The olympian gods goddesses
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The Olympian Gods & Goddesses. Mt. Olympus: Home of the Gods. Located between Macedonia and Thessaly Highest mountain in Greece Considered sacred by ancients N ever climbed until 1913. Children of Cronus & Rhea. Zeus

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The olympian gods goddesses

The Olympian Gods & Goddesses

Mt olympus home of the gods
Mt. Olympus: Home of the Gods

Located between Macedonia and Thessaly

Highest mountain in Greece

Considered sacred by ancients

Never climbed until 1913

Children of cronus rhea
Children of Cronus & Rhea







Zeus king of the gods
Zeus: King of the Gods

Roman name: Jupiter or Jove

Domain: Sky, weather, clouds

Traits: Ambitious, decisive,


Symbols: thunderbolt, eagle,

oak tree, aegis, goatskin shield

Poseidon god of the sea
Poseidon: God of the Sea

Roman Name: Neptune

Domain: Sea, earthquakes, horses

Symbols: Trident, horse, bull

Traits: intense, impulsive, vengeful

Hades god of the underworld
Hades: God of the Underworld

Roman Name: Pluto

Domain: Underworld, wealth

Symbols: helmet of invisibility,

bident, chariot

Traits: dark, secret, imaginative,

unpitying but just

Demeter goddess of the harvest
Demeter: Goddess of The Harvest

Roman Name: Ceres

Domain: crops, motherhood

Symbols: wheat, torch

Traits: motherly, nurturing, spiritual

Hera queen of the gods
Hera: queen of the gods

Roman Name: Juno

Domain: marriage and fertility

Symbols: crown & scepter, cow,

peacock, pomegranate

Traits: traditional, marriage-minded;

beautiful, jealous

Hestia goddess of the hearth
Hestia: goddess of the Hearth

Roman Name: Vesta

Domain: home

Symbol: hearth, fire

Traits: home-loving, unassuming

Athena goddess of wisdom
Athena: Goddess of Wisdom

Roman Name: Minerva

Domain: Civilized life, handicrafts,

agriculture, wisdom, reason

Symbols: olive, owl

Traits: gray-eyed, fierce, warlike,


Apollo god of music healing animals
Apollo: God of Music, healing, animals

Roman Name: Apollo

Domain: poetry, medicine, woods

Symbols: Sun, silver/gold bow

& arrows, laurel tree, dolphin

Traits: artistic, rational,

orderly, arrogant

Artemis goddess of the hunt
Artemis: Goddess of the hunt

Roman Name: Diana

Domain: Hunters, children, youth

Symbols: Moon, silver bow,

deer, stag, dog

Traits: Athletic, nature lover,

feminist, violent

Aphrodite goddess of love
Aphrodite: Goddess of Love

Roman Name: Venus

Domain: Love, beauty,

Symbols: Rose, dove

Traits: appreciative of beauty,


Hermes messenger god
Hermes: Messenger god

Roman Name: Mercury

Domain: Merchants, travelers, thieves,

dogs, boars, pipers, guides souls to


Symbols: caduceus, winged sandals,

winged cap, lyre, syrinx

Traits: Mischievous, fun-loving, trickster

Ares god of war
Ares: God of War

Roman Name: Mars

Domain: War

Symbols: Helmet, sword, spear, shield

Traits: Angry, violent, competitive

Hephaestus god of the forge
Hephaestus: God of the Forge

Roman Name: Vulcan

Domain: smithing, metal craft,

metalworkers, artisans

Symbols: hammer, anvil

Traits: Gentle, creative, kindly,


Dionysus god of wine
Dionysus: God of Wine

Roman Name: Bacchus

Domain: Wine, vine

Symbols: Wine cup, vine leaves,

thyrsus, panther, dolphin, leopard

Traits: Moody, mystical, friendly,



Roman Name: Proserpina

Domain: Underworld

Symbols: Torches, sheaf of grain

Traits: compliant, girlish