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IBL Australia Creatine Water Proposal PowerPoint Presentation
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IBL Australia Creatine Water Proposal

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IBL Australia Creatine Water Proposal - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Wests Magpies Rugby League Club IBL Australia Creatine Water Proposal Creatine Explained Creatine is a combination of three amino-acids found in the human body. It is the natural energy source for our muscles’ contractions and is used during periods of extreme stress on the muscles.

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creatine explained
Creatine Explained
  • Creatine is a combination of three amino-acids found in the human body.
  • It is the natural energy source for our muscles’ contractions and is used during periods of extreme stress on the muscles.
  • It allows for rapid recovery from exercise and enhanced muscle development.
creatine explained3
Creatine Explained

An increased supply of creatine means faster and greater recharging of ATP which means more work can be performed by the muscles. This is why it has been so successful for athletes.

ATP supplies the muscles with energy.

ATP loses a phosphate molecule in this process and becomes ADP. It must regain its phosphate molecule to produce energy.

ADP becomes ATP again.

Creatine is stored in the body as Creatine Phosphate (CP). When ATP levels are depleted, CP donates a phosphate molecule.

creatine and rugby
Creatine and Rugby
  • It is used by professional rugby league and rugby union teams as well as other pro athletes all over the world to enhance muscle development and recovery from exercise. Every NRL team uses creatine in one form or another.
  • It is recommended that Creatine Water be used year round but it is particularly effective during pre-season training when there is particular emphasis on weight training and fitness work.
  • As can be seen from the following responses to the questionnaire handed out to Manly Rugby Club and the official study results your players will be able to lift heavier weights and recover quicker from endurance drills allowing them to be better prepared for the season ahead.
why creatine water
Why Creatine Water
  • Creatine is one of the very few sports supplements to have been thoroughly scientifically tested and confirmed to aid in an athletes performance.
  • Creatine Water has been engineered specifically for professional athletes. It has no known side effects such as cramping of the muscles, diarrhea and bloated sensations that are found with powdered versions.
  • It uses the purest, most effective raw ingredient from Germany, Creapure, giving faster, stronger results and also saving money per gram for your club.
  • The 40% higher absorption rate compared to powdered forms further enhances the effect of the product.
  • It contains all of the hydrating elements and tastes of pure water.
teams using creatine water
Teams using Creatine Water
  • Manly Rugby Club
  • Parramatta Rugby Club
  • Penrith Rugby Club
  • St George Illawarra Rugby Club
  • 2 AFL Teams (contractual arrangements with Coke do not allow disclosure of the name)
  • 2 J-League Soccer Teams in Japan
  • 2 Japanese Olympic Swimming Team Members

And many more

results of manly rugby club questionnaire originals can be supplied for your review
Results of Manly Rugby Club Questionnaire(originals can be supplied for your review)
  • 100% of respondents reported an increase in either power, energy, ability to recover quicker or improved endurance.
  • There were no major negative side-effects, though there were reports of increased flatulence and urination levels.
  • When asked –

Would you prefer to continue/discontinue the use of Creatine Water in 2009?

100% of respondents answered – “Continue”


These solid results were attained despite the fact that the original program of 11 bottles per week was not adhered to and players were taking on average 6 bottles a week.

creatine water study copy of the study available on request
Creatine Water StudyCopy of the study available on request
  • Conducted in Japan by the equivalent of the Institute of Sport.

Results for the NSW Institute of Sport study are still pending.

  • Double-blind 28 day study on national level athletes. One Creatine Water group, one placebo group.
  • Athletes were given just one bottle of Creatine Water per day.
creatine water study results copy of the study available on request
Creatine Water Study ResultsCopy of the study available on request
  • Overall enhancement in athletes’ performance level.
  • “Significant” improvement in barbell snatch and total weight performances.
  • “Significant” increases in number of vertical jumps, 20 second push ups, squat and high pull for those consuming Creatine Water while the placebo group achieved normal results.
  • “Significant” decrease in body fat, increase in muscular development.

* Results with a p-value less than 5% were considered to be significant

creatine water study quotes copy of the study available on request
Creatine Water Study QuotesCopy of the study available on request
  • “Suggests that Creatine Water is effective in conditioning and training prior to competition.”
  • “To conclude, Creatine Water is considered to be one of the most effective supplements.””
creatine water and your team
Creatine Water and your Team
  • Allows for greater speed from a flat start. During attack and retreating to defensive line
  • Assists the player to break through the tackle.
  • Assists the player to drive through with

his tackle.

  • Enables the player to recover quicker

from games and training.


  • As the Manly questionnaire responses and study results reflect, creatine is the natural power source used by the muscles during these times of extreme energy usage. By supplying it with more you enable the muscles to perform on a higher level.
example program
Example Program

Training Nights (Speed, Fitness, Weights)

Drink a bottle of Creatine Water one hour before the session, half a bottle during the session, and half a bottle afterwards.

Non-training Nights

Take one bottle of Creatine Water on your days off (handed out the day before).

Game Day

Take a bottle of Creatine Water one hour before the game, one bottle at half time, and another one after the game.

complimentary services offered
Complimentary Services Offered
  • Presentation to the players, coaches and staff on the benefits of Creatine Water and the proposed program.
  • Creatine supplementation and general supplementation advice from industry professionals provided to players upon request.
  • Questionnaires distributed to gauge the success of the program and the players’ attitudes towards it.
contact information
Contact Information

Please contact:

Sean Hughes

Sales Manager

IBL Australia


to discuss possible arrangements in using Creatine Water at your club.