ode to ms schmearer n.
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Ode to Ms. Schmearer PowerPoint Presentation
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Ode to Ms. Schmearer

Ode to Ms. Schmearer

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Ode to Ms. Schmearer

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  1. Ode to Ms. Schmearer Talk to Mr. Koelker about how u can show this to Ms. Schmearer ova Vacation!!! Run a spellcheck like 10 times b4 u show this to Ms. Schmearer!!! • By Siobhan Baker and Gabby Salce

  2. Person of the Year: Ms. Schmearer • Food of the Day:Blueberries in Milk • Cheese of the Day:Queso Quesadilla • Object of the Day:Ginormous Clock • Song of the Day:American Pie Figure out more of these to do!!!

  3. Cow Clothes + =

  4. Crabby! Da Him Punto! Da Him Punto!

  5. Soxs!!! Tube Socks Vs. Red Sox

  6. Music Best Songs Ever!!! Best Plays Ever!!! On a Wonderful Day Wicked American Pie Chicago Hairspray I like to Move it Move it! To the Left Spamalot Lola Guys and Dolls Los Politos (The Punto Song!) Legally Blonde the Musical Phantom of the opera Eye of the Tiger

  7. Cheese!!! Queso!!!

  8. Quotes Page!!! "I need to look for the spot within the spot!" -RoryAlice " your walls look like they have a bad case of acne!" ~Rory's mom "Its not really a big problem, more like a difficult situation that is easy to resolve." -Lamest sentence ever by Siobhan " Look! a hub cap!" ~Siobhan "(stomp!) It's plastic." ~Rory "But it's not cold in a heated environment!" Matt LaBerge "I dreamt I hugged a yeti! Awwww it's not mean, it's just misunderstood!" ~Siobhan “You were as happy as a clam before lunch! Well, maybe not a clam, I've never seen a happy clam, just dead ones, and they're not very happy.." ~Molly "Life is good when there is laughter." ~Siobhan (hysterical laughter) Life must be really good now." ~Kate Kunin Your story has holes! Big, Suspious Holes! By Siobhan and Rory

  9. La Page de Joy!

  10. Peace to the People.