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How to Attract Customers to Your e-Commerce Store? PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Attract Customers to Your e-Commerce Store?

How to Attract Customers to Your e-Commerce Store?

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How to Attract Customers to Your e-Commerce Store?

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  1. Satej Infotech Pvt. Ltd. Sales Improvement Solutions - Business Process Management / MIS Software H How ow to to A Attra ttract Cus ct Custome tomers rs to to Y Your our e e- -C Comme ommer rce St ce Stor ore? e? Publisher: Satej Infotech Pvt. Ltd. BLOG: Company: Her Here e a are re s some t ome ti ips th ps tha at w t wi il ll l h he el lp yo a an nd i d impro mprove p you a ve c cus u att ttr ra ac ct t c cus usto tome ust tomer omers t mer e r en nga gage s to your o your e ec com geme men nt t. . omme merce we rce webs bsi ite te Tel: 0231- 2620003/9156044824

  2. Satej Infotech Pvt. Ltd. Sales Improvement Solutions - Business Process Management / MIS Software H How ow to to Attract Attract Cus Custo tom mer ers to Yo s to Your ur e e- -Comm Commer erc ce e Store? Store? In the last few years, e-commerce has seen an exponential rise and has become one of the most ubiquitous businesses. E-commerce website offers several benefits to its customers and customers too prefer buying almost everything through it due to the convenience it provides. We however, strongly recommend that you hire trustworthy and expert ecommerce website developers in Mumbai so you are able to get maximum benefits for your ecommerce business. 1 1. . G Ge et t a a R Re el le ev va an nt a t an nd B d Bus usi in ne ess ss R Re el la ate ted d U UR RL L Your website address must be unique and communicate your message effectively. Try and include the name of your brand so that your customers are able to identify it and help you stand out from competitors. This might take a lot of time and research as most good URL’s would be taken. However, it is worth the effort. 2 2. . Know Know M More ore a ab bou out S t Se ea ar rc ch h E En ngi gin ne es s Get the ecommerce website developers in Mumbai to advise you about SEO (search engine optimization) as maximum new website visitors can be found on various search engines. Ask them to design your website in a SEO friendly way such that it will help you divert more traffic to your site. Ecommerce website developers expertise will be needed for increasing traffic and improve sales. 3. 3. In Inve vest st i in n G Go ood od PP PPC C ( (P Pa ay y- -Pe Per r- -C Cl li ic ck k) ) M Ma ar rk ke et ti in ng g Although PPC can be an expensive method of marketing, it is one of the best ways to super charge your business progress. PPC ads can be placed on search engines against results and therefore it is worth the effort. 4. 4. M Ma ak ke e us use e of of S Soc oci ia al l M Me ed di ia a, , B Bl log ogs a s an nd Foru d Forums ms Everybody is on social media today. A lot of discussions happen on Twitter, Facebook, forums and blogs. Many sites may hold discussion about your speciality and thus we recommend that you participate in the discussion with genuine interest. You can offer advice to your prospective clients and at the same time talk about your company and Tel: 0231- 2620003/9156044824

  3. Satej Infotech Pvt. Ltd. Sales Improvement Solutions - Business Process Management / MIS Software products skilfully. If you do it responsibly, chances are people may genuinely be interested to know more about your brand, products and services. This can be really powerful. However, we caution you from going overboard and stick to the site’s terms and conditions to avoid tarnishing your reputation. 5. 5. P Pl la an n Y Yo our Bu ur Budget dget W We el ll l It will be a wise decision to plan your budget. You should have a fair judgement about how much you can invest for ads online and for ads in conventional media. Take your time to do a thorough research on whether your potential customers will be looking at a particular medium and also the target customers who would be interested in your products. This will surely help you in the long run. However, it is recommended that you stay away from unsolicited suppliers who may misguide you. 6 6. G . Ge et B t Ba ac ck kl li in nk ks fr s from om R Re el la ate ted d W We eb bsi site tes s There may be several websites that cater to your particular niche. It always pays off to offer mutual links and put each other in your respective search results. This will not only boost the traffic but also add value to your visitors. Ensure that you get the ecommerce website developers to design an attractive and informative website. Ask them to include referral schemes to keep a tab on the sales that other sites generate for you. 7. 7. C Com omme merc rci ia al l R Re efer ferr ra al l S Sc ch he eme me You may join a commercial referral scheme and pay for the clicks or sales that are generated through it. These websites can prove to be highly cost effective and boost your sales immensely. 8. 8. Le Lea ar rn n from O from Oth the ers rs Whether it is your competitor or a successful e-commerce website it is a healthy habit to keep an eye on what’s happening around you. You can learn which ideas attribute to their success and adapt some of their ideas without copying them. 9. 9. U Use se Em Ema ai il l M Ma ar rk ke eti tin ng g Improve your marketing by incorporating email marketing. You can send marketing emails to individuals (can get the list from companies who offer email marketing Tel: 0231- 2620003/9156044824

  4. Satej Infotech Pvt. Ltd. Sales Improvement Solutions - Business Process Management / MIS Software services) who have agreed to receive emails from you. You can offer discounts and tempting offers that can help you get more clients. 1 10. 0. O Off ffl li in ne e M Ma arket rketi in ng g Although resorting to online marketing is a boon for many companies, offline marketing should not be avoided. There are several people who prefer to remain offline and tapping such people is a must for your business. Traditional marketing methods may help drive traffic to your website cost-effectively. 1 11. C 1. Cus usto tome mer Fe r Fee edb dba ac ck k Customers feel good to learn more about your products through reviews and testimonial. Try and include opinions that are not fiddled with as customers appreciate such genuine information. This will be a highly effective method in gaining their trust and reinforcing their belief in your products and services. Increasingly, prospects expect to see what other people thought of your products and service, so gather this information on your site. If this can be gathered by an independent third party, so much the better. Customers are rightly cynical and will be much more influenced if they believe you haven't been able to fiddle with the results. C Co on nc cl lu usi sion on: : The need of the hour is to get your Ecommerce websites designer to implement all the above points while designing your website. Online and Offline marketing are equally necessary to get more customers for your ecommerce business. Original Blog Posted Here On: your-e-commerce-store/ Tel: 0231- 2620003/9156044824