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Weapons of ancient Japan PowerPoint Presentation
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Weapons of ancient Japan

Weapons of ancient Japan

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Weapons of ancient Japan

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  1. Weapons of ancient Japan By James and Kevin

  2. Samuraiweapons .Katana .Naginata .Yumi bow .Kanabo By James

  3. katana the katana is a single edged,folded steal, curved sword used by the samurai. the katana represented social power and personal honor to the samurai. the samurai believed that the katana carried the spirits of their ancestors. the katana in about 30 inches long and weighs 3 lbs. to test the sharpnes of the katana it would be used to execute murderess and rapists. if the katana could cut through the person it would be called a one body blade. throught history there have been ledgents of two, three, and even four body blades.

  4. Naginata the naginata is a single steel blade attached to a wood shaft that is seven feet long and weighs about 4 lbs. this weapon was first used by the monks in the monasteries to protect them selves against raiders. it was soon adapted by the samurai. this is a slash or stab weapon that is used to keep multiple attackers at bay. there is also a blunt end on the bottom part of the shaft used for jabbing or blocking. the bladed edge is just as sharp as the katana and can cut a man in two.

  5. Yumi bow the yumi is 7 feet long and is made from bamboo, wood, and rattan. it weighs about 2 lbs. it is a long range killer. the samurai believed perfecting their skill in useing the yumi was just as important as having the skill to use the katana. the length of yumi bow increases the accuracy and range of the arrow. the samurai were master archers. in battle they would target the enemies eye for a fetal strike.

  6. Kanabo in western mythology demons would carry the pitchfork but in japanese mythology demons carried the kanabo. the kanabo is a 4 ft. long, 15 lbs, oak club with iron studs attached to it. the iron studs allowed for the kanabo to increase its blunt force power. it can break swrods, crush armor, and shatter bone. the weight of the kanabo would slow down the samurai but its killing power is very high.

  7. ninja weapon Bo-shuriken Hira-shuriken Kusarigama By kevin

  8. Bo-shuriken A shuriken (throwing star) is a traditional Japanese hiddenweapon that was generally used for throwing, and sometimesstabbing or slashing. They are sharpened hand-held bladesmade from a variety of everyday items such as needles, nails,and knives, as well as coins, washers, and other flat plates ofmetal.ABo-Shuriken is a weapon that is iron or steel spike usually four-sided, but some times round and usually single-pointed.The Bo-Shuriken is thrown in many different ways, such asoverhead. underarm, sideways and rearwards.

  9. Hira-shuriken A Hira-shuriken are made from thin, flat plates of metal derived from a variety of sourcesThey often have a hole in the center, The holes derive from their source in items that had holes – old coins, washers, and nail-removing tools.

  10. kusarigama The kusarigamais a traditional Japanese weapon that consists of a Japanese sickle on a metal chain with a heavy iron weight at the end. The kusarigama is said to have developed during the Muromachi period. Attacking with the weapon entailed swingingthe weighted chain in a large circle over one's head and then whipping it forward to entangle an opponent's spear, sword, or other weapon, or immobilizing his arms or legs.