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Norse Gods and Goddesses

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Norse Gods and Goddesses - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Norse Gods and Goddesses. Asgard – heaven Midgard – Earth Yggdrasil – World Tree. Viking Maps. Odin/ Woden/ Wotan. Chief of the gods Father of Thor, Balder, and other gods Odin pierces himself with a spear and hangs on Yggdrasil for 9 days and nights to learn the secret knowledge of runes

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Norse Gods and Goddesses

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norse gods and goddesses

Norse Gods and Goddesses

Asgard – heaven

Midgard – Earth

Yggdrasil – World Tree

odin woden wotan
Odin/ Woden/ Wotan
  • Chief of the gods
  • Father of Thor, Balder, and other gods
  • Odin pierces himself with a spear and hangs on Yggdrasil for 9 days and nights to learn the secret knowledge of runes
  • Has one eye because he traded it for a drink from the spring of clairvoyance

His two ravens are called Huginn and Muninn (Thought and Memory)

valkyries and valhalla
Valkyries and Valhalla
  • Valkyries are female spirit warriors that ride the battlefields and find worthy slain warriors and takes them to Valhalla where they will train until Ragnarok.
  • The northern lights are light shining off of their shields
  • Valhalla is the Hall of the Slain. It exists in Asgard, home of the gods

“Ride of the Valkyries” Richard Wagner

thor thunor
Thor/ Thunor
  • God of thunder and lightning
  • Mjolnir (the destroyer) – an ax-hammer that can destroy giants and mountains in a single blow
  • Has a chariot pulled by two goats. He can kill these goats and eat them and they will come back to life.
  • Is constantly fighting the World Serpent – Jormungand
  • He is capable of drinking an ocean

Thor’s Helmet

  • “The Beautiful” and “The Good”
  • Primarily known for his death and resurrection
  • The favorite child
  • God of mischief and fire
  • Trickster figure
  • Unknown parentage
  • Responsible for Balder’s death and punished by having snake venom drip on his forehead
  • Jormungand, Hel, and Fenrir are his children
  • Will begin Ragnorak
  • God of poetry and eloquence
  • Loki calls him “Braggart” and the verb “to brag” comes from his name.
  • Married to Idun
  • Goddess of immortality
  • Keeps the golden apples of youth
  • Major story deals with a giant who, with Loki’s help, stole the apples, causing the gods to wither
freyr frey
Freyr / Frey
  • God of agriculture, fertility, and plenty
  • Twin to Freyja (they are VERY close)
  • Unlike the other gods, Freyr and Freyja are earth dieties
  • Has a sword that can fight by itself
  • The boar is his symbol
  • Goddess of love and fertility
  • Twin sister of Frey
  • Slept with four dwarves to get a flaming necklace, which becomes her symbol of fertility
  • Leader of the Valkyries
  • She takes some of the dead warriors for herself
  • Has a chariot drawn by cats

Freyja’s hair

frigg frigga frea
Frigg / Frigga / Frea
  • Mother Goddess
  • Wife of Odin
  • Weaves clouds
  • She knows events

in the present and future,

but is powerless to

change them

  • Learning of her son’s (Balder) death, she makes everything promise not to harm him – except the mistletoe
  • God of war and justice
  • Precursor of Odin
  • Boldest of the gods
  • Lost his hand to Fenrir, Loki’s wolf-son
  • His symbol is the spear which has become a symbol of justice
  • “World Brightener”
  • God of the dawn
  • Great hearing (can hear grass grow) and eyesight
  • Is the look out on Bifrost (the rainbow bridge to Asgard)
  • God of winter and darkness
  • Blind
  • Tricked by Loki into killing Balder
  • Vali killed Hod in revenge for Balder
  • Will return during Ragnarok
  • Daughter of Loki
  • Giantess
  • Goddess of death and the underworld
  • Half black/ half white
  • Her face and body are human but the legs are of a corpse
  • Has two servants: Ganglati and Ganglot
  • Spread the plague with a rake or a broom
hel helheim
Hel / Helheim
  • The underworld
  • The road to Hel is an icy river (Gjoll) full of weapons
  • Guarded by a large dog (Garm) and Modgud (an ugly goddess)
  • Nothing can leave Hel, not even gods
  • The wicked go here and the people who do not die a glorious death in battle
  • A giant in the form of an eagle sits and flaps his wings, making a freezing wind. His name is Hraesvelg (corpse eater)
  • Garm guards the entrance to Hel
  • Has four eyes and a bloody chest
  • Could be appeased with cake as long as they gave the poor bread in life
  • Will join the giants in Ragnorak