17 th may 2013 n.
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17 TH May 2013 PowerPoint Presentation
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17 TH May 2013

17 TH May 2013

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17 TH May 2013

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  1. Kingswood 17TH May 2013

  2. JUST ARRIVING!!!!!! After a long exciting bus journey to West Runton (Kingswood) we were finally there. We found out what groups we were in for our epic activities. After meeting our fun leader Gareth (Mr Kingswood) as we called him - we made our beds

  3. Caving!!!!! Caving was extremely, exciting and very scary. The experience of doing caving was really fun. Caving was group Es first activity. We all got very wet and muddy.

  4. Leap of FAITH Leap of faith was extremely scary. You had to climb up a telegraph pole stand up and catch the bar in the air. It was really scary climbing up because the pole is wobbly and it felt like you were going to fall said Olivia Taylor one off the yr 5 pupils who went on the trip.

  5. Go-Karting First you got into a line then you went around the track then you waited until your turn to go-kart . Go-karting was an amazing experience they were so fast said Erin Palmer a Yr 5 pupil who went to Kingswood.

  6. ZIP WIRE Zip wire was where you had to climb up three ladders to get to the top of a building. At the top you get all tied up to the ropes and then JUMP! Zip wire was really fun BUT Erin got stuck!

  7. Alien survivor • On Saturday morning we all went to the beach to find creatures and their habitat.

  8. Pool party • Pool party was our first evening activity. • We played water polo. Barnaby ready to swim!

  9. Disco, Disco, Disco! • On Sunday night our activity was a Disco

  10. Murder Mystery • On our last night we went to solve a mystery. It was really fun and scary. (Miss Spiers) Sue Flay (Mr Smith) Annette Curtain (Mr Walden) Theresa Green (Miss P) Marsha Mallow (Miss Hosmer) Bill Ding (Mrs Sleightholme) Tim Burr

  11. Coming home • After a fun packed weekend it was time to leave and come back to school.