Ode to dead men
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Ode to Dead Men!. Dutifully created by Messr . Frederick. Albius Tibullus (His life!). This guy is DEAD. (ca. 55 BC – 19 BC) Latin poet and writer of elegies . Average Roman poet, had money, and lost it all. Of course!

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Ode to dead men

Ode to Dead Men!

Dutifully created by Messr. Frederick

Albius tibullus his life
Albius Tibullus (His life!)

  • This guy is DEAD. (ca. 55 BC – 19 BC)

  • Latinpoet and writer of elegies.

  • Average Roman poet, had money, and lost it all. Of course!

  • Tibullus died prematurely, probably in 19 B.C., and almost immediately after Virgil. His death made a deep impression in Rome.

His works
His Works!

  • His books were long poems.

  • First: Delia- his lady friend? ;)

  • Second: Sweet lil’ Delia is replaced by a woman called the Nemesis. (Muahahaha)

    • He complains bitterly of his bondage, and of her rapacity and hard-heartedness. In spite of all, however, she seems to have retained her hold on him until his death.


  • Put himself in his work.

  • Mixed into his stories the values of Old Rome, such as: Religion, Moral Values, etc. (latin moment xD)

Ohhhhh shnap

  • Accusations- two books are under his name though they were never claimed by his authoritive prowess.

Passages from book i
Passages from Book I.

  • Addemerumvinoquenovosconpescedolores,Occupetutfessiluminavictasopor,NeuquisquammultopercussumtemporabacchoExcitet, infelixdumrequiescitamor.Nam positaestnostraecustodiasaevapuellae,               5Clauditur et duraianua firma sera.Ianuadifficilisdomini, teverberetimber,     Te Iovisimperiofulminamissapetant.Ianua, iampateasunimihi, victaquerelis,Neufurtim verso cardineapertasones.               10Et mala siquatibi dixit dementia nostra,Ignoscas: capitisintprecorillameo.Te meminissedecet, quae plurima voce peregiSupplice, cum postifloridasertadarem.Tuquoque ne timidecustodes, Delia, falle,               15Audendumest: fortes adiuvatipsa Venus.


  • More wine: and let new pain be lessened

  • by the grape, so that sleep might quell my weary eyes:

  • and let no one stir my mind numbed with drink

  • while wretched love is fast asleep.

  • For a savage guard’s been set upon my girl

  • and the harsh door shut fast with a solid bolt.

  • Door, of a surly master, may the rain beat on you,

  • and lightning hurled on Jupiter’s orders find you out.

  • Door, open now, conquered by my complaints alone,

  • and no sound as you open, turned on a stealthy hinge.

  • And if my mad passion has ever spoken ill of you

  • forgive: I pray it might fall on my own head.

  • It’s fitting you should remember what I said many times,

  • as a suppliant, setting flowery garlands on your posts.

  • You too, Delia, don’t be shy at deceiving the guard.

  • Be daring: Venus herself assists the brave.

The wonderful world of giovanni pontano iovanus pontanus
The Wonderful World of Giovanni Pontano (IovanusPontanus)

  • 1426 – September 17, 1503) was an Italianhumanist and poet.

  • Pontanus was born at Cerreto in the Duchy of Spoleto

  • Perugia (hehheh…funny name xD)

  • 1461- married Adriana Sassone. Had one son & three daughters.

  • Second wife (after death of first)- Stella of Ferrara.

  • Death- 1503, in Naples.

Style ohhhh shnap
Style! Ohhhhshnap.

  • While he excelled at prose, his strength was in lyrical poetry.

  • Wrote in hexameters (6 ft. metrical verse)

Works of art sort of
Works of Art! (sort of)

  • De conjugali amore, Eridanus, Tumuli, Naeniae, Baiae

  • Pontano achieved excellence in his discussion on personal matters such as erotic freedom.

  • Many of his works were…..liberating. *wink wink*

Excerpt from the tomb of pomponio leto
Excerpt from The Tomb of PomponioLeto

  • Tumulus IuliiPomponiiviriliteratissimi. Pomponi, tibi pro tumulo sit laureasylva, Ossa, marisrores, myrteaque umbra tegant:Tequetegantartusquetuos, violaequerosaeque, Verhabeat, zephyrosspiret, et ipse cinisStillet et ipse cinis, quas et Parnasus et antraThespia et ipsasuasAscraministretaquas


  • The Tumulus of the Most Learned GiulioPomponioPomponio, may a grove of laurel serve as your tomb; May myrtle and rosemary shade your bones. May violets and roses shelter you and your limbs.May your ashes have Spring and breathe the west winds,May Ascra supply her waters, along with Parnassus and the Thesbian grottoes,And your ashes distill them.