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Ancient Japan

Ancient Japan

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Ancient Japan

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  1. Ancient Japan Amey , Julian, Melvern , Omar.

  2. Society (food related) Most ancient Japanese people usually became farmers, because of this farmers grew lots of rice, and Japans rice industry started to incline. About 80% of Japan became farmers. And the population of Japan started to increase. Language spoken Kanji is a Japanese writing system in which they use. Over 120 million Japanese people have used it. But before Japan were introduced to the writing system kanji they had used an old writing system named Kojiki. After they had been in introduced to Kanji writing system they have used it all the way up until now.

  3. Society Different cultures Japan has a various amount of different cultures and beliefs. Some of there different cultures are samurais, geishas and Japans tea ceremony. Because of these different types of cultures it has made a big impact in the society around Japan. Information about the people who lived in japan (ancient) The Japanese People are a nationality originating in the Japanese archipelago and are the ethnic group of Japan. Worldwide, approximately 130 million people are of Japanese descent of these, approximately 127 million are residents of Japan. People of Japanese elders who live in other countries are referred to as nikkeijin Ethnic Japanese may also be used in some contexts to refer to a locus of ethnic groups including the Yamato, Ainu and Ryukyuan people.

  4. Society Values of the people Ancient Japanese people valued lots of different stuff but they mostly valued paper cranes. There was a legend that is still believed in about paper cranes. The legend was if you made 1000 paper cranes you would’ve retrieved a wish, so there was a girl who was named Sadako and she was diagnosed with a sickness called leukemia the doctors said that she won’t be living for long because she only has a few months left . But then Sadako’s best friend had told her “if you make 1000 paper cranes the paper cranes will give you 1 wish” so Sadako tried to make 1000 paper cranes she then unfortunately passed away left with 644 paper cranes before her death. So that is one of Ancient Japan’s legend.

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