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WU: Quote Response

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WU: Quote Response. “The world wants to be deceived.” -Sebastian Brant What does this mean to you? What is Brant’s take on mankind? Do you agree?. Hieronymus Bosch “Ship of Fools” 1475-1480.

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wu quote response
WU: Quote Response
  • “The world wants to be deceived.”

-Sebastian Brant

What does this mean to you? What is Brant’s take on mankind? Do you agree?

hieronymus bosch ship of fools 1475 1480
Hieronymus Bosch “Ship of Fools” 1475-1480

What are your initial reactions—write for 2-3 minutes. Listing is fine. Don’t worry about analysis yet; catalogue what’s here.


We wander in more dout than mortall man can thynke.
And oft by our foly and wylfullneglygence
Ourshyp is in great peryll for to synke.
So sore ar we overcharged with offence
We see the daunger before our ownepresence
Ofstraytis, rockis, and bankis of sonde full hye,
Yet we procede to wylfulljeopardye.

Wedyvers Monsters within the se beholde
Redy to abuse or to devour mankynde,
AsDolphyns, whallys, and wonders many folde,
And oft the Marmaydessongedullyth our mynde
That to all goodnes we ar made dull and blynde;
The wolves of these oft do us mochecare,
Yet we of them can never well beware....

About we wander in tempest and Tourment;
What place is sure, where Foles may remayne
Andfyxtheyrdwellynge sure and parmanent?
None certainly: The cause thereof is playne.
We wander in the se for pleasour, bydyngepayne,
And though the haven of helth be in our syght
Alas we fle from it with all our myght.

  • Sebastian Brant
common symbols in bosch s work
Common Symbols in Bosch’s work:
  • The owl=heresy, evil
  • Fruit=sex, licentiousness
  • The cat=cruelty, the devil
  • Stringed instruments=love
  • The horse=unbridled rage, lust
  • The crescent=paganism, heresy
  • The jug=gluttony
  • The egg=life, the source of life
  • The goat=prurience, lust
analyzing art
Analyzing Art

“A painting [work of art] ought to change as you look at it, and as you think, talk, and write about it.”

--Harry Berger Jr.

  • What’s there?
  • What does it mean?
  • What did the author do to make this meaning clear?
  • How/why is it important?

Technique+idea+effect/ “so what”?=thesis

works to choose from
Works to Choose From:
  • 1) Pieter Brueghel “Gula”
  • 2) Hieronymus Bosch “Death and the Miser”
  • 3) Edgar Degas “The BelleniFamily”
  • 4) Johannes Vermeer “Woman Holding a Balance”