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Pomona Weed and Seed Strategy

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Pomona Weed and Seed Strategy. Presented By Armando N. Lopez Weed and Seed Site Coordinator. What is Weed and Seed?. Weed and Seed is not a program – It is a Strategy An Official Strategy that: Provides collaborative-building opportunities Promotes community engagement

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pomona weed and seed strategy

Pomona Weed and Seed Strategy

Presented By

Armando N. Lopez

Weed and Seed Site Coordinator

what is weed and seed
What is Weed and Seed?

Weed and Seed is not a program –It is a Strategy

  • An Official Strategy that:
    • Provides collaborative-building opportunities
    • Promotes community engagement
    • Builds community capacity
    • Encourages all stakeholders to get involved
    • Presents youth and families with the challenge of making a difference in their community
what is weed and seed1
What is Weed and Seed?

The overall goal of the Strategy is to prevent, control and reduce violent crime, drug abuse and gang activity in the designated high-crime neighborhoods.

  • The Weeding element enables communities to reduce violent and drug related crime (weed) — Law enforcement agencies and justice officials cooperate to "weed" out criminals.
  • The Seeding element enablespublic agencies and community-based organizations in collaborating efforts to "seed" for much-needed human services including: prevention, intervention, treatment and neighborhood restoration programs.
  • A community-oriented policing component bridges the weeding and seeding elements.
weed and seed components
Weed and Seed Components

Every Weed and Seed Strategy focuses on:

  • Law Enforcement
  • Community-Oriented Policing
  • Prevention Intervention and Treatment
  • Neighborhood Restoration
goals of pomona weed and seed
Goals of Pomona Weed and Seed

Law Enforcement

  • Law enforcement will integrate local, State and Federal resources available to address the affected neighborhoods where gang and drug activities are linked.

Identified Goals

    • Reduce the incidents of drug and gang activity by 15%.
    • Identify, investigate and prosecute highly-visible drug dealers and gang members.
goals of pomona weed and seed1
Goals of Pomona Weed and Seed

Community-Oriented Policing

  • Partner with non-law enforcement agencies for effective coordination and direct delivery of resources and services to project area residents.

Identified Goals

    • Encourage resident reporting of all illegal weapons, drug and gang activity.
    • Increase suspect identification through neighborhood victim/witness protection and assistance outreach service programs.
goals of pomona weed and seed2
Goals of Pomona Weed and Seed

Prevention, Intervention and Treatment

  • Provide culturally appropriate services and educational assistance to neighborhood youth and families.

Identified Goals

    • Provide counseling and case management for at-risk youth and anger management training for troubled families.
    • Increase availability of various services (i.e., drug treatment, counseling, case management, parenting skills training, landlord educational training and conflict mediation).
goals of pomona weed and seed3
Goals of Pomona Weed and Seed

Neighborhood Restoration

  • Provide training and assistance to promote participation in property revitalization activities and neighborhood rehabilitation.

Identified Goals

    • Improve neighborhood and economic development opportunities within the targeted area.
    • Decrease areas of blight and incidents of graffiti and vandalism.
who is weed and seed
Who is Weed and Seed?

The Collaborative is a joint effort of:

  • The Steering Committee that governs the strategy
  • The City of Pomona as the fiscal agent
  • Governmental Partners
    • US Department of Justice
    • US Attorneys Office
    • Drug Enforcement Agency
    • Pomona Police Department
  • Community Partners
    • Pomona Unified School District
    • Cal Poly University, Pomona
    • Boys and Girls Club
    • Reach Out West End
    • Points of Light Ministries
    • To name only a few…


weed and seed structure
Weed and Seed Structure


Weed and Seed Site Coordinator

Community-Oriented Policing


Law Enforcement


Prevention/ Intervention/



Neighborhood and Economic Development


Crime Reduction

Neighborhood Watch

Safe Havens

Housing and Community Services

Youth Development

Conflict Mediation

Community Organizing

Community/ Sustainability Efforts

Education Partnerships


Economic Opportunity


Weed and Seed Site Area

Located in the Southern part of the City of Pomona, the Weed and Seed Strategy directly affects Council Districts 2 and 3


Safe Haven Sites

Lexington Elementary School

Philadelphia Community Center

Renacimiento Community Center


Philadelphia Community Center

Philadelphia Community Center


Renacimiento Community Center

Lexington Elementary School

site area overview demographics
Site Area Overview - Demographics
  • Population - 14,664 (approx 10% of Pomona’s population)
  • Demographics
    • Latino 82.8%
    • Households 2,354
    • Median Income $44,083
    • Avg. Household Size 4.7
    • Overcrowding Rate 46.9%
    • Population under 18 years old 38%
    • Poverty Rate 19%
    • Adults over 25 without a high school diploma59%

Source: www.daptaplace.com

2004 UCR

pomona weed and seed grant awards
Pomona Weed and Seed Grant Awards

Year 1 07/01/05 to 09/30/06 Awarded $175,000

Weeding Activity $ 87,500

Seeding Activity $ 87,500

Year 2 10/01/06 to 06/30/07Awarded $225,000

Weeding Activity $ 89,237

Seeding Activity $135,763

Year 3 07/01/07 to 06/03/08 Applied for $200,000

Weeding Activity $100,649

Seeding Activity $ 99,351

weeding highlights
Weeding Highlights
  • Gang Injunction in place - increase in arrests and a decrease in violent crime
    • 47 out of 60 gang members have been served with the gang injunction
  • Increase in Community-Oriented Policing
  • Increase in Neighborhood Watch Meetings
  • License Plate Scanner purchased for use in site area
    • The scanner can process over 2,300 license plates a shift. On the first day of use a stolen car was identified.
weeding highlights1
Weeding Highlights
  • 82 % Decrease in Homicides in Reporting Areas


          • 17 homicides reported


          • 8 homicides reported


          • 3 homicides reported
weeding activity
Weeding Activity
  • 20% Decrease in Violent Crimes in Reporting Areas


          • 439 violent crimes


          • 425 violent crimes


          • 351 violent crimes
weeding highlights2
Weeding Highlights
  • Decrease in calls for service

- decrease in criminal activity


          • 8,232 calls for service


          • 6,283 calls for service


          • 6,252 calls for service
technical assistance
Technical Assistance
  • Technical Assistance Provided:

March 15, 2006

Hildy Saizow

Consultant for the U.S. Department of Justice; Office

of Community Capacity Development

  • Technical Assistance Recommendation:

Focus on the Weed and Seed Strategy

Mobilize the Community

Develop Comprehensive Safe Haven Plan

Create Working Subcommittee

  • Technical Assistance Implementation:

Implementation currently on-going

seeding highlights
Seeding Highlights
  • September 2003 City applies for Weed and Seed Site Recognition
  • June 2004 City Recognized as Weed and Seed Site by DOJ
  • October 2005 First Steering Committee Meeting
  • December 2005 Simons Middle School/Boys and Girls Club identified as Temporary Safe Haven sites
  • December 2005 Cal Poly Pomona and Pomona Police Department Performs Initial Site Evaluation with Survey of Residents
seeding highlights 2006
Seeding Highlights 2006
  • February 2006 Parent Project begins at Simons Middle School
  • March 2006 Weed and Seed Awareness Day
  • May 2006 Steering Committee Day Retreat
  • May 2006 Permanent Safe Haven Sites identified
  • September 2006 Full-time Site Coordinator Hired
  • October 2006 Safe Haven Staff Hired
goals for the future
Goals for the Future
  • Continue to implement the Official Strategy
  • Continue following Technical Assistance recommendations
  • Promote residential involvement
  • Increase programming levels
  • Develop a sustainability plan
contact information
Contact Information

Armando N. Lopez

Housing Analyst

Weed and Seed Site Coordinator

City of Pomona

505 S Garey Ave.

Pomona, CA 91766

Phone: 909-620-2316

Fax: 909-620-4567

Email: Armando_Lopez@ci.pomona.ca.us