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What is Creatine? PowerPoint Presentation
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What is Creatine?

What is Creatine?

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What is Creatine?

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  1. What is Creatine? By: Mike D’Alessandro

  2. What is Creatine? • It is produced by the liver and kidneys and used as an energy source by muscles and other organs. • Creatine is 100% natural and occurs in many foods like fish and meat. • Its usually a pill or powder that’s mixed with sports drinks. • Only creatine supplements can produce high creatine levels in your body though.

  3. How it works • Creatine is a naturally occurring amino acid in the human body. • Foods like meat and fish have creatine in them but aren’t substantial enough to build muscle faster. • Creatine saturates the muscles, which is why your body is required to drink a mass amount of water. • Creatine fuels muscle contractions which: • Sustains high energy during workouts • More energy for muscle contractions • More power and size • Ability to work out for longer periods.

  4. Benefits • Increases lean muscle mass in weeks. • Improves performance in high-intensity exercises, including raising energy levels, as well as speeding up recovery. • Creatine reserves energy in muscles, and hydrates the muscle cells with water. • It enhances muscles growth so muscles become bigger and stronger. • Increases short term energy.

  5. Statistics • Creatine is the most popular supplement used to this day. • Been available for over 12 years. • Sales of creatine have risen up to 75% in the last ten years selling over 400 million dollars worth of product.

  6. Safety • If used correctly, problems will not occur. • In short term usage, studies have shown very little health risks. • Every single study which has set out to prove creatine being bad has actually proved the opposite. • Its often recommended the vegetarians supplement with creatine. • When taking creatine, a good amount of water must be drunken otherwise the liver and kidneys could shut down due to dehydration.

  7. Is Creatine dangerous??? • There are complaints: People with pre-existing kidney problems shouldn’t experiment with creatine. • Could lead to dehydration. If the proper amount of water is taken and proper dosage of creatine is being used its safe. • Should check with doctor before taking it if your unsure of your medical history.

  8. Side Effects • Swelling, or itching in the face or hands. • May experience trouble breathing. • In rare cases, causes kidney stones. • Chest tightness, prone to pulling muscles. • Weight gain. • Cramps, also diarrhea.

  9. Who needs it…. • Anyone who wants more energy, or who wants to become stronger and bigger in a more efficient manner. • Anyone involved in physical activity, or anyone who wants to get rid of some extra fat. • If you’re an athlete, it helps you to improve as well.

  10. Conclusion • Overall it’s a great advantage to use creatine. • It gives you bigger muscles and fuller muscles. • I handled more weight when lifting and overall became stronger. • I recommend this product, but should do your research before taking it and also check with your doctor.

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