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Egyptian Deities

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Egyptian Deities - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Egyptian Deities. ATUM. NUT . EARTH, WATER, AIR and SKY. Creation Story. GEB. Story. SHU. TEFNUT. Gods, Goddesses and More Gods. Over 2000 Gods/Goddesses from all over the country Country was not united, therefore about 40 ruling tribes all had their own deities

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creation story



Creation Story





gods goddesses and more gods
Gods, Goddesses and More Gods
  • Over 2000 Gods/Goddesses from all over the country
  • Country was not united, therefore about 40 ruling tribes all had their own deities
  • They all have Gods AND Goddesses
  • Have Gods or Goddesses for everything. Ex. Gods/Goddesses for Beer, Plants, Digestion, Gardens, Feasting etc.
gods and humans
Gods and Humans
  • Gods and Goddesses resembled humans
  • Deities married, had families and children. *the Creation Story*
  • Egyptian Gods/Goddesses have divine strengths and human weaknesses
  • Why?
  • Goddesses are usually shown with legs joined together
  • Gods usually shown in motion, striding
the appearance of gods
The Appearance of Gods
  • THOTH= God of Wisdom, Time, Writing
  • Represented by a male body with the head of an Ibis.
  • Ibis=stork like bird with long legs and beak to catch fish in mud
  • Ibis, symbolized wisdom because beak shaped like a pen and dips in the mud as if it was ink

OSIRIS=God of Vegetation and Underworld

  • Represented by a male body with a greenish complexion and usually depicted wrapped in white linen
  • The greenish complexion draws the connection with vegetation
  • Wrapped in white linen like a mummy to connect with the underworld

Notice: Osiris’ legs are bind together like a mummy different from most Gods

common godly clothing
Common Godly Clothing

Short Sleeved Overall

Full-Length Dress

Tunic with Suspenders

Dress with Suspenders

Short Loincloth


Scepter with a flower are often carried by goddesses

  • Herdsmen's crook= protector of domesticated animals
  • Was-scepter=“domination” and “power”
  • This staff is usually held by Ptah
  • Crook and flail with Was-scepter and ankh-sign. Usually unique to Osiris

Most of these objects were unique to one female deity, however the solar disc and horns of Hathor could be worn by other deities.