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  2. What is the Fast Break? • Fast break is an offence strategy used in basketball. • It is effective against a slow forming zone defence. • It is made up of 3 Phases: Turnover, Transition and Shot.

  3. TURNOVER First we win possession of the ball turning defence into attack A rebound, interception or court violation can give us possession Selecting a guard quickly before other team can get back is helped by your teammate shouting the guards will move out to the side giving options for the outlet pass

  4. TRANSITION • Zone defence breaks up as we are going to attack as a unit • Open sided outlet pass is important to avoid the pass being intercepted when passed across the key • Once the point guard has received the fast accurate outlet pass he dribbles at speed

  5. TRANSITION (Con’d) • Middle channel is filled by the point guard in order to penetrate the opponents defence • Each side channel is filled by the other guard and the forward who has rebounded the ball • Reaching the head of the opponents key at speed gives the point guard options

  6. SHOT • First option is to perform a lay up because it is the high percentage scoring shot • Often a defender will move to block so the ball is passed left or right • Other guard would then perform the high percentage lay up shot • Passing the ball back my be necessary if their zone has formed

  7. SHOT (Con’d) • Taking a shot under pressure from a defender is not recommended as it will probably miss • Each of my remaining team-mates should now join in quickly with the attack to provide options • Rebounding the shot is important

  8. What are the Forward’s Strengths? • Who in our class are the forwards? • What personal qualities do they have? Tall Strong Fast • What skills are they good at? Rebounding, Fast(Fill Channel) Handling • How do we know? Observation Schedule tells us

  9. What are the Forward’s Weaknesses? • Outlet Pass – Weak Handed Lay-Up • Effect on Performance - Strengths Rebounding, Fast (Fill Channel) Handling • Effect on Performance – Weaknesses Outlet Pass – Weak Handed Lay-Up

  10. Roles and Responsibilities • During you course, you will have experienced different roles. Select a strategy that you have used and explain the different roles you have adopted.

  11. How do I answer this? Firstly: We always answer structures and strategies on: Activity:- Basketball Strategy:- Fast Break

  12. Introduction When practising the Fast Break strategy, it is important to experience playing different roles. Playing different roles helped me to appreciate the skills involved, and gave me the experience to make quick decisions in various game situations. I the fast beak strategy I usually play a forward.

  13. Forward’s Role in the Fast Break • What am I good at/what I do as the rebounding forward in the fast break offence?

  14. Forward’s Role in the Fast Break (Con’d) • I am tall and strong with an effective rebounding technique • I am fast and use this to fill the lanes • I am skilled at getting open to receive passes • I have effective ball handling skills to control the ball first time • I have a good lay up technique to finish by scoring 2 points for my team

  15. Point Guard’s Role in the Fast Break Sometimes I play the role of point guard • What am I good at/what I do in the as the point guard in the fast break offence?

  16. Point Guard’s Role in the Fast Break (Con’d) • I have good vision to see the plays • I have good ball handling skills • I am a good decision maker for initiating plays • I am an effective communicator to control the attack • Fast to get to opponents key and also return to defend