch Systems will email sample website links that you can use on your site. Sheriffs place a link on their home page that links to the OffenderWatch portal. ( use icons to make searching and signing up easy for your citizens, contact watch for samples) The look and feel of the portal is designed to match your existing website. Every portal is hosted by OffenderWatch!

  12. OffenderWatch Portal Site OffenderWatch web portal provides: • Personalized agency graphics and banner. Its also a great way to show the Sheriff or Agency is protecting the public. • Community Safety Tips. (printable flyers to pass out at functions, schools, etc.) • Neighborhood maps and offender profiles. (available to the public) • Email alerts – no limit to how many addresses a citizen can confidentially register. Citizens will receive automatic alerts from the Sheriff or Agency. • Slide presentation that discusses local offender law and how the agency is enforcing the law. (complete with statistics from the Dept. of Justice. It is useful for demonstrations) • View number of email recipients at any time

  13. OffenderWatch Wrap-Up • Download software from (note: you may need to have someone from your IT department download the software if you have trouble) 2. User ID’s & passwords Email a list or simply setup an admin user who can then add, edit , and delete users. 3. Review offender data Bad geocodes, Safety buffers (if using). Bad geocodes are designated with the triangle symbol. Most common bad geocodes are due to misspelled words. We strongly recommend reviewing your data cautiously before going live. 4. Residency Restrictions If using, send Lists, also lists of schools/day cares for notifications. Data maintenance can be performed locally with the admin user or you can send Watch Systems a list to update. 5. Training/Retraining Visit our website and join in on our weekly online trainings, or call us for a price quote for onsite training!