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Mark Hearld. http:// http:// Media. When you think about the media of an artwork it can often be described by the materials it is made from. WHAT AND HOW?

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Mark hearld
Mark Hearld



Mark hearld


When you think about the media of an artwork it can often be described by the materials it is made from. WHAT AND HOW?

Describe the methods and materials when identifying the media used by the artist.

Mark hearld


Subject Matter

Mark hearld

What are the works made out of?

What materials, tools, techniques, processes and

technology has the artist used?

How do you think the artist started the work?

What stages must it have gone through from inception to completion?

Do you think the artist improvised as he/she went along or do you think a design or other forms of preparatory study provided a guide or support for the work?

Do you think the artist made use of supporting studies, i.e. sketches, diagrams, observation drawings, maquettes and/or photographs, for the overall idea or for specific details within the work?

Do you think the work was produced rapidly or over a considerable time span?

What specific skills and techniques do you think were required to create such a work?

Mark hearld


Line, tone, shape, pattern,

form, texture, colour

Mid ground, foreground, background?

Mark hearld

How has the work been designed? Is the design in keeping with the content?

What colours have been used and how are these arranged?

Are they harmonious or contrasting?

Are they used subtly or vividly or boldly?

Does one colour dominate or are two or more equally important and eye-catching?

What form(s) or shape(s) have been used in the composition?

Are these organic, geometric or/and structural? Do they connect to each other? If so, how?

What use has been made of lines, tones, rhythms, and harmonies?

Has the artist use texture in the work? To what extent do you find the overall design/composition of the work pleasing or uncomfortable and why?

Mark hearld

Intention with the content?

Reason - to shock, to be funny, a form of personal expression, to be abstract, to provoke, to find the truth, to celebrate, to influence, cultural, religious, to challenge, to enforce, propaganda

Mark hearld

Mood with the content?

Mark hearld

Why do you think the artist makes this with the content? artwork?

How arethe works affecting the way you feel and why?

Do they capture a mood, atmosphere or feeling you have already experienced, either in real life or in/through another work of

art, music, drama, literature, etc?

Do they successfully communicate feelings to do with

life or nature? Can you imagine what the artist's feelings might have been when producing this work?

Are the works quiet or noisy, calming or disturbing, happy or sad, relaxed or jarring, etc.?

Are there content/form/process/qualities in the work that are causing you to respond in this way?

What words most effectively describe your feelings about this work?