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Queen’s Online for Learning and Teaching (QOL) PowerPoint Presentation
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Queen’s Online for Learning and Teaching (QOL)

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Queen’s Online for Learning and Teaching (QOL) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Queen’s Online for Learning and Teaching (QOL). Educational Technology Unit Learning and Teaching Support Information Services. What is Queen’s Online for Learning and Teaching?. A Managed Learning Environment (MLE) Learning materials available online Independent of place and time

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queen s online for learning and teaching qol

Queen’s Online for Learning and Teaching (QOL)

Educational Technology Unit

Learning and Teaching Support

Information Services

what is queen s online for learning and teaching
What is Queen’s Online for Learning and Teaching?
  • A Managed Learning Environment (MLE)
    • Learning materials available online
    • Independent of place and time
    • Administrative tools (e.g. linked to Queen’s databases)
queen s online tutors
Queen’s Online - Tutors
  • Provide learning material electronically
  • Access names/email addresses of enrolled students and send them emails
  • Track student access to resources (optional)
  • Moderate & participate in subject specific discussion lists
queen s online students
Queen’s Online - Students
  • Queen’s Online gives students access to
    • Learning materials
    • Subject specific discussion lists
      • Communicate with Tutor
      • Communicate with other students
queen s online
Queen’s Online
  • To access Queen’s Online you need to go to the following website


  • This site can be accessed from any computer connected to the Internet
  • Unique Username and Password
  • All students are automatically registered
  • Student number is your username and your University password
top menu bar
Top Menu Bar
  • Queen’s Homepage – Takes you back to QUB homepage. This will log you out of QOL
  • Help –provides a full manual Opens in a separate window
  • My Homepage – takes you to your QOL homepage
  • Logout – very important as otherwise the next user on that machine may access QOL with your username & password
left panel
Left Panel
  • Provides a range of services
  • Access the current module
  • Access list of your modules
module description
Module Description
  • Text taken from the book of Modules
  • Additional text may have been added by your tutor
  • Information also available in Resource Map – Module Information.
staff involved
Staff Involved
  • This option will show the names and emails of staff members
  • Those listed can add/modify resources & moderate discussion forums
module resource map
Module Resource Map
  • The main working area for Staff and Students
  • Where your tutor uploads course resources
  • Where you download and/or read resources
module resource map1
Module Resource Map
  • Folders & Files
  • Like Windows, folders are collapsible
  • Listed Alphabetically
    • Your tutor may have listed the items either by themes or weeks or any other logical combination
icons resource types
Icons – Resource Types
  • The W icon represents a a Word document
  • This icon represents an image
  • This is a PowerPoint presentation
  • The globe icon represents a link to a web site (e.g. http://www……)
  • This icon links to a web resource available within the Queen's Online system (.htm)
recognize file extensions
Recognize File Extensions
  • Word processing files (.doc)
  • Presentation files (.ppt)
  • Portable Document Format (.pdf)
  • Image files (.gif or .jpg)
  • Text files (.txt)
  • Spreadsheet files (.xls)
  • Database files (.mdb)
open a resource
Open a Resource
  • To view a pop-up description of a resource hold the mouse over the text
  • To open a resource click on the text
  • QOL can track which students have accessed a particular resource and how often
  • It is up to the tutor which resources are tracked
  • Your tutor will inform you how much they will be using tracking and for what purposes
  • Tracking can be switched on/off for each resource
communication tools
Communication Tools
  • Tutors can send/participate in
    • Email to Students
    • Discussion Lists
  • Student can participate in
    • Discussion Lists
  • Tutors can choose to email all students or select individual students from a list
start a new topic
Start a New Topic



notes on discussion forum
Notes on Discussion Forum
  • Long discussions may run over more than one page, so remember to look for additional page links during long discussions
  • For security reasons, you may not attach files to any posts. You may cut and paste text into your post or use HTML to provide hyperlinks to outside documents
  • The administrators have the power to censor certain words that may be posted. Censoring is automated and certain words may be censored out of context. Words that are censored are replaced with asterisks
discussion forum2
Discussion Forum
  • Tutors can set guidelines for the use of discussion forum
  • Tutors can choose to moderate and participate in discussion forum
  • Tutors may also choose to only moderate discussion forum without participating
basic guidelines
Basic Guidelines
  • Remember that you are addressing a group. Don’t say anything you would not say publicly. Remember forums are archived
  • Note that humour and sarcasm can be misunderstood
  • Don’t SHOUT, be rude or angry
using qol
Using QOL
  • Help
    • 4 page handout on Queen’s Online
    • Additional help available online from the Help link in QOL
  • Tips
    • Access QOL on a regular basis
    • Access your Queen’s email on a regular basis