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CAL POLY POMONA. Academic Senate 19 JANUARY 2011. MASTER PLAN ASSUMPTIONS . Account for current conditions and plan for the longer term Planned Capacity: 20,000 FTE Students Long-term Timeline: 20 years (2030+) Plan has to be flexible and capable of implementation

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Academic Senate 19 JANUARY 2011

master plan assumptions

Account for current conditions and plan

for the longer term

Planned Capacity:

20,000 FTE Students

Long-term Timeline:

20 years (2030+)

Plan has to be flexible and capable of implementation

Limited public funds for new construction


Benchmarking the Campus

  • Assessing the Campus
  • Campus Analysis & Programming
  • Developed Planning Alternatives & Concepts
  • CEQA Review & BOT Approval
  • Fall Conferences
  • Open Campus Forums
  • Sustainability and Planning Workshops
  • Strategic Planning Committee
  • Academic Senate
  • President & Cabinet
  • Provost & Academic Affairs
  • Colleges - Deans/Chairs/Faculty/Staff
  • Dean’s Council
  • Dean of Students & Office of Student Life
  • University Housing Services
  • University Police
  • Parking & Transportation
  • Student Affairs
  • I&IT
  • University Advancement
  • Athletics
  • Enrollment Management & Admissions
  • Cal Poly Pomona Foundation
  • ASI Senate
  • Institutional Research
  • Facilities Operations and Maintenance
  • ENV & AG Faculty and Students
  • City of Pomona
what we heard

Lack of clear identity

Undefinedsense of arrival

Strong community and student engagement exists

• Desire to build stronger on-campus community

Agreement that increasing on-campus housingis one of the best strategies for improving student life and community on campus

Increase in student housing will require commensurate increase in on-campus services

New suites are popular

Athletics, recreation, wellness needs

Deficit of large gathering spaces

Studentslack places to gather, both inside and outside

Lack of after-hours options

Lack of ahome and neutral ground for facultywithin a college

  • Convenienceof student services
  • Dispersionof faculty and programs
  • Consolidationis desired for convenience, collaboration, and identity
  • Importance of polytechnic mission
  • Need for student-based project space
  • Desire forflexible "start up" spacefornew areas of research
  • Need for dedicated research space
  • Pride in campus appearance
  • Sustainability
  • Need for more effective circulation
  • Enhance interconnectedness
  • Campus largely feels safe, strong connection to the landscape and history
  • Public safety, a concern on roads, walks
guiding principles

Concentrated academic core

10 minute walk zone, strengthen academic and social connectivity

Student engagement and campus experience

Active use of outdoor spaces, expanded recreation/wellness programs, home rooms for students, one-stop shop, multipurpose meeting/events venue, academic support center

Polytechnic, learn-by-doing experience

Space for co-curricular and extra curricular projects, white space, flexible

research space, intern and co-op opportunities on or adjacent to campus

Pedestrian oriented campus

Clarity of pathways, extended connections beyond core campus, bicycle

culture, ad-hoc and planned meeting spaces, direct link shuttles


Definable gateways and arrival, good access and visibility of heritage and



No-build first option, build on previously developed sites, contained utilities

infrastructure, redevelop/reuse existing space, inter-modal transit hubs



  • Open Space Landscape Connections
  • Neighborhoods & Homerooms
  • Pedestrian Walkways and Bicycle Pathways
  • Parking and Vehicular Circulation
  • Physical constraints of the campus


  • Enhancing the academic core of the campus
    • Consolidates instructional space
  • Establishes special use zones to support the University’s mission
    • Public Private Partnerships to sustain the University
    • Community Outreach
  • Strengthens campus community and student life
    • Concentrated Student Housing
    • Facilities for Campus Community
    • Community Partnership Housing

Creates a concentrated and walkable academic core that strengthens academic and social connectivity

  • Fosters student engagement through the creation of active outdoor spaces, homerooms for students, and multipurpose events spaces
  • Supports the Polytechnic mission by creating flexible spaces for academic and student based projects and providing facilities for future graduate and research programs
  • Improves pedestrian safety by keeping thru traffic our of campus core, promoting bicycle options, relocating parking to the campus perimeter and providing open space walkway connections
  • Establishes neighborhoods for campus identity and creates gateways that define the campus experience
  • Promotes sustainability by building on previously developed sites, providing on-campus student and faculty residences and promoting transit options