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Team SPIRIT of the Koala Project VOLT Final Presentation PowerPoint Presentation
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Team SPIRIT of the Koala Project VOLT Final Presentation

Team SPIRIT of the Koala Project VOLT Final Presentation

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Team SPIRIT of the Koala Project VOLT Final Presentation

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  1. Dustin Fishelman, Dylan Cooper, Joao Mansur, Anthony Anglin, Thomas Jefferies, Colin Harkins, StarteyaPais, Andrew Trujillo 12/11/12 Team SPIRIT of the KoalaProject VOLTFinal Presentation

  2. Mission Overview • Mission Statement- • Determine the feasibility of atmospheric flow over the BalloonSat to create angular velocity. Which in turn runs our generator. • The BalloonSat will attain an altitude near 30km and collect environmental sensor dataand pictures.

  3. Design Overview • Flight Tube will be attached to box with ball bearings, allowing the box to spin • Airflow across the surface of the box and the fins will spin the box • A magnet will be attached to the flight tube, allowing it to spin within the box • The magnet will spin within coils of wire, generating a current in the wire

  4. Design Overview • A GO PRO camera will film the flight • A Canon Camera will capture images during flight • Temperature Sensors will record both internal and external temperature during flight • A humidity sensor will record humidity during flight • A pressure sensor will record pressure during flight • A 3Axis Accelerometer will measure acceleration in the X, Y, and Z axis during flight

  5. Design Overview Magnet Arduino w/ Voltage and External Temperature Sensor Coils of Wire GO PRO Heater Arduino w/ Internal Temperature, Accelerometer, Pressure, and Humidity Sensors Canon Camera

  6. Block Diagram GoPro Hero 2 Heater Canon A780 Current Sensing Arduino Environmental Sensing Arduino

  7. Differences From Proposal to Final • Proposal had two magnets and two coils of wire • Final only has one magnet and coil • Location of Arduinos changed from both in back to 1 in back and 1 in front • Size of box increased from 15 to 17 cm

  8. Ground Test to Flight Data Placed in Cooler Removed

  9. Ground Test to Flight Data Dry Ice Test 2 Placed in Cooler Flight Launch

  10. Ground Test to Flight Data Mission Sim Test Flight Launch

  11. Ground Test To Flight Data Mission Sim Flight Launch

  12. Ground Test to Flight Data Current (I) Current (I)

  13. Ground Test To Flight Data Mission Sim, Canon Camera Flight, Canon Camera

  14. Ground Test/Flight Generator • During testing generator successfully created a voltage across the coil. • During flight BalloonSat reached higher rotational velocity than during any ground testing. • Due to Arduino malfunctions no voltage data was recovered.

  15. Failure Analysis • Arduino kept resetting during flight • Only 5 minutes of current data and 38 minutes of environmental • Possible battery failure or battery harness wiring. • Heater Batteries were stuck to magnet upon recovery.

  16. Upon recovery of BalloonSat batteries were stuck to the magnet. Heater Battery Location upon recovery. Heater Battery Location at luanch.

  17. Conclusion • Angular velocity of the BalloonSat does create voltage • Fins on the box will increase the amount of spin, determined by video. • Voltage sensor only collected data prior to flight when there was no rotation. • Arduinos did not function properly and or collect sufficient flight data. • Video confirms inconsistent rotation, unreliable power source.

  18. Ready to Fly Again • Store anywhere away from electronics • Handle carefully • Insert fresh batteries • Insert GOPro or cover viewing port. • Tape door closed • Turn on switches and be notified by LEDS

  19. Lessons Learned • Batteries on the bottom of the box far from magnets • BalloonSat should be longer length and thinner width • Flying two smaller magnets instead of one large one • Using bar magnets instead of field

  20. RFP/Proposal/Requirement Compliance

  21. RFP/Proposal/Requirement Compliance

  22. RFP/Proposal/Requirement Compliance

  23. Mass and Cost Summary

  24. Message to Next Semester • Will spend more time on this class than any other class during semester • Will be the most fun you have ever had on a project • Work out when your team can meet and have good communication between members • Overall, the main thing that we should have done differently was testing • JUST HAVE FUN!