welcome to 2010 private pesticide applicator recertification l.
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Welcome to… 2010 Private Pesticide Applicator Recertification PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to… 2010 Private Pesticide Applicator Recertification

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Welcome to… 2010 Private Pesticide Applicator Recertification - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to… 2010 Private Pesticide Applicator Recertification. Pesticide Safety & Environmental Education Program. Thanks to Our Sponsors. Anyone applying a Restricted Use Pesticide (RUP) in Minnesota must be certified at the time of application.

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Welcome to… 2010 Private Pesticide Applicator Recertification

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welcome to 2010 private pesticide applicator recertification

Welcome to…2010 Private Pesticide Applicator Recertification

Pesticide Safety &

Environmental Education Program


Anyone applying a

Restricted Use Pesticide (RUP) in Minnesota

must be certified at the

time of application

pesticide safety education for certification
Pesticide Safety Education for Certification

Manage Crop Pests Safely:

  • Protecting your health – and that of your family, neighbors and your community
  • Protecting water, soil, air, plants, animals and other natural resources
  • Wise use of $ for maximum return through IPM
you need to be a certified private applicator
You Need to be aCertified Private Applicator…

If you…

  • Apply pesticides to land or sites you own, rent or lease for the production of agriculture commodities


  • Plan to apply Restricted Use Pesticides (RUPs)


  • Reside in the state of Minnesota (have a MN drivers license)
implements and enforces state and federal pesticide laws and regulations issues certification
Implements and enforces state and federal pesticide laws and regulations. Issues certification

Provides private pesticide applicator testing and education

private certification reciprocity
Private CertificationReciprocity

Be certified in the state you hold your driver license

If reside in MN and certified in MN you can purchase and apply RUPs in ND, SD, IA and WI.

Must know and follow pesticide laws of the state in which you make pesticide applications

if not currently certified
If Not Currently Certified

Can not certify at this Recertification Workshop

Must take on-line or mail-in exam to become certified

2010 mail-in test packets and manual (can use any version of the 18th edition) available at most county extension offices

On-line exam and manual available at: www.pat.umn.edu

if currently certified
If Currently Certified…

…you have three options to recertify:

  • Mail-in exam
  • On-line exam
  • Attend recertification workshop
about certification
About Certification

If certify or recertify in 2010 certification will expire on March 1, 2013

Certification fee is $50 (same fee for mail-in exam, on-line exam or workshop)

Must provide proof of certification when purchasing Restricted Use Pesticides (RUPs)

provide retailer proof of certification by time of rup delivery
Provide Retailer ‘Proof of Certification’by time of RUP Delivery

Private Certification Card mailed to applicator by the MDA

Certification ID # listed on MDA website: http://www2.mda.state.mn.us/webapp/PrivApp/default.jsp or tel: 651-201-6633

Workshop receipt provided by U of MN (valid until it expires or receive MDA certification card)


The MN Dept. of Ag requires applicators to attend the entire workshop to receive recertification credit.

Applicators who do not attend the entire workshop will not receive recertification credit.

check in at the door
Check In at the Door

Currently certified MN private applicator

MDA requires you to present a government issued photo ID (such as a driver license)

MDACertification Card speeds workshop check-in and check-out

registration at end of workshop
Registration At End of Workshop

Before You Leave…

  • Complete receipt
  • Provide payment for $50 (make checks out to the University of Minnesota)
who must be certified
Who Must Be Certified
  • Only certified or licensed applicators may apply RUP’s in MN - no exceptions
  • Private Certification: Persons who apply RUP’s on land they own/rent/operate for production of an ag commodity
  • Noncommercial License: Employees who apply RUP’s on employer’s land/sites
  • Commercial License: People who apply ANY pesticide on customer’s land or sites
commercial noncommercial licensing
Commercial / Noncommercial Licensing
  • Complete closed book monitored exam for each license category needed
  • Pay annual license fee
  • Fill out license application form

Must be licensed in Category A: Core plus 1 or more of 17 other license categories such as:

C: Ag Field Crops E: Turf & Ornamentals

J: Rights-of-Way H: Seed Treatment

commercial noncommercial licensing19
Commercial / Noncommercial Licensing

Contact MDA Ag Chemical Inspectors to find out who provides testing in your county

Category study manuals available from U of MN

Recertification by workshop or retesting

if you are currently licensed as a commercial or noncommercial applicator
If You Are Currently Licensed as a Commercial or Noncommercial Applicator…

And you also farm:

  • You do not need to be certified as a Private Applicator to apply RUPs on your own farm
farm employees
Farm Employees

If you have 1 or 2 farm employees who:

  • Are not an owner or an operator of the farm or farm business
  • Apply RUPs as part of their job duties on the farm

Then…they can apply RUPs on the farm with a Private Certification

3 or more employee RUP applicators than all must hold Noncommercial License.

private fumigation endorsement
Private Fumigation Endorsement

Required to apply any fumigant on the farm (stored grain, soil, etc.)

fumigation endorsement requirements
Fumigation Endorsement Requirements

Be a currently certified private applicator

Complete closed-book monitored fumigation exam at county extension office

Pay $35 fee

Fumigation endorsement expires with regular certification

Retest to renew fumigation endorsement

animal and wildlife poisoning
Animal and Wildlife Poisoning
  • In 2009 MDA received a number of reports actual and alleged animal poisonings with Golden Malrin (fly control - methomyl) and Gopher Bait (gopher control - strychnine)
  • MDA has also received other reports of poisoning of raccoons and coyotes.
  • Such use of pesticides is illegal and presents a danger to people, pets and non-target wildlife such as eagles.
does the worker protection standard wps apply to your farm or facility
Does the Worker Protection Standard (WPS) apply to your farm or facility?

WPS compliance is required

when all statements are checked.

  • You own or manage a farm, greenhouse, nursery or forest plantation where pesticides are used in the production of plants.
  • Employees are hired who are not family members.
  • You hire or contract for employees to work with plants and/or to apply pesticides.
  • Pesticides have been applied within 30-days of when workers are employed and the workers will be working within ¼ mile of a pesticide treated area.
fyi new ag pesticide dealer license for wps labeled pesticides
FYI: New Ag Pesticide Dealer License for WPS Labeled Pesticides

Required for persons, companies, and facilities that sell ‘Agricultural Use Pesticides’

  • If not already licensed to sell RUPs or bulk pesticides

Retailer recordkeeping requirements, fees

Check the label for ‘Ag Use’ box