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Great Introductions

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Great Introductions. Do Not:. Introduce yourself as the author Say “My paper” or “This paper” Begin with “I am going to write to you about.…” Professional writers DO NOT do this!. Do:. Hook your reader with an interesting statement that will make him or her want to keep reading.

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Great Introductions

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do not

Do Not:

Introduce yourself as the author

Say “My paper” or “This paper”

Begin with “I am going to write to you about.…” Professional writers DO NOT do this!



Hook your reader with an interesting statement that will make him or her want to keep reading.

State your thesis so readers will know what the paper will be about.

Add just a few details about the topic that will keep things rolling without giving too much away.

Use transitions to help the writing flow (within the introduction AND throughout the paper!)

Use vivid sensory language to challenge, mystify or surprise the reader.

open with facts

Asthma, a condition that affects the lungs, is a disease that many people, the majority of whom are children, suffer from. Asthma is most commonly thought to be hereditary. This disease can be fatal if it is not taken care of immediately; however, with medical technology today, mild asthma is more of a nuisance than a life-threatening disease.

Open with facts.

begin with a question

Have you ever wanted to make a birthday cake for a loved one? Well, it is easy to make a simple birthday cake. All you'll need is a little time, love, and a few items from the grocery store.

Begin with a question.

start with an anecdote or story

It was the first day of kindergarten and I was a nervous wreck! Kindergarten was heaven now that I look back on it. We got to take naps in class, go out to recess, and we didn't have to write biographies. My first school was called Atonement Lutheran school. My teachers name was Mrs. Niska and she was one of the nicest teachers I've ever met.

Start with an anecdote or story.

hint at your thesis

People of the world all have different personalities, but some are similar in nature. Not only do your actions reveal a lot about you, but your friends reveal just as much. I know that different aspects of my personality are more dominant with certain people. Two of my best friends, Amanda and Tim, are very different from each other, although both have sparkling personalities.

Hint at your thesis.


1,500 people on the Titanic died, but two dogs on board survived. Monkeys yawn when they are angry. Aliens are living among us.

Startle the reader with a shocking statement.

begin with an interesting quote

“Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game,” Michael Jordan once said in reference to basketball, but the same could be applied to life. “I strongly feel there are three key societal members who can make a difference. They are the father, the mother and the teacher.” In saying this, Abdul Kalam seems to suggest that teachers are as important to the development of a child as his or her parents.

Begin with an interesting quote.


Five-minute challenge:1. Choose one to three ways from these examples to introduce your expository essay.2. Write one to three sentences that would be a good opener for your expository essay. 3. Be ready to share one of them with the class.

do not1

Do Not:

Bring up new ideas

Simply restate your controlling idea (thesis)

Begin with “In conclusion,” or “As the essay shows”

Include evidence, facts or other things that should be in the body of the essay



Rephrase the controlling idea (thesis), but with a fresher and deeper understanding

“Wrap up” the essay by summarizing the main points

End on a positive note

Make the reader happy they read your paper

Good Conclusions may also:

Refer back to the opening line, the one that “hooked” the reader

Feature a witty moral that sums up the meaning of the essay

creating an awesome ending

Creating an awesome ending:

Topic Sentence

Fresh rephrasing of controlling idea

Supporting sentences

summarize the main points

Closing sentence

Final words that tie back to the intro


In 1866, one of America’s most memorable citizens was born. Her name was Annie Sullivan. Annie Sullivan did not have a very good childhood. She grew up in a home for the blind because her eyesight was damaged by a childhood illness. Annie Sullivan was an extraordinary woman. She had a harsh childhood but did not pity herself. Instead, she made the most of herself and never gave up on something she wanted to accomplish. Annie Sullivan is a great role model for anyone!





Most people find it difficult to tell the difference between a frog and a toad. They normally mix them up. Although they seem so similar in appearance, frogs and toads certainly have numerous dissimilarities as well.Frogs and toads do seem similar, but they have several different qualities regarding shape, size, color, and texture. So it makes sense that many people would mistake one for the other. However, as all TCU fans would probably agree, it’s important to know the difference!



Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder that I struggled with for much of my high school years. My classmates at Riverview High School knew about my disorder, and it affected the way they treated me. After I transferred to Madison High School as a junior, I decided not to tell anyone at that school about my eating disorder because by then I was recovered. Even though my friends at Riverview and Madison all showed concern for me, their approaches differed greatly, especially in lunchroom behavior, conversation, and opinions about my personality and character.My days as an anorexic taught me about life and how to be a better friend. I learned to appreciate the simple things in life like hanging out with friends and what true character is. To those who tried to help me, I owe a great debt; I appreciate the people who helped me to see that there is more to life than having an eating disorder.