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Warm Up #6. Write a paragraph explaining what you have learned so far about the Maya . Be sure to include the following words: Astronomy Popol Vuh Polytheistic Pacal Palenque. Ch. 14.3 Assessment Questions. 3a. What did the Maya study from observatories?

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Warm up 6
Warm Up #6

  • Write a paragraph explaining what you have learned so far about the Maya. Be sure to include the following words:

    • Astronomy

    • PopolVuh

    • Polytheistic

    • Pacal

    • Palenque

Ch 14 3 assessment questions
Ch. 14.3 Assessment Questions

  • 3a. What did the Maya study from observatories?

  • They studied the stars (astronomy) from observatories.

  • 3b. What do you think was the most impressive Maya achievement?

  • Answers will say something like a calendar, cities, inventions, crops, writing, math/number system, astronomy, or art.

Ch 14 3 assessment questions1
Ch 14.3 Assessment Questions

  • 4. draw a diagram like the one to the right. Use it to identify some major achievements of the Maya.

Warfare in mayan society

Warfare in Mayan society

In what ways did religion influence warfare?


  • Until recently scholars believed the Mayan civilization to be fairly peaceful

  • However, evidence suggests that they frequently were at war.

  • Some scholars think warfare may have contributed to the decline of the civilization.

    • Loss of people

    • Loss of crops

    • Fields destroyed

  • The Maya were similar to ancient Greece, with many warring city-states

How did they fight
How did they fight?

  • The Maya nobility made up the upper ranks of the armies.

  • Peasants were used as foot soldiers.

  • Combat was largely fought hand to hand with clubs and knives

  • Individual warriors sought to engage in heroic deeds to advance their place in society

Why did they fight
Why did they fight?

  • One purpose of engaging in a battle was to capture enemy soldiers for sacrifice

  • These captives were needed for ceremonies such as the death or birth of a new ruler

  • City states would also fight over resources such as food, water and obsidian

Pok ta pok
PokTa Pok

  • Mayan and Aztez ballgame

  • Goal was to get a rubber ball through an elevated hoop, using mainly your hips.

  • Couldn’t use hands or feet.

  • It is believed that the losers (and sometimes the winners) were sacrificed to the gods

  • Each city-state had a court to play on.

Pok ta pok1
PokTa Pok

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jKvQjgC9sIY


  • Update notebook

  • Finish questions and summary on Warfare Cornell Notes.