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How To Attract Millennials To Your Restaurant | Appkodes PowerPoint Presentation
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How To Attract Millennials To Your Restaurant | Appkodes

How To Attract Millennials To Your Restaurant | Appkodes

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How To Attract Millennials To Your Restaurant | Appkodes

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  1. WELCOME....!!!!

  2. How To Attract Millennial To Your Restaurant

  3. Millennials  – while you might be tired of hearing about them, they aren’t going anyplace, at any point in the near future. Millennials have $200 billion in purchasing power and will make up 75% of the workforce by 2025. • While they have a tendency to be a fairly fickle cluster, speaking to this desired statistic and their advancing tastes is basic for developing your income, particularly in the digital age.

  4. Look at these simple tips to getting more millennials to your food ordering platform.

  5. Stay aware of Food Trends • Millennials remain extremely educated about their wellbeing and prosperity, which implies that they’re likewise specific about their food decisions and ingredients. They likewise cherish staying aware of the most recent food trends. • While you don’t have to totally change your menu, joining more well-known food trends like sans gluten-free options, natural delivery and free-range meats can be alluring to millennial customers. 

  6. Remain Active on Social Media • Social media is the millennial’s go-to source of information while hunting down new things too, including where to meet and eat. • Remaining dynamic via social networking media by facilitating online networking challenges, giveaways and reliably posting connecting with content is regularly what prompts a millennial to walk through your entryway – differing menu choices and incredible climate will keep them there.

  7. Get Online Ordering It’s nothing unexpected that millennials esteem speed and comfort. They’ve experienced childhood during a time where a ride to the airplane terminal or the most recent collection by their most loved artist is available to them at the touch of a button.

  8. Give Customers A Chance to Order Through your Google Search Results • Millennials aren’t apprehensive about a little research. With competition in the restaurant business warming up, it’s important that customers can find your restaurant — and that implies appearing in their search results.  • Google My Business is an awesome method to drive more requests to your restaurant. With Smarteat, customers can order takeout straightforwardly from your Google search results.

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